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I am a fan of committing skincare sins, I love eating nuts, I sleep in a wrong way I love to squeeze my pimples and most of the time I am lazy of washing my face. I admit that at one point or another I am guilty of gross habits that aggravate my skin.

Kicking Out Bad Skin Habits

I admit that I am guilty of committing skincare sins and need to be aware of such habits in order to prevent acne from getting worse.

Im vain, I love eating nuts, I sleep in a wrong way and I love to squeeze my pimples. I realize that I have a lot of bad skin habits.

Here's a list of bad skin habits that should be kicked out:

Gel products on your forehead
Most people say that I have good skin, what they don't know is I often get acne on my forehead because I would always apply gel on my hair until some of it goes to my forehead. After a few days acne arises. Tip: Don't rush putting on gel.

Nuts can make you nuts
I love nuts, especially nuts sold in the bus. "Mani, mainit, may bawang, bagong luto...bili na!" vendors would shout.

I've heard advices from friend that one cause of acne is too much eating of nuts. Sometimes it's true sometimes it's nut. Tip: Try greaseless nuts

Irregular change of pillow case
I sleep before 12 midnight lying face down on my pillow every night.
what they don't know about my pillow? I seldom change it's case and it's full of my saliva. :-) Obviously bacteria goes to my face until it aggregates acne. Tip: Regularly change your pillowcase

Squeezing pimple
I love squeezing when I have pimples and I know it's tempting. The act of squeezing a pimple pushes the bacteria deeper into the pores, causing inflammation, infection, and scarring. This is the worst thing that I do. Tip: Avoid temptations

With all these bad habits I still manage to have a good skin because I use a brand that helps me prevent skin acne.

Soon to be revealed!

Weird remedies don’t work for Acne

[caption id="attachment_1946" align="alignleft" width="200"] Project Headshot Clinic's HIV/AIDS awareness[/caption]

Problem: Acne is one of the hardest thing to manage.

When acne arises you will do everything just to clear it off. Even the most weird remedy that you can think becomes a great idea and somehow there was a time that you would like to try it .

Acne Sucks! But it is a problem that can be managed

Studies show that Acne is one of the problems that everybody would usually encounter during teenage years. It did happen to me but thank God it didn’t showed up for long. I asked some of my friends about their experiences, some of them experienced it early some of them experienced a bit late.

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