Featured Skin Clinic : Nouvelle Clinic in Timog Quezon City

Our Featured Skin Clinic for today is Nouvelle Clinic in Timog Quezon CityNouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1098

Last January I went to Nouvelle and I was able to try their Intense Facial Cleansing with Diamond Peel.

I got the chance to visit the clinic again to try out other service/s – Body Scrub.

Nouvelle offers different variations of Body Scrub:

LULUR  – (luya and turmeric)

PILI OATMEAL – (pili and oatmeal)

BARAKO – (coffee bean)

I choose to have PILI OATMEAL because it sounds like a health food for me. So I would like to know how it feels when it’s going to be applied to my skin.


What are the effects of Body Scrub:

LULUR –removes dead skin

PILI OATMEAL –deep moisturizes your skin

BARAKO – anti-oxidant and removes cellulite, it also has firming effect.


Price: Php680/session

Time Duration: 30-45 minutes

Effectively: removing dead skin to reveal younger, softer skin that can last upto 4 days

Interval: Body Scrub can be done on a weekly basis

What to avoid after: Sun Exposure


The Process:

Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1086Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1085

  • A few amount of body scrub was applied to my back. Using a soft but firm circular motion, including soft massage to my entire back.

  • Then to the neck, shoulders, hands and feet.

  • Letting it dry for 5-10 minutes.

  • Shower

  • Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1112
  • A cream was applied to my entire body specially concocted by Dr. Noveloso. It is called – Arbutin

Ingredients: Arbutin, Olive Oil and Calamansi
Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1110


Recommended Services:

Body Scrub (Lulur)

Diamond Peel

Plasma Lipo (soon)




The Owner: 5/5

The owner is Dr. Ed Noveloso and he is a very nice accommodating person. Despite of his very hectic schedule he was able to spare a time with us for an interview. It is very rare that an owner of a company attends the inquiries of bloggers like us.

Dr. Ed Noveloso is a pioneer in the field of cosmetics. He used to work for Dr. Jansen.

He said that their goal is to offer affordable yet effective services without sacrificing its quality.

The Facilities: 5/5

Very clean and well designed rooms. I also like the atmosphere of their lobby. I feel at home when I sit on their couch.
Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1088Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1087

The Staff: 5/5

Very accommodating staff. I feel so important whenever I go to Nouvelle. Good job to the employees of this clinic. Well trained and has good customer relation skills.
Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1097
Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1096

The services: 5/5

My overall experience was great and I never felt that fresh during my visit.

The Price: 3/5

Expensive but it’s worthy.

Location and Parking: 4/5

Nouvelle Clinic is located at 2nd flr. Cocoon Boutique hotel Sct. Tobias cor. Sct. Rallos Timog QC.

You can park outside the vicinity for free.

Nearest landmark: McDonalds Timog

Get to know more about other services of Nouvelle visit their website : http://nouvelleclinic.com/

Here are the photos I took during my visit.

Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1093Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1092
Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1089Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1081Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1090Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1100Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1108Nouvelle Cilinic in Timog QCIMG_1109

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