How Running Benefited Maja Salvador

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Maja Salvador plays a runner in the upcoming movie "Thelma"
inspired from true life stories of Filipina runners.

The movie was directed by Paul Soriano, his second attempt to create a full length film, since he used to do advertising films.

Real Life Olympian Runner Elma Muros is also part of this film playing the coach of Thelma, the character played by Maja Salvador. Maja trained hard for this and she said running had really benefited a lot specially to her health.

"6 weeks po akong nagtraining para magampanan ko talaga ang role ng isang runner and malaki po ang naging tulong nito sa akin" she said during the bloggers night of Thelma held at Yellow Cab last August 31.

"Mas na eenergize po ako sa trabaho pagkatapos kong tumakbo" she adds. "Pag may extra time po ako sa work, itutuloy ko po ang pagtakbo".

*THELMA lead star Maja Salvador and Director Paul Soriano are trending on Yahoo Philippines. THELMA is a must see film, showing nationwide on Sept 7.

More updates to come after I run........


Thelma - "Some people run away from their problems, she ran to
fix them" - Starring: Maja Salvador, Tetchie
Agbayani, Eliza Pineda, John Arcilla, Elma Muros, Jason Abalos

The Health Benefits of Music

Music is a therapy, aside from it's a popular and growing field for good reason, it can also reduce stress, aid health, and carry many health benefits.

Elements National Singing & Songwriting Camp

ASPIRING singers ages 18 to 25 who are citizens and residents of the Philippines are all invited to apply in 7101 Music Nation’s much awaited and highly anticipated “2nd ELEMENTS National Singing and Songwriting Camp.”

7101 Music Nation is the brainchild of three music aficionados namely its Artistic Director, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab; its Chief Executive Officer, established businessman Julio D. Sy, Jr.; and its Chief Operating Officer, music industry maven Twinky Lagdameo. The goal of the company is to build platforms that will gather Filipino artists and musicians and promote the sharing of ideas and talents to further uplift Filipino musicality and artistry. The ELEMENTS National Songwriting Camp is the group’s pilot project and it should be noted that after successfully hosting the Camp for songwriters last year, a new track has been added this time to include singers.

The Genital HPV Infection

HPV is a known cause for cervical cancer and is now believed to cause other women's cancers like vulvar and vaginal. But if you come to think of it, the human papillomavirus is a life changer for any sexually active individual, regardless of gender.

At least 50% of all sexually active people contracting it within their lifetime is highly transmissible because one can contract it through skin-to-skin contact and not just through sexual intercourse.

"Almost 80% of HPV conditions do not show any symptoms until they are already in the late, dangerous stages. This is problematic because men have a tendency to ignore health problems, more so genital infections until treatment becomes more difficult, costly and in some cases, impossible" noted Dr. Angela Bandola, an OB GYNE Infectious Disease specialist from UP-PGH during the media conference held last August 23 at Frasier Place, Salcedo Village.

What should we know about HPV?

It can happen in both male and female, and although there are various ways to prevent infection, vaccination remains the most important method to prevent HPV infection.

The HPV Vaccine

It helps not just cervical cancer but other genital cancers and genital warts as well. This coupled with regular screening and a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of getting the diseases.

The treatment can cost around Php 20,000/session.

The symptoms of genital warts:

  • Pearly penile papules

  • Angiokeratomas - bright red or purple spots

  • hard white, yellowish or skin-coloured little bumps that may be found all over the skin of the penis and scrotum in men

  • Pimples or spots - caused by blocked sebaceous glands

  • Pimples and spots can form just as easily around the genital area as they do on the face, and may become sore and inflamed in a similar way.


Treatment for genital warts:

Podophyllin resin – a brown liquid that removes genital warts by stopping cell growth. Podophyllin resin and podofilox lotion is painted on to the wart(s) by a doctor or nurse and must be washed off 4 hours later (or sooner, if the area is irritated). It has to be applied by a medical professional to avoid damaging the healthy tissue around the wart and may have to be applied several times to work effectively.
Podopfilox lotion/gel – can be applied to the wart(s) by the patient at home. The usual schedule is twice a day for 3 days, followed by 4 days without any lotion. This cycle is repeated for 4 weeks. It has few side effects and is well-suited for treatment at home.
Cryocautery (also called cryotherapy) – uses liquid nitrogen to freeze more persistent warts every 1 to 3 weeks for a short period.
Laser treatments – this approach, which uses an intense beam of light, can be expensive and is usually reserved for very extensive and tough-to-treat warts.
Electrocautery – an electrical current is used to super-heat a needle which burns the wart cells and cauterises the blood vessels. A local anesthetic is used to prevent any pain and the procedure is usually carried out at a doctor's surgery. Electrocautery is used only after other treatments have failed.
Surgical excision – the doctor will perform minor surgery to remove the wart under local anesthetic.

Plana Forma - The New Way of Loosing Weight Fast

Loosing Weight has always been a problem for Kris Abigael Comadizo, 24 years old and a call center agent. She's having a hard time
because she loves to eat and drink, and she sits for the rest of the day.

For people like her, it is strongly recommended that she must try doing the Plana Forma - the newest way of loosing weight fast.

What is Plana Forma?
It’s a combination of Pilates, yoga and dance. It’s probably the most intense and addictive fitness regimen because you get all the rewarding benefits in just 55 minutes.

How fast can it loose weight?
4 inches within 3 sessions

Paris Hilton Lost Weight

"I'm Not Eating Fast Food Anymore" Paris told The US Magazine a few months before she went here.

So when she had her visit here in the Philippines for the launch of Paris Hilton Bags, I noticed that Paris Hilton Lost Weight. She was awesome in her bikini shots for Malibu.

In the first place, she's not really fat so there is no reason for her to loose weight. But she said she just wanted to look good in her bikini. "I am getting my bikini body ready" she tells US Magazine.

Photos during meet and greet Paris Hilton:

Paris made a lot of Filipinos Happy during her visit, specially the kids.

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Healing Benefits of Hydromassage

Water is life, in fact the proper use of water gives you a longer life.

Have you ever heard on How Hydro massage benefited a lot of people's health?

Hydro massage or Hydro therapy is a type of massage based on the therapeutic use of warm water. I myself had experienced the Healing Benefits of Hydro massage when I finally had the chance to go to ACE WATER SPA. If you are looking for the place to relieve your stress, this is the best place to go.

I went there Sunday afternoon, coming from a 14 hours of straight sleep since Saturday night. I feel stressed because of oversleeping, So I was looking for a place where I can swim - ACE WATER SPA.
ACE WATER SPA is composed of 25 different massage, 9 big pool, 1 lapping pool and 1 herbal pool.

It was Amazing! I was like in water world when I saw the huge pool from the top coming form the entrance. I started going to the lapping pool to warm up. The lapping pool was cold and it's approximately 20 meters , 4 feet deep. Not bad for an exercise. I felt tired enough.

When done I went to the hot pool where the 25 different massage was located. I was there the whole time before I went to the herbal pool.

The massage is composed of 3 different types. Just like a typical spa, it has Soft, Moderate and Hard.

Among the Soft Massage, I like the Hydro-Acupuncture Bed, It produces the effects of acupuncture that allows a person to enjoy the pricking sensation through the use of high pressure warm water with air coming from the tiny holes within the bed surface. This is a good start for a massage, it feels good to the whole body and to your entire skin.

The other soft massages are Bubble Bed, Bubble Massage and Bubble Pool. You should also try all of those.

For the Moderate Massage, it is composed of the following: Rainfall Acupuncture, Eight Nozzle Shower, Hydro-Buoyancy Massage, Buttocks Massage, Jet Chair and Jet Chair with Foot Massage. I recommend that you try Jet Chair and Jet Chair with Foot Massage, it reaches the inner organs a typical masseur can't do. When I go back here I will definitely have these again.

For the Hard Massage, The best I had was the Head & Shoulder Massage wherein the water coming from the equipment strongly hits the upper portion of the body. And it really gave me a great feeling after. It relives all my body pain and fatigue, I feel so light, It was awesome!

Hard Massage is composed of: Head & Shoulder Massage, Water Falls, Multi-point Massage, Chest Jet Massage, Waist Jet Massage, Upper Body Jet Massage and High Pressure Massage.

According to the book Hot Water & Healthy Living by J. B. Smith, Ed.D, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the parasympathetic branch of our body's system increases hormones that cause the body to relax after stress has passed. There is evidence that shows that warm water immersion seems to reduce the hormones that have been associated with stress.

Hydro massage in ACE WATER SPA guarantees you to loose weight.

For more information Contact:

Ace Water Spa
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)
SFDM, Quezon City
Ace Location Map

Customer Hotline Number:
(02) 330-7776

Telephone Numbers:
(02) 367.8040 to 41; (02) 367.8061 to 62; (02) 415.0164

Facsimile Number
(02) 415.2477

Email Address:
Spa Inquiries :
Comments & Feedback :
Ace Coffee Lounge Inquiries :
Join our Yahoo Messenger Group :


What's Vegetarian in Orchard Road

Orchard Road is an Asian cuisine located at the 2F of SM Megamall. The menu is composed of different dishes from different countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India and more. The best option if you're a vegetarian? Try their Samosa, 2 pieces for 75 Php.

They also have Braised Kailan with Oyster Sauce. It's a sauteed broccoli leaves best partnered with garlic rice.
Obviously it has Oyster Sauce therefore it's not for the Vegans and Lacto Vegetarians. Price : 145 Php

But you will surely love Bandung, a refreshing drink made from rose petal extracts. It's color pink and it tastes natural sweet. Price : 75 Php / glass.


Warning : Slow Service, Patience is a Virtue.

Take Care of your Mental Health!

Suicidal Tendency is a mental health problem. You need immediate support from caring people who can help you get through this crisis and rediscover meaning in your life.[caption id="attachment_2131" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Suicide"][/caption]TMZ reported Russell Armstrong found hanging inside his bedroom on Mulholland Drive.
He is very young, only 47 years old.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong’s estranged husband Russell Armstrong was found dead of an apparent suicide.

Russell Armstrong married Taylor in 2005. He was an investment banker and venture capitalist who filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in October, 2005, after he lost all his money in the dot com crash and post 9/11 economic downturn.

Just last month, Taylor filed a divorce, claiming she was physically abused by her husband.

It's all about the Money

According to surveys, a common call center agent suffer from facing sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and family discord.

Aside from that Heart diseases, high blood pressures, strokes and diabetes are also the many illnesses that call center agents face in their career.

Due to lack of sleep, many illness effects to the human body and sooner or later, "It will catch up to those who inadvertently abuse their bodies" according to some doctors we interviewed for this purpose.

There are number of people affected which are hard to come since there is no serious effort yet to look deeply into this looming problem

However, on the national health insurance system, government officials and experts agree that it is a growing problem. But there are no further concerns yet.

This job is also considered having a poor lifestyle because it forces you to smoke and drink.

You smoke to keep you awake, You drink coffee to avoid sleepiness.

It is true that this job is a monotonous lifestyle. And the main source of stress.

“There are times when the stress is so overwhelming that the agents will fail to cope up with it leading to various problems such us being irritable and restless.” according to Dr. Jose De Vera, pyschiatrist.

What can you say about this?

Yoga for Life officially launches it's website

In it's aim to promote Yoga in the Philippines as an effective complementary therapy to western medicine for those living with HIV, Yoga For Life has been a great instrument in spreading the word to infected and non infected individuals.

Making a positive difference to the lives of others through a heightened awareness and holistic understanding of HIV, health, and self, Yoga for Life envisions to be the foundation of an empowered positive community and an enlightened society that live positively and live well.

Now , Yoga for Life has officially launched it's website to continue it's advocacy on and offline.

[caption id="attachment_2124" align="alignleft" width="232" caption="Yoga For Life"][/caption]

Yoga for Life sessions are held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Visit the website now!

How do you get HIV?

Health is more important than anything, If you don't have good health you have nothing. You could be the richest man in the world but your money cant buy good health.

Anyone can get HIV

How? HIV is transmitted through unsafe sexual practices, sharing needles and from mother to child but all can be prevented. We need more education and less stigma around people with HIV so more can come out and share their story. We need less judgement from religious circles as this is a HEALTH issue and not a MORAL issue. HIV does not discriminate and it only takes one mistake and it becomes your reality.

It is a health issue, not a punishment from God and people with HIV deserve our compassion.

Also, you don't have to be promiscuous to get it, You can get it from ONE unsafe sexual encounter but if you have safe sex with 1000 partners you will be fine. It's amazing the amount of ignoraance surrounding this disease 30 years into the epidemic.

The biggest rumour/hoax is that HIV does not cause AIDS. It is prevalent in South Africa. There is also a belief there that if you have HIV and you had sex with a virgin you will be cured which has lead to men with HIV raping children and babies and giving HIV to them and still not being cured.

Everyone should be tested regularly if they are sexually active and if they get a positive test result ARV therapy should begin immediately rather than wait until CD4 falls to 250. It would cut down on transmission of HIV even through unsafe sexual practices and the immune system would bounce back faster and stay stronger for longer.


Sexual behaviors that can transmit HIV

  • Vaginal sex (penis in the vagina)

  • Anal sex (penis in the anus) involving either men or women

  • Oral sex (mouth on the penis or vagina)

The risk of transmitting HIV is greatly reduced by using a condom.

Take the Test!

The right approach for weight management

Last Saturday was Working Mom's event for Mommies and Babies held at the Rockwell Tent.

Everything there were interesting - beautiful moms, cute babies and belly dancers. Awesome!

I came across in a booth that says "Have your Body Fat Analyzed today!". Out of curiosity about what it does So I had my body fat analyzed.

So I had a Fat Analysis and I learned a lot of health things:

My BMI which is 20.8 is normal, very nice. BMI stands for body mass index which is a formula which relates Body Weight to height. This enables people to determine whether they are at a weight which is healthy for them.

What Your BMI Calculation Means

Under 18.5* Underweight
18.5* - 25 Healthy Weight I fall here. woot
25 - 30 Overweight
30 - 40 Obese
Over 40 Severely obese

Nowadays Obesity is the most common health problem so it is really important to have a Fat Analysis and know how's your health?

Another thing! My percentage body fat is 14.1%, and that falls under fitness category. Wow, very Amazing!

My Viceral Fat Level is 5, Viceral fat is the fat that sorrounds the vital organs on the trunk/stomach area of the body. I fall under normal. Yeah!

My Basal Metabolic rate is 1451 kcal/day and muscle rate 35.6 %.

BMR is the amount of energy expended while at rest. Higher BMR may indicate better energy expanditure (fat burning) in some individuals.

For weight reduction it is recommended to reduce 500 to 1000 kcal/day from daily intake of calories but not less than 800 kcal/day.

My Body Age is 24, 5 years younger than my age. Unbelievable!

The right approach for your weight management = the right products + the right nutrition + the right education.

Tip: Eat Plenty of Vegetables Everyday

For more info contact Mark (0917-8428635) or Maddie (0917-8573438)

Paris Hilton eating a lean diet with lots of organic fruits, veggies and vitamin juices.

"I’ve been doing Pilates to help keep my body toned and cardio in the gym." notes Paris Hilton after complaining of feeling "fat" on her reality TV show ‘The World According To Paris’ this year.

The very young looking and owner of Hilton Hotels just arrived in the Philippines to do a project for Paris Hilton Bags and buy a business property in Boracay, above all she also promised Philippine Boxer Manny Pacquiao that she will visit the country.

"I’m eating a lean diet with lots of organic fruits, veggies and vitamin juices. I have so much energy," she added.

Paris Hilton is a famous model of very sexy bikinis on Malibu Beach before jetting off to St Tropez last week.

"I’ve been working out and eating healthier and it feels great," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Paris Hilton reveals secrets of her perfect bikini body.

Hilton is really excited about her stay here in the Philippines. Not confirmed yet but there's a news that she lost two of her personal gadgets after arriving in the Philippines.

I wish I can see Paris and see her perfect bikini body.

On Shamcey Supsup's Health, Innate Beauty and Gorgeous Figure

[gallery]When the screenings started in January this year, she was a diamond in the rough. She made heads turn with her innate beauty and gorgeous figure, but there was a whole lot of room for improvement. Even when she bested more than one hundred of the country’s loveliest and bagged the much-coveted title of Miss Universe – Philippines last April, Ms. Shamcey Supsup was still a gem waiting to be polished.

And what four months of the most rigorous and expert pageant training can do.

After a relentless barrage of personality development and public speaking courses, Spanish and Portuguese language classes, rigid gym workouts, visual poise, hair and make up sessions, photo shoots, TV guestings, passarellas, gown and bathing suit fittings, and sessions on how to have a “winning spirit”, 25-year old Miss Universe-Philippines Shamcey Supsup is ready to face the world and try her best to be the third Filipina to be crowned Miss Universe.

The Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. gave Shamcey a grand send off to the Miss Universe Pageant at the Topaz room at the Gateway Suites, Araneta Center. Aside from its head and guiding spirit, Madame Stella Marquez Araneta, also present during the send off were the Executive Board of the BPCI, reigning and past Binibining Pilipinas queens, sponsors and media friends.

Shamcey knows that she is facing a tough field when she competes in the pageant in Sao, Paulo, Brazil this September 12. She is unfazed by the challenge and the added pressure brought about by the amazing fourth place finish of her predecessor Ms. Venus Raj. “I thrive on balance. I am a person who knows that winning means being responsible for the task that was handed to you, but still it should be handled with fun and a zest for life. When I won the title in April, I knew that the journey to become the next Filipina Miss Universe would be very challenging, but it will be an endeavor to be enjoyed.”

Before she goes to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shamcey will visit Colombia for ten days for some final polishing to cap her training. Like most of her predecessors, Shamcey will be very self-reliant and independent in her trip, as she travels alone to the competition.

So far, the Philippines has produced two Miss Universe winners, Ms. Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Ms. Margie Moran in 1973. Both were beauty and brains material. Similarly, Shamcey is not all face, poise and figure. She’s got the brains to match it too, graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines and was the topnotcher in the 2010 Architecture Licensure Examination.

The Miss Universe 2011 will be held at the Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 2011. Ximena Navarrete of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the glittering event. ABS-CBN will air the event live.

Shamcey looks at winning the Bb. Pilipinas title as only the first step in a journey in a greater mission of putting the Philippines in the global map. “I know that if I am crowned Miss Universe, this will open doors not only for me, but more so for my country. Becoming Ms. Universe will be the gateway to make a significant mark and contribution to making things better for my country. Moreover, I can show the young people like myself, that nothing is impossible if you have the drive and willingness to learn and do your part to make the world a better and more beautiful place”, Shamcey adds.

Words spoken like a true Miss Universe.

The Farm - A Healing Journey

The Farm, A multi-award winning luxe wellness sanctuary located at Lipa, Batangas is the best place I can recommend to people who wants to escape from city

Check out our photos during our visit last July 2 here:

If you want to get a complete retreat go here and you will experience body rejuvenation and restoration.

The Farm at San Benito, Batangas is located 2hrs south of Manila. This multi-award winning 48-hectare resort offers an exceptional healing environment to rejuvenate the mind, restore the body and awaken the spirit.

I had the chance to visit this place last July with my Yoga for Life family and I really had the best experience ever. It has been a month already and now I am contemplating on going there again.

"Our guests experience the collective power of European inspired medical services, natural SPA Healing & organic ALIVE! cuisine, supported by our team of experienced medical doctors, nurturing SPA therapists, movement consultants & living food chefs." - The Farm

During our stay we had a yoga class and tour, we had lunch at ALIVE restaurant where they serve 100% vegan food.

If you are someone who's experiencing health crisis or you wanted to escape from the noise you will get satisfied if you try going here and spend your time full of peace and blissfulness.

The Healing Environment
• The Farm is located in an Organic Coconut and Coffee Plantation at 1,025 feet above sea level.
• The 25 rooms and suites are situated in the center of the plantation surrounded by18 acres of luxurious tropical gardens.
• "Healing Water" from a source that comes from a well located at 1,000 feet below the ground.

Holistic Healing
• The Farm offers European Inspired Holistic Wellness Services supervised by our on-site Medical Doctors, 100% Natural & Organic SPA Treatments made fresh daily for each guest and the miraculous Filipino Healing Touch.

The Cuisine
• ALIVE! Restaurant offers award winning organic gourmet cuisine exclusively, grown on-site.
• 100% Vegan - 85% raw / 15% cooked.
• The only “Vegan” 5-Star health and wellness resort in the world.

For more information

L: (632) 8848074 24hr Mobile: +63 91 88848078


Taking Care of Your Health When Washing Laundry

Flair is a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something. You may not know it.

Women have instinctive ability on dressing up, accentuating ordinary clothing for their fabulous curves, or making pricey dress dons even more.

Here’s a challenge. Frequently washing the clothes deteriorates the quality and color of fabric. If not washed and dried properly, especially during rainy season, clothes might emanate its pungent smell. Given this state, your touted flair might turn into a nightmare.

Realizing these concerns, LG Electronics, Asia No. 1 washing machine brand according to GfK, offers “Green Health+ Laundry Flair” that lets you care for your clothing flair with up to P12,000 savings and freebies when you get an LG top load or frontload washer. The offering runs until September 30, 2011 nationwide.

To help you decide in choosing the best washer to care for your flair and more, here are some useful tips:

1. Smart saving. Choose washer with Inverter Direct Drive, whose motor is more durable, silent, and efficient than regular ones. The Inverter Direct Drive motor drives the drum without a pulley and a belt, so there are less noise, less vibrations, and less wearing parts. You get better durability and lower maintenance cost. The washer also must have function that automatically detects the needed amount of water after you load your laundry. This reduces power and water use by 25% and 45% respectively.

2. Baby friendly. A push of a button is all you need to provide care not only for your clothes but also for your baby’s skin. Look for washer with Baby Care function. It minimizes detergent residues after a whole cycle by adding one more rinsing and keeps the optimal water temperature at last rinsing cycle, that is, 40 degrees Celsius to have detergent-free clothes. Detergent residues remaining in the clothes can cause skin irritation and allergies.

3. Superior washing ability. Your washer must have enhanced washing performance, so that your cotton shirt and skirt are made clean without having to undergo rough washing stages. And, your colored clothing comes out more vivid after washing. There are washers so efficient that the laundry looks as if it has been hand washed.

4. High on Hygiene. Your washer needs to be clean and germ-free. Look for washer with anti-bacterial filter and tub clean feature. The filter prevents the growth of bacteria. By enabling easier, more frequent clean, the tub-cleaning function allows you to clean the inner and outer tub with the push of a button. It helps prevent the growth of mildew – which can be an irritant to skin – while eliminating stubborn odours within the tub.

5. Convincing convenience. Doing the laundry should not anymore be considered as a heavy chore. Dirty clothes are made clean with a simple push of a button. Moreover, look for washer with the right capacity, big door entrance, and easy to select temperature option for your various washing needs.

For more information, please visit

Is Facebook bad for the Health? OMG!

According to News,The use of Facebook and other Social Networks is bad for the health.

According to experts, spending too much time online could lead to social isolation.

It also causes loneliness and negative outlook. The serious health concerns caused by these faactors are heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Well, I think it is just a matter of reducing the use. Too much of everything is bad. Therefore too much staying online is of course bad.

So too much of doing Facebook is bad, therefore just limit your use of Facebook and other social Networking sites.

Thank God I worked for a company that prohibits the use of Social Networking Sites. How about you?

How To Handle Stress

It is only Monday and you're sleepy at work, why is that?

You work and and you can't do your work? What is going on?

You become hagard and you feel so bummed? What is the matter?

There are mental, social, and physical stress, What have you got?

How To Handle Stress:

Deal with it. It is just a matter of knowing the good and the bad stress. If you will be able to know the good stress you will become motivated and productive.

Chill. I have a boss he likes chill. He said don't let pressure eat you. So I ate my stress instead.

Management. Reduce the number of events going on in your life and you may reduce the circuit overload.

I am thankful for not being invited to some events that includes blogger. I will now have the chance to REST.


Saving A Tree is Saving our Future

[caption id="attachment_2094" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Tupperware Click A Tree"][/caption]

Part of Strengthening its commitment, Tupperware Brands further plans to help protect the environment with the launch of CLICK FOR A TREE, an online campaign that aims to gather 10,000 clicks for the protection of 1,000 trees for one year in the La Mesa Watershed.

The advocacy campaign was launched during the recent World Environment Day (WED), one of the most recognized annual events established by the United Nations to encourage worldwide environment awareness and to call for massive attention and action.

It is the country’s premier direct selling company has been a strong ally in protecting Philippine environment. For years, Tupperware Brands has been active in supporting Bantay Kalikasan, a media-based project that is committed on ensuring an actively protected, adequately rehabilitated and sustainably developed environment.

The group called Bantay Kalikasan has started a reforestation program in 1999 to protect the La Mesa Watershed, which is the source of water for over 12 million people in Metro Manila and is the transit point of water coming from three other watersheds. Through CLICK FOR A TREE, 1,000 trees in La Mesa Watershed will be protected for one year when the goal of 10,000 clicks is reached.

In their pursuit of helping preserve the future, Tupperware Brands has provided consumers with products that encompass quality and sustainability. Carrying one of the most trusted global brands Tupperware, it offers more practical solutions to protect the environment.

A lot of Reusable Giant Tumblers, Eco Bottles and Jumbo Mugs can be used at home and at work to lessen the consumption of plastic bottles and styrofoam containers that end up in the landfills. Storage solutions and containers like Fridgemates, Freezermates, Space Savers Ovals, Medium Handibowls and Small Square Rounds that store food and extend its freshness longer will help reduce food waste. And by bringing your own baon at work packed in a Snack Box or in a microwaveable Everyday Reheatable Bowl, energy, time and the environment will be saved.

Also, There's hundreds of Tupperware products seen during the launch of CLICK FOR A TREE held in TriNoma showed how Filipinos supported the cause. The first 100 participants who brought a friend with their very own Tupperware product were given Evergreen tree seedlings to encourage planting trees in one’s own backyard. Three (3) online stations were also set up at the booth to gather on-the-spot support.

Tupperware Brands also supported UN Water’s World Water Day through a mall exhibit. It created public awareness on the importance of drinking water and also pushed for the protection of water resources.

Let us join the pledge for a greener planet. Visit to make your click count!

Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Ivana, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes, Baby Care Plus, Circus and Zwitsal. For your questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to or email

“bingot” or cleft conditions are treatable

[caption id="attachment_2091" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="2011 Run for Cleft Care"][/caption]Let us Join the "Miles for Smiles Run for Cleft Care 2011!" The run will happen on September 18, 2011, Sunday at 5AM at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

This is being presented by Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines, Inc.(NCFPI), the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) andSmile Train to raise public awareness that “bingot” or cleft and other craniofacial conditions are treatable and that free comprehensive care is available.

Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines is a non-profit organization composed of volunteer medical professionals who aim to establish centers with excellent training, adequate equipment and resources needed to provide world-class services to Filipinos.

Let us join as an individual runner or form a group of 10 by bringing together your families, friends and colleagues to sponsor a child with cleft.

Drinks will be provided at the finish line and at strategic areas in the race course.Roving and standby medical aid and ambulance services will be available throughout the event. Winners will receive Medals and Premium Items.

A 90-minute operation is all it takes to make a world of difference. For more details, please visit

Is Enchong Dee the Real Choice of Erich Gonzales?


1. The contest is open to all Filipino citizens who are:

a. Of legal age, at least 18 years old

b. Permanent residents of the Philippines


To join, you will need to do the following:

2. Be a fan of REAL LEAF on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button on its Facebook Fan Page. You can now access the contest by clicking on the REAL LEAF Word Master Challenge logo and allowing the application to be installed on your Facebook account. Then before you can proceed, you need to agree to all the terms and conditions stated on this page by clicking on the Agree button.

3. The goal of the game is to complete the phrase "REAL LEAF is ---- ---- ----- --- ----- --". To complete the phrase, simply answer the daily question that Enchong Dee will ask every day. To help you on your quest to search the answer, simply follow Erich Gonzales’ clue by clicking on name of the blog that she mentions.

4. On the blog, search for the answer to the question by reading through the blog posts or by using the search function of the blog.

5. Once you find the answer, click on it to bring you back to the REAL LEAF Word Master Challenge application.

6. Enter the answer you found on the answer box provided and click the confirm button. If your answer is correct, you will be given a letter tile that you can use for completing the incomplete phrase.

7. There are 23 letter tiles to be completed. Each player needs to visit the REAL LEAF Word Master Challenge application daily to retrieve the missing tiles. There will be a total of 20 questions to be solved and three bonus tiles to be given away. Once the player completes all the 23 letter tiles and arranges it correctly in the empty square boxes to solve the missing phrase, the player is automatically entered in the raffle draw for a chance to win the grand prize.

8. Questions will be asked daily, Mondays to Fridays, starting August 23, 2010 and ends on September 17, 2010.

Daily Questions Schedule:

a. August 23 to August 27, 2010

b. August 30 to September 3, 2010

c. September 6 to September 10, 2010

d. September 13 to September 17, 2010

9. You can still join the contest even if you were unable to start it during the launch. You can catch up by answering the the first daily question until you reach the current daily question.

10. All employees of The Coca-Cola Export Company, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Co. Inc. and its sub-distributors, and other promo partners/third party suppliers, including their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity, are automatically disqualified from joining this contest. Persons reporting regularly to The Coca-Cola Export Company, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Co. Inc. and its sub-distributors under a contract or service and who, by the nature of the service they render may have a direct and personal knowledge of the promotion shall also be disqualified.

11. The Coca-Cola Export Company reserves the right to postpone or cancel this contest in the event that the contest becomes impossible to continue due to unforeseen events.


12. REAL LEAF Word Master Challenge contestants who complete the phrase are automatically entered in the raffle for a chance to win any of the ff. prizes:

– (1) Grand Prize Winner (Male): A Sony HD Bloggie Camera and a date with Erich Gonzales + 6 month’s supply of REAL LEAF

– (1) Grand Prize Winner (Female): A Sony HD Bloggie Camera and a date with Enchong Dee + 6 month’s supply of REAL LEAF

– (5) Consolation prizes of a month’s supply of REAL LEAF

13. Electronic Raffle draw date for the REAL LEAF Word Master Challenge will be held on September 23, 2010.

14. Winners will be announced on September 24, 2010 on REAL LEAF’s Facebook Fan page and selected popular blogs.

15. Winners will also be contacted via Facebook on how to claim their prize.

16. Winners shall have at least sixty (60) days from the date of publication or announcement or notification of winner, within which to claim their prizes. Winners shall present 2 valid photo IDs as evidence of his/her identity and entry such as: – Passport – School/Company ID – Government issued IDs (e.g. SSS, BIR, Driver’s license, etc.)

17. All unclaimed prizes after the said date shall be forfeited in favor of The Coca-Cola Export Company.

the feeling of missing somebody

[caption id="attachment_2085" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Nora Aunor Fan Crying"][/caption]

Why do you miss somebody? Is it because absence makes the heart grow?

For Nora Aunor fans, they really miss their idol so much

How much she really mean to you? Nora means a lot to showbiz fanatics because when Nora was still active doing shows she had influenced them a lot.

A great way to show someone that you miss is to:

  • Write a love letter that contains sweet messages

  • Share about all the great times you had with her

  • Make her feel what you are feeling through words you say

  • Express your emotions and get some inspiration from her

weight loss,weight loss diet and weight loss tips

Most of the time, when you want to lose weight fast you diet, some will work out for faster results. Some would eat more vegetables. But loosing weight fast is not really the point.

You might loose your weight but eventually after attending fiestas and birthdays you gain weight again. It should always be having a long term of loosing weight.

It is a matter of conditioning. Lifestyle wise there should be no pressure on your part. Patience is a virtue.

Keep up a positive attitude. Mindset should always aim for the better results. If you will think that you're fat then you will be fat forever. But if you will think that you can do something to loose weight, you will succeed.

Loosing weight doesn't happen overnight, it takes time for you to achieve. I have a few blog post about Loosing Weight Fast, hope it helps.

Hiding Eye Bags From Dianne Sison

There can never be shameful if you get to stay with such a lovely and sexy gamer Dianne Sison that having a hagard face with a couple of eyebags.

"Remove your shades" she said.

"I don't want because I don't have sleep yet" I answered at the same time get stimulated by her. I admit she was so hot and I got a crush on her.

You get stimulated and you don't have sleep yet? Man, That's OMG!

Alright! the shades will hide but that would be less "pogi points" if she asks for you to remove.

So the next time this situation happens to me even to another sexy girl I will:

  • Freeze two spoons and hold them on your bags for about 2 minutes. It should take away a lot of the puffiness.

  • Take my pointer finger and lightly tap at the bags. Also move it in small circles as if you were massaging this area.

  • Some of the fluid drain and they're less puffy and dark. But if I am using makeup, I should think of getting a yellow/green concealer stick. They neutralize that dark color.

  • Brush on a light pink eye shadow color under my powder. The light will reflect off the dark circles and draw the attention upwards.

  • Above all I will not going to drink before bed.

How about you? how do you hide your eyebags?

the wide variety of vegetables

Veggies stand out in a recipe specially when combined with other ingredients. They have a harmony of flavors you will surely enjoy.

Minestrone is a good example of a well tuned mixture of soup blend of carrots, tomatoes and beans with pasta.

Any old fashioned soup brings together simple ingredients such as carrots, turnips and leeks with a grain, such as barley.

I love these kinds of dishes from which they have been made. I was able to explore dishes from around the world because of the wide variety of vegetables.

And the great thing about cooking vegetables is that once you have the hang of using them recipes become more or less unnecessary.

I love experimenting with vegetables. How about you?

Riders set to save kids from deadly pneumococcal disease

Pfizer, Club PK team up for “PD Alliance in Motion”

Riders set to save kids from deadly pneumococcal disease

Leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer is partnering with a renowned team of motorcycle riders for a special mission—one that can save the lives of thousands of Filipino children.

The initiative, dubbed “PD Alliance in Motion”, will bring together doctors, vaccine experts and riders from the elite Club PK, as they embark on a road trip spanning far-flung areas in the country to vaccinate children against pneumococcal disease (PD), the leading vaccine-preventable cause of death worldwide.

Racing against time

“This project is of utmost importance, as we are racing against time to protect children against a very devastating disease,” said Pierre Niles, Senior Product Manager, Pfizer. “We must act quickly, as infants and children below the age of five are most vulnerable to pneumococcal disease, with one child dying from the disease every minute, and up to one million young lives lost every year.”

Pneumococcal disease describes a complex group of illnesses caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae or streptococcus bacterium, and includes deadly invasive diseases (invasive pneumococcal disease or IPD) such as pneumonia with bacteremia, sepsis and meningitis, and non-invasive illnesses such as pneumonia, acute otitis media, and sinusitis.

Vaccination more effective than treatment

According to Dr. Jaime Santos, one of the country’s leading pediatricians and chairman of the Infectious Diseases section of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, prevention through vaccination is the best course of action against PD, as the disease can be extremely difficult to treat.

“There are more than 90 strains or serotypes of streptococcus, with the 13 most common serotypes accounting for majority of cases. Many of these strains have become highly resistant to antibiotics. Thus, PD victims often have to endure aggressive and lengthy medical treatment, not to mention expensive medical bills,” said Santos.

Leading killer of Filipino children

The disease is a major health threat in the Philippines, with 90% of PD victims below five years old. Pneumonia is the leading cause of death among Filipino children under five, and the country ranks 10th in the world with the most number of childhood pneumonia cases.

“It is vital that more children are protected from the disease through broad-coverage vaccines. The ‘PD Alliance in Motion’ project is truly an important initiative, and I am optimistic that the Pfizer and Club PK team can reach as many children as possible,” Santos said.

Riding for a cause

The members of the Club PK are already gearing up for the trip, which is set to take them from North to South of the Philippines. “The Club PK members have gone on many road trips and adventures in the past, and this upcoming trip will certainly be our most important one yet,” said Jotle Viray, Club PK President.

“As motorcycle enthusiasts, we gladly go to the most remote destinations simply out of our love for riding. This time, we are travelling with a renewed purpose, and we are one with Pfizer in protecting as many kids as possible from pneumonia and other deadly pneumococcal diseases.”

Viray added that he had personal reasons for joining the campaign. “I know full well about the horrors of pneumococcal disease, as my young son became afflicted with pneumonia at an early age. Thankfully, he survived, but I know that many other children have not been as fortunate. That’s why I am supporting Pfizer’s campaign not just as a rider, but more importantly, as a parent.”

Broadest coverage vaccine

Through the “PD Alliance in Motion” initiative, over 1,300 children in the country are expected to receive the broadest coverage pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the world that protects against the 13 most common pneumococcal strains. Thousands more children are likewise poised to be protected from pneumococcal disease through herd immunity, a form of indirect protection wherein immunized children prevent the spread of disease to the unvaccinated.

For more information on the PD Alliance in Motion and how you can help, visit Please consult your doctor to know more about Pfizer’s pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and how it may save your child today.

Dressing for success with Tomato

WHILE THERE IS NO STANDARD DRESS CODE that is common to the entire call center industry—and some companies do opt for a (relatively) relaxed dress code—its employees must look professional and credible without sacrificing individuality.

Tomato’s chic, comfortable, and affordable fashion items make it easier for call center employees to balance credibility with self-expression.

Female call center professionals—usually required to dress casual to smart casual—enjoy choosing from Tomato’s array of apparel bags, shoes, and accessories that they can use everyday in the office. Tomato caters to the fashion needs of hardworking women who want to rock their style while aiming for success in the corporate world.

“Tomato’s collection includes tops, dresses, pants, and other items that are trendy but wearable in any workplace. They key is to be creative and learn how to mix-match clothes so they could still follow the dress code of their company,” says Karen Espiritu, Tomato marketing manager.

The basics
Tomato has basic pieces that fashion-savvy women can wear everyday at work. It has cardigans and blazers—available in plain and with print—that can be worn with a skirt, dress pants, or jeans. Whether employees need to dress up or dress down, these items are very useful.

Casual dresses and skirts are also acceptable at work. Tomato’s printed dresses can be paired with a blazer to achieve a fashionable yet professional look. They can also be accessorized with a belt to accent their feminine curves or trim their waistline.

Women likewise can opt to wear capri pants and jeans to match with a casual top and a blazer. This combination achieves a relaxed, practical look.

“The basics are really helpful in deciding on what to wear at work. Women can start with few basic pieces and work around that,” Karen recommends.

Bags, accessories, and more
Tomato likewise offers stylish bags to complement any look. Tomato’s handbags are durable and very dependable in carrying notebooks, cell phone, keys, and other office essentials. Colorful wallets and pouches to keep cash, credit cards, and makeup are also available at Tomato.

Karen adds, “Tomato also has hair pieces and watches that can spice up a look. The trick here is to make sure that these accessories match their clothes.”

Comfy, stylish flats for everyday casual get-up are also available at Tomato. These footwear are best worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts on dress down days.

More than just fashion
Apart from promoting fashion and encouraging women to enjoy themselves, Tomato also believes that being fashionable boosts the confidence of employees. Wearing comfortable clothes at work likewise help them become more productive.

“Working is stressful at times so it is important that employees can move freely and feel comfortable with their clothes. Feeling good about their clothes helps them maintain an optimistic, upbeat mindset so they finish their tasks properly and on time,” Karen says.

Be fashionable at work everyday. Visit Tomato branches at Glorietta Makati, SM San Lazaro, SM Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Megamall, SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, Robinsons Metro East, Robinsons Place Ermita, TriNoma, Starmall, Marquee Mall, RCBC Plaza, La Fuerza and Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City.

Figaro, involved in Pagcor coffee deal?

The official statement from Figaro Coffee Company regarding current issues involving Pagcor and Promolabels sent by the PR.

The Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc. has nothing to do with whatever dealings or
transactions the Promolabels Specialty Shop may have had with Pagcor from 2001
to 2009.
The relationship between Figaro and Promolabels was purely that of Franchisor-
Franchisee contractual tie. As Franchisor, Figaro allowed Promolabels to use its
tradename and put up and operate Figaro stores in locations chosen solely by
Incidentally, Promolabels severed its contractual relationship with Figaro in
February 2009.
Under the new set of officers that took over management in 2009, Figaro practices
proper corporate governance, conforms to government rules/regulations and does
not allow Figaro’s name to be involved in anomalous undertakings. At present,
Figaro is seriously engaged in creating new merchandise made of purely Filipino
goods/products and in promoting coffee and tea products that are grown
domestically by Filipino farmers.

Running is good for the Health

[caption id="attachment_2045" align="aligncenter" width="608" caption=" run calendar"][/caption]


Register for these upcoming runs:

  • Aug27 (Sat): Run for Sofia Ysabel [3K/5K (P500); McKinley Hill, Taguig]


The Truth About Sleeping While Hair is Wet

I am really ignorant when it comes to hair, so I was tempted to ask Hair and Salon Expert Fanny Serrano about Sleeping While Hair is Wet.

According to elders when you are Sleeping While Hair is Wet you will become blind soon. It has been a blind belief for many people.

So Is it really bad to sleep with wet hair?

Fanny had a sarcastic answer to me, "Haha Carlo! Kung totoo yan, E di matagal na akong bulag! Hahaha!

Now I know the Truth About Sleeping While Hair is Wet.

There is really nothing wrong as long as you take care of your hair health. How about you? Have you noticed something bad when you do this?

An Apple A Day Keeps You Awake

I learned that Apple can help me fight sleepiness at night.

My friend who is a nurse told me that instead of having those energy drinks to fight sleepiness I'd rather had an apple to bite.

I didn't believe at first, but I keep on seeing some of my friends eating apple and they stayed awake the whole night, so I tried doing the same thing.

The next day I bought an apple instead of energy drink to fight sleepiness at night. Now I'm awake all night. It was effective.

I love apples. It keeps me awake and I don't need to have energy drink anymore just to keep me awake at night. And besides, it's good for the health.

That friend of mine became the apple of my eyes. I called her apple.

The Passion of Pursuing a Healthy Life

Mega daughter KC Concepcion would place at the top of the pack if we rundown the sexiest and most beautiful young women of today and that's for sure.

So what makes her a real icon of beauty and wellness? Well, we’re about to find out.

KC loves keeping fit and sexy

For her, pursuing a healthy life is a passion. She believes it’s what inspires confidence and a positive disposition. Though it sure is a lot of work, she commits herself to it. But being in the spotlight, juggling tight schedules day by day makes staying in shape all the more challenging. That is why it’s important to make the right choices. More than anything else, we must be mindful of what we take in to our bodies.

KC keeps it real

She goes for what she enjoys the most. She goes for what feels natural all the time. Like her green tea beverage of choice- Real Leaf! “It’s a pretty stressful, physically demanding world out there. And I’m just like everybody else wanting to look and feel their best all the time that is why I chose a drink that helps me restore balance, recharge and refuel myself to keep up and keep going. Going all-natural, all-real with Real Leaf is the way to go,” says KC.

The real choice

Expertly brewed and made only of the highest standards, Real Leaf packs the wholesome benefits of refreshing real tea deliciously blended with the natural goodness of real honey in one great-tasting bottle. Plus it’s made even more luscious by infusing fruit flavors such as lychee, lemon and apple. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination that helps revive both mind and body– perfect for people who would never settle for less than what they deserve.

Of course it’s never different when it comes to the fitness regimen and routines she follows. To make it a truly reviving experience she enjoys every time, she chose to take dance classes to keep in shape. While in Paris, she also practiced Agni Yoga, a form of yoga that focuses on stretching and developing flexibility to strengthen the muscles. She also used to follow a specially prescribed circuit-training workout. “Every morning, even if my call time for the day is at 8 a.m., I'm at the gym. [My trainer] never lets me start the day without working out,” KC says.

How about you?

Take care of our environment, Live Positively!

Last week we went to Sapinit watershed to join  Coca Cola Foundation and Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation for a tree planting activity.

With the help of Sapinit Settlers Association, a community living in this area, we were able to plant huge number of trees in the area.

In this area they are being thought that they should work one with the nature in order to reach the economincs and ecological benefits not only a forest can provide.

A lot of them just recently transferred here over the years. And they are trying to find ways to make this area sustainable.

There's not too much livelihood here but with the program they're being thought what a mother tree is, what wildlings are.

Part of the activity we have some people gathering wildlings. They find a little shrub from a mother tree that falls into the ground which grows from 3-4 inches.
When they're too densely populated there's no enough nutrients to sustain all from tree.
So you really have to take it from the tree and connect the wild lings and  bring to the nursery.

Nurture them there and Plant them in a separate location when ready to be transplanted.

It is a multi year grant project with a budget of $84,000  from the funding team Coca Cola Atlanta.

The government will support the people living in the area. They train them not to cut the trees. If so in a sustainable manner.

The project also provides livelihood, they make a living by selling seedlings. Some of them are fruit bearing trees so they can sell the fruits.

Then all of that contributes in providing people livelihood so that they dont cut the trees.

Our Tree Planting Activity does not end here, this is our commitment forever.

Take care of our environment! Live Positively!

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