Di ka ba nanghihina puro gulay ka lang?

Most people asks me 'Hindi ka ba nanghihina puro gulay lang ang kinakain mo?'

So I have thought of challenging myself if I run a hundred kilometers and just eat kamote and biscuits.

Last March 15, I have proven that I can survive a 100 km run even if I eat vegetables alone.

The first-ever 100-km. international marathon was held on March 15-16, 2014 in Alaminos city. 

It has been a huge success for marathon enthusiasts all over the country.

Participated by more than 50 runners coming from Manila, Kenya, Malaysia and near countries, 25 strongly finished the long road in a total of not more than 18 hours. Majority were elite ultra-runners. I heard that some Kenyans did not finish the race due to vomiting at their almost 60 km stage.

For majority of the elite, they consider this event as the battle of the champions.

Yours truly joined the race and luckily finished the course with a time of 17:30. 

It was my first ultra marathon.

Health benefits abound if you get good, healthy sleep

Ever wondered how to get the best sleep you can ever have? To know more about it, you may probably have to go to a sleep conference or any fora and shell out money to get much-needed information.

Luckily, Uratex, the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam and mattress products, knows how valuable information is when it comes to knowing how to get healthful sleep and reap its benefits—and they’ll even bring the information directly to the people.

Just recently, Uratex kicked-off its “Mobile Sleep Solutions” at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City that aims to educate Filipinos in Metro Manila and nearby provinces on how to get the best of sleep health.

On board a customized, air-conditioned van transformed to mimic a cozy bedroom environment, guests learned from Uratex sleep experts the 10 commandments of sleep hygiene for adults, the benefits of good sleep and the many exciting Uratex products that best suit the needs of customers when it comes to their sleeping needs. Inside the van guests also got to sample the cozy and comfortable feel of the Uratex Airlite Mattress that offers superior sleep benefits.

Incidentally, the launch of the Uratex Sleep Solutions Caravan coincided with the celebration of World Sleep Day, which aims to promote sleep health worldwide. The commemoration of this significant event also explains why the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, a group that promotes the importance of sleep health and an affiliate of the Philippine Medical Association, conducted a mini conference, which Uratex also supported as part of its better sleep advocacy.

It was a really informative day for many guests and onlookers who trooped to the “Mobile Sleep Solutions Van.” They all marveled at the unique vehicle that was adorned with balloons and made alive by the presence of 15 friendly personnel from Uratex, led by Consumer Marketing Manager Marvey Alcantara.

“Our guests were so happy about this mobile sleep solutions van. We got many inquiries from people who asked us on the good sleeping habits and the different Uratex products which, according to them, they only see in stores and malls. Now the products are here and they can try these items. They are very interested about the foam, mattress, fold-a-mattress, pillows, portable mats, and our new product line,” Alcantara said. 

Inside, guests also joined the on-going #CelebrateSleepWithUratex photo contest where they can win wonderful prizes. They only needed to visit the “Mobile Sleep Solutions” with a maximum of five people and take photos on the Uratex Airlite Mattress. Participants should then post their picture on Facebook and tag all their friends included in the photo with the hashtag #CelebrateSleepWithUratex, and put the link of the photo in Facebook to win via rafflecopter.

Adjacent also to the Mobile SleepSolutions van is a game booth where guests were invited to participate in exciting games and entertainment. Lucky guests truly enjoyed the fun and went home smiling while toting several great prizes from Uratex. 

The Uratex “Mobile Sleep Solutions” is just the start of many wonderful days for some 3,000 people who dropped by the promo vehicle. For the next three months, the “Mobile Sleep Solutions” will motor to different places in the metropolis. Afterwards, it will head to the provinces, particularly in Laguna, Batangas, Pampanga, Bulacan, among others.

For more about Uratex products and updates about the Uratex “Mobile Sleep Solutions,” go to www.uratex.com.ph and www.facebook.com/UratexPhilippines

Recommended for the Lenten season by Max's Restaurant

Sinigang na Ulo at Tiyan ng Salmon 
Rich, buttery salmon head and belly complemented by the tangy sourness of tamarind and ginger-flavored clear broth and kangkong, string beans, radish, eggplant and okra.

Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu 
Kangkong with sliced shitake and button mushrooms stir fried in a slightly sweet adobo sauce, stuffed in deep-fried blocks of tofu served on a hot sizzling plate and sprinkled with fried garlic on top.

Is your Family vegetarian?

You are about to eat with the whole family and they are preparing a meat based dish for everyone.

You are a new vegetarian and they are not used to cook a separate dish for you.

Is your Mom vegetarian? If not, How are you going to survive in a not vegetarian family?

Make your Mom your best friend, she is the queen of the kitchen, she cooks a lot. You can tell her to cook a separate food for you.

Help in preparing the ingredients. Go ahead and cut those garlic, pepper, and the main veggies. By doing this you will now have an idea.

Get a separate part of each, tell your mom to cook this separate part as you wish.

If not, go ahead and do the honor of cooking. You need to research basic vegetarian dish you can cook easily.


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