My World Vision Run 21K Experience

World Vision Run was my second 21K experience, it was on a hot day and the route was a bit harder than Unilab Run United Leg 2.

Though it was hard I made to at least improve my time from 3:33(RU2) I was able to finish at 3:14. Good Job to myself.
What was the easiest part? For me it was whole route of Ayala. It was very smooth until the turning point at Buendia going back.
The hardest? It was the route going back to the finish line but it says 1 KM left but truth is you still have 6 KM to run, wherein you pass Manila Japanese School until you go back to BGC. Man it feels like it's more than 21K

I find hard because it was full of turning points.

Hydration was enough except for banana supply which only comes after 14KM.

The good part was being able to meet U.S. Ret. Navy Robert Nocelo, he carries an 18 kilo backpack holding a Philippine Flag all throughout the run.
He is doing this because he is training for the annual Bataan Death March which be held in New Mexico which requires to carry 35 kilos of load all through out the march.

He is based from the U.S. but only came here to join the run. Amazing!

[caption id="attachment_3203" align="aligncenter" width="823"] U.S. War Veteran Robert Nocelo[/caption]

Shaking hands with him was such an honor for me.

So now I know what happens when you start at 5:00 am for a 21K run.

How did I join? I went to World Vision Bloggers facebook page and joined their sharing contest to get a free race kit. Fortunately I won.

Not bad for me, I am so satisfied with race. This is another memorable achievement for me.

Kudos to World Vision to their very first run. I heard that they were able to get 3300+ participants and that's good enough to raise funds for the less fortunate kids in giving proper education and nutrition.

I would like to share my previous post about World Vision in their Count Me In Campaign:


In order to give less fortunate kids proper education and nutrition, World Vision launched the campaign "Count me in 2011" to get more supporters and groups to sponsor children and be counted among the more than 22,000 existing Pinoy sponsors who are changing lives today. This project aims to send 11,000 kids back to school.

For only 20 pesos/day or 600/month you can help a kid and give him a brighter future. It's like sacrificing not to watch a movie or buy a cup of coffee in exchange for a greater cause. In the recent event held at Trinoma Activity Center, World Vision together with it's celebrity and company sponsors campaigned to ask support from people who can be a donor to child.

Some of the celebrities who came to support and campaign were:

Chris Tiu, Nikki Gil, Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola Babao, Cristalle Belo, Gerard Pizarras and Jan Marini, Marc Pingris and Danica Sotto, Youtube sensation Nikki and Erika

The event was hosted by Jordan and Lia Cruz. Be a child sponsor today! Contact World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. at 3747618 to 28.

The office is located at 389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St. West Triangle, Quezon City. Visit their website at

The celebrities and the child sponsors who gave their testimonies:

Chris Tiu

I spent my Valentines with the Tiunatics(my fans) and I brought them to the area of sponsor kids, so that they will be able to actually see and experience the living condition of these kids. As of now I have 2 sponsor kids.


I was very emotional when I saw the kids, but I felt good after. Papunta pa lang kami sa location magkahalong emotion na yung naramdaman ko. Kung ano lang yung hiniling nila sa akin yun yung binigay ko, masaya ako.

Danica Sotto and Mark Pingris

How did they learn about World Vision? We went to a wedding fair. We went to the photographer's booth to pick up our pictures. There was a world vision booth there and a girl approached me asked "Mam you might want to sponsor a child". At first natakot ako kasi baka kung ano kayo ito, Mark and I were really hesitant at first. Sabi nung girl "Mam can I have 5 minutes of your time and explain to you what world vision is". I learned that it's not all about the money but they really care for the child, so yun nag pledge kami.

What's great with World Vision kapag nag sponsor ka ng child, ini inform po tayo what's going on with child. Anong grade niya na, anong class standing nya, so you will know all the information.

Gaya nung last na Noche Buena nakasama namin yung mga sponsor child ng World Vision.

Cristalle Belo

Pumunta kami ni Marc Nelson sa Cebu tapos marami kaming nakitang mga bata. Sabi namin ni Marc Nelson, ano ba yan, yung ininom nating Starbucks nakaka guilty talaga. Kasi you know what guys, it only takes 20 pesos a day to sponsor a child and that can send the child to school, that's 600/ month. Ano ba naman ang 20 pesos a day para makapagsponsor ng filipino child di ba? And that can give him not just proper education but proper nutrition as well.

Nikki Gil

I would like to thank those of you who have already started sponsoring children, I have personally met the children and adults who are products of World Vision. Yung iba po sa kanila ay presidente na ng mga multinational companies na dati lang po ay umaasa sa World Vision para sa kanilang pag aaral.

These are changed lives. At kayo po ang dahilan kung bakit nagbabago ang mga buhay na iyan. You are changing a life of a child and changing a lifestyle of a family. And isang magandang bagay ay pagbabago ng isang magandang Pilipinas at dahil po iyan sa inyong munting tulong.

Ang World Vision po ay hindi basta bastang organisasyon na nangongolekta lang ng pera, meron po itong patutunguhan.

Here's a video of a testimonial from a former child donor who's now a CFO for a Financial institution in Makati.He is Mike San Diego

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