6 Reasons To Join Color Manila’s Blacklight Run

You see the same sights, follow a steady pace, and apart from the music blaring in your earphones, you don’t really get a lot of variety—so what’s fun about a run?

How about joining Color Manila’s Blacklight Run to see for yourself?

Color Manila is encouraging everyone to sign up for a one of a kind running experience—one that combines fitness with new and exciting sights, opportunities to bond with family and friends, while still getting all the benefits of exercise.

(From L-R): Pinoy Fitness’ Jeff Lo, and Color Manila’s Justine Cordero and Jay Em, encourage everyone to join the Blacklight Run, where there’s absolutely no competition – just running at your own pace and having fun.

Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider lacing up those running shoes—

For Fitness

While undeniably fun, you’re still bound to reap the benefits of exercise. Challenge yourself and see if you can beat your time and distance, or choose to take in the colorful sights at a pace you’re comfortable with—either way, you’ll feel better about having joined and finished it.

It’s At Night
Not a morning person? No problem. Since the Blacklight Run is happening at night, you don’t need to worry about waking up early or running under the heat of the sun. Color Manila makes this night run even more spectacular through the colors they’d be using – the colors would glow in the dark, thanks to the blacklight that would illuminate the entire race route.

Running can be boring—and once in a while, it helps to add a bit of variety into the mix. For Color Manila, as the name implies, it’s all about the hues. Whether you opt for the 10K, 5K or 3K, you can be sure to enjoy a unique running event amid filled with neon colors.

Go At Your Own Pace
The focus here is fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a running pro who can easily complete 10K in a blink, or a newbie just dipping your toe in the world of running, it’s the perfect event to get started. Piece of advice – just enjoy the race route.

Get Social
For those who are always on the look out for something new and exciting things to do in the city, the Blacklight Run creates a perfect venue to get into shape, bond with family and friends, and of course, meet new people.

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