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Electrolux #Wokaholic Kitchen Star Boot Camp Day 2

Photos during the Electrolux #Wokaholic Kitchen Star Boot Camp Day 2

Electrolux #Wokaholic Kitchen Star Boot Camp Day 1

Photos during the Electrolux #Wokaholic Kitchen Star Boot Camp Day 1

My World Vision Run 21K Experience

World Vision Run was my second 21K experience, it was on a hot day and the route was a bit harder than Unilab Run United Leg 2.

Though it was hard I made to at least improve my time from 3:33(RU2) I was able to finish at 3:14. Good Job to myself.

FILA Schools Run for School Rooms 2012

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="490"] (L-R) James Amparo of Huper International, events management firm, Tim Yap, press conference/bloggers’ meet host, Cris
Albert of Fila, Filemon Casuga, Events Director of AIA Philippines, Jose Andes, National Director of AIA Philippines and
Southeast Asia Coordinator, and Sebastian de Vera, Basketball Director of AIA Philippines.[/caption]

The recent presscon for FILA Run for Schools was very well participated by the local running community and bloggers. This event aims to share FILA and Athletes in Action to bring the biggest advocacy run to help raise funds for the rehabilitation of classrooms in Iligan city, which were badly hit by Typhoon Sendong back in 2011.

The project is in partnership with FILA SKELE -TOES, DepEd & GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Pole dancing & wheatgrass can make your body healthier!

Whenever I hear about Pole dancing, there's one girl that comes to my mind - my fellow blogger Hannah Villasis. I am always amazed everytime she posts her pole dancing photos on facebook.  Aside from that I also see her wheat grass print ads in malls and in buses.

There's one more girl who is like her, a pole dancer and a wheat grass drinker as well  - Margaret Jade Chua Lao

Love Yourself Hub is set to open this July 8

The Love Yourself Project, an ongoing advocacy group which aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS is set to open ‘The Love Yourself Hub’ on July 8, 2012 at 1850 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila (at the back of PWU).

The Love Yourself Hub will serve as a resource center to further increase the levels of awareness and knowledge, counseling and education, wellness, prevention, cure and rehabilitation of the communities it serves specially the youth and LGBT-MSM in response to sexually transmitted infections (STI and HIV) and other sexuality-related concerns.

Things that may lead you to hypertension

Hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure is rampant in the world. Over one billion people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure.

But the scary thing about hypertension is that you may have it and not even know it. Your first and only symptom may be a fatal heart attack So let's take a look at three things that may lead you hypertension so you can avoid a premature death.

Jamba Juice promotes locally grown Guimaras Mangoes

Jamba Juice is now open in SM Mall of Asia. Jamba is the delicious smoothie that I always drink after jogging at Bonifacio High Street.

The grand opening of this new branch was very well attended by the press and media who covers health news and events. In line with the launch Jamba Juice also promotes locally grown Guimaras Mangoes as a major ingredient in Jamba's smoothie menu.

And they are also promoting the planting of trees with a ride on the Blender Bike as a fun way of engaging customers to this campaign.

FILA and Athletes in Action Run for School Rooms

Education is indeed a right of every child. We’re all challenged to take part in solving our nation’s greater woes. Heeding to the call of the times, FILA and Athletes in Action (AIA) join forces to bring the biggest advocacy run to help raise funds for the rehabilitation of classrooms in Iligan city, which were badly hit by Typhoon Sendong back in 2011. 

Join the WWF Reverse Run on July 22, 2012

 Step back then move forward.

This statement represents the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines’ (WWF-Philippines) vision to confront the present state of the environment by studying the mistakes of the past then focusing on building a greener future and keeping the Earth a living planet.

Humanity is currently using 50% more resources than the Earth can provide. We are living as if we have two planets at our disposal. What better way to secure a more sustainable future than to invite tomorrow’s stewards – the youth – to join WWF-Philippines’ conservation efforts?

World Vision holds Run for a cause

You run to stay fit. You run for fun. This time, run for a cause --- run “Towards Fullness of Life!” Join the very first World Vision Run on June 24 at the Bonifacio Global City. The Run is for the benefit of poor Filipino children.

Funds raised will support children in communities assisted by World Vision. Through its Child Sponsorship program, World Vision provides education, healthcare, child protection, and community assistance to children and their families in need.

The Run is part of World Vision’s 55th anniversary celebration. True to its theme: “Sharing the Joy of Hope, child-focused organization World Vision, has been working since 1957 to uplift the lives of children in some of the country’s poorest provinces. Now on its 55th year, the organization aims to inspire more Filipinos to take on the collective responsibility of sharing hope and reaching out to help their fellow men in poverty. Today, World Vision assists more than 112,000 children and their families in 29 provinces.

Unilab Run United Leg 2 : My First 21K Running Experience

It was raining hard when I woke up 3:30 am on June 17 and I had no choice but to bring an umbrella to BGC where 21K runners will be starting. It was dark, and the earliest time I ran in my whole life. And this is my first time to run 21K.

I do not know anyone so I just did talked to anyone while on the run to avoid boredom using these pick up lines:

Something For Your Dad This Father's Day

Do you have a dad who’s always up for a challenge, trying to outlast, and outrun what he sees as his rival? It may not necessarily be another person; it could be just himself. Dads who are fond of joining marathons and even triathlons definitely belong in this category, because they keep at it for the simple reason that they always want to be at their best.

Run United 2 2012 Guidelines

Run United 2 2012, will be held on June 17, 2012 with 500m, 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k race categories. All categories except for 21k will have start and finishline at the SM Mall of Asia while 21k will start at Bonifacio Global City and finish at SM Mall of Asia.

How to get to the race area?

The race start is located at Riovana Store Bonifacio Global City (for 21K) and Mall of Asia (for all other categories). There are various ways to get to the race site via:

Simple Herbal Remedies for Asthma

Asthma sufferers heavily rely on medicine to keep their condition under control. They use inhalers in case of emergency and specific medicine on a daily basis. However, the overuse of these medicines can significantly affect the human body, as there are many counter indications which, in time, will harm the body and make it even more sensitive to external factors.

But what if you could obtain the same results as when  taking medicine, but without having those dangerous side effects? What if you could live your normal life and treat your condition in a natural way, without being necessary  to ingest all kinds of chemical? Would this not be great?

Vegetarianism : A Yoga Lifestyle

During the Ancient times Yogis were vegetarian. But nowadays not all Yogis are vegetarian. You can be a meat eater but you are a Yogi.


What are the benefits of Yoga?

In increase abdominal strength, leg, back, chest and arm muscles. Yoga helps shape long and lean muscles, resulting in visible muscle tone, promotes better breathing habits, resulting in deeper breathing that strengthens the lungs, aids in pain prevention in the back and better health.

Timothy Bradley training Vegan

Undefeated Boxer Timothy Bradley admits that it was hard training Vegan because he was a natural carnivore, he loves meat and sushi fish but he found out that being Vegan is the cleanest way to eat and the cleanest way to be.

"I feel good and I feel so much energy, I lost weight rapid" he adds.

When asked about what is his favorite source of protein he said Tempeh, it's a soy product, similar to tofu but a different texture.

Keep Away from Pollen If You Suffer from Asthma

Pollen is one of the most powerful allergens. It is well known that most of the times when asthmatic people come in contact with pollen they suffer from asthma attacks. This is why, it is necessary to avoid, as much as possible any exposure to this substance. There are some safety measures which can be taken in order to be protected against the damaging effects pollen can have upon asthmatics.

The first thing which must be done if you suffer from asthma is to avoid the outdoor activities in the morning and during the evenings when the concentration of pollen from the air is at its highest peak. Avoid running and delay any

Quantum Cafe's Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Quantum Cafe

FERON Bldg., 9590 Kamagong corner Bagtikan Street
Makati City

(02) 519 0757

Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Mode of Payment: CASH

Best Sellers :

Veggie Meat Adobo Flakes(Vegan) served with rice and atchara. 220 Php

Quantum Burger (Vegan) pattie is made of banana heart. 150 Php

Proper kitchen hygiene and Ways to avoid bacteria and other types of germs

At an intimate media gathering at Fully Booked, Joy and Dr. Jessica Simbahan from the Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM) revealed a survey that exposes the shocking truth behind dishwashing bar solutions.

During the event we were also asked to bring out something that we always bring such as bag, cellphone, wallet etc.

While waiting the screen shows showing the waiter cleaning plates with his dirty sock earlier that day.

Yoga and You

There is a growing trend to practicing Yoga for many different reasons, which include attaining the yoga body or physique, relaxation and peace of mind, or to prevent injury and ailments. I practice Hatha Yoga, which focuses on postures and stretching the body. 

Yoga, which is derived from the sacred Sanskrit language of India, meaning *union* or *to yoke or harness*. Yoga is a way or path to transcendence and liberation from the self and the ego by purifying the mind and body. Practicing yoga leads to a union with the mind and body or the individual and universal consciousness. In other words, yoga is the union with the Individual Self and the Universal Self.

Have A Big Heart and Be Part of Isa, Dalawa, Takbo: Run for Children’s Rights

What :Isa, Dalawa, Takbo: Run for Children’s Rights

When: June 24, 2012 at 5:30 in the morning
Where: at UP Academic Oval, UP Diliman.
Who: Children and young people and those with a big heart for children


To raise child rights advocacy spirit among its partner communities- academe, young people, adult, social development, churches, parents in a creative and fun event.

To encourage greater public awareness and social investment on children- where every child could fully develop and participate in putting place an environment that respect and celebrate their full potential.
The Movement for the Youth’s Legal Education (MYLE) is an organization in the UP College of Law that seeks to provide legal education primarily for children, and secondarily for the children’s families and their educators towards a holistic formation of the Filipino youth. It aims to provide awareness to children of their basic rights through classroom activities, lectures and workshops. MYLE also seeks to serve as a venue for students of the law to engage in a pro-active approach to learning laws pertaining to children’s rights.

Featured Skin Clinic : Nouvelle Clinic in Timog Quezon City

Our Featured Skin Clinic for today is Nouvelle Clinic in Timog Quezon CityNouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1098

Last January I went to Nouvelle and I was able to try their Intense Facial Cleansing with Diamond Peel.

I got the chance to visit the clinic again to try out other service/s – Body Scrub.

Nouvelle offers different variations of Body Scrub:

LULUR  – (luya and turmeric)

PILI OATMEAL – (pili and oatmeal)

BARAKO – (coffee bean)

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