Featuring 12th Fit and Fun Wellness Run

It's good to run in a fun run again after a long hiatus. I still run but more on a personal fitness level so there is no race bib and program like this. In this running video I shared some scenes of my run and ask people around if running can help a person loose weight. Let's watch this.

Shoutout and Special Thanks to Stratworks for inviting me to participate this year. It's also nice to see blogger friends around.

Yoga Video Blogs

This is the start of creating my first yoga video blogs. So help me to encourage more people to do Yoga. Hope you like it!

 My Yoga Video Blog #1

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My Yoga Video Blog #2

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Yoga Video Blog #3

Why Vegan

Vegan and vegetarian is different.

A vegan does not eat dairy products and does not wear leather and animal by products while a vegetarian does not eat fish and they can eat dairy products and wear leather.

In this blogpost we list down many reasons why go vegan from cookbook, different facebook group, comments, pm, sharings and bible study groups.

  1. Mainly for health benefits
  2. Passion for the environment
  3. Because my partner is vegan
  4. Allergic to dairy products, lactose intolerance
  5. I do protest, activism and I like zero waste 
  6. I tried a vegan meal, and I amazingly fell in love
  7. Because I plant and farm plants
  8. I used to be a lacto-vegetarian
  9. For a change, I love the animals
How about you?

Veggie Recipe: Tofu Nuggets

Veggie Recipe January 2019: Tofu Nuggets

1 block of Tofu
Few Strips of Nori Seaweeds
1 cup of flour
2 teaspoon of cream of mushroom flour
1 cup of water
salt and pepper
cooking oil

 Watch my first video vegetarian recipe blog, it's a simple way of cooking tofu.
 Feel free to give me your feedback and let me know what you think.


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