maximizing the impact of swimming as part of exercise


Speedo’s Spring/Summer 2012 seasonal collections have a key focus on the colour themes of ‘Light’ and ‘Identity’, echoing the fluidity of water and the free and unrestricted movement provided by Speedo swimwear.

Proper hydration is very important in sports

02.27.2012 POWERADE ION4 launches it's new ambassador Neil Etheridge

How do you feel being the new Powerade ion4 Ambassador?

It’s a pleasure to be selected by POWERADE ION4 to be one of its ambassadors with fellow Filipino athletes. It’s always important to keep getting better. You have to keep trying to improve and be complete. Every single time you step on the field you want to be your best so I always choose the best equipment; the best, complete hydration partner. Hopefully with POWERADE ION4, I get to be one of the world’s best.

Ways to Prevent Asthma Attacks

I've been battling asthma since I was a toddler. Ever since, my doctor gave me numerous medicines that I took for such a long time. Got immune on it. And there are times that I experienced severe asthma attacks. And I even can't walk because of it.

Here are my tips on how you can prevent having asthma attacks:

Take The Test | Spread The AIDS Awareness



The Red Whistle, The AIDS Society of the Philippines, Philippine National AIDS Council & AIDS CandleLight Memorial spreading the awareness of AIDS in our country. There's an open shoot right now for the Take The Test project. Advocates, bloggers and celebrities joined the open shoot earlier.


We have to be fight against the disease. We have to be heard by the local sectors about the alarming cases of HIV/AIDS in our country.

The AntiGravity® Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga is today’s most talked about yoga routine, it combines yoga principles with aerial acrobatics and dance from AntiGravity® creator Christopher Harrison, known worldwide for helping countless celebrities to "fly" (Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and many more).

Christopher Harrison

DOH warns call center agent's health

I've been a call center agent working graveyard shifts on and off the year since 2006. Seriously I encountered health problems.

I was not able to get a good sleep, my vision was damaged and I am hearing some static noise from time to time.

I have no choice, I have to quit work and rest.

benefits of natural food and medicine

You dont know the truth about the world today. The trend is waking up to the benefits of natural foods and medicines. And you dont know what is the truth?

There has been an increase in chemical based drugs and food additives.

The down side of chemical food additives has ranged from negative to disastrous, with many of them linked to cancer and other deadly diseases. Natural foods and medicines never produce this result.

The easy way of becoming vegetarian

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian is easy but giving up your favorite hamburger is hard. The tongue is conditioned to the taste of meat so no matter how you try
getting rid of that conditioned you end up crave for meat again.

Here are some easy steps simple and slow.

Hard things can be done in a slow manner. Try committing yourself to being a vegetarian at least 3 days per week for the first couple of weeks.

Buy Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Products Via Veggiecircle

You can now buy Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Products via the veggie blogger. For those of you who doesn’t know what Easy Pha-max  is? It is the company behind those wheatgrass drinks endorsed by Sports Unlimited’s Dyan Castillejo and Cosplay Princesses Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao. Dyan endorses the powder drink while the Gosiengfiao sisters endorses the ready to drink products.

On winning over weight problems

Weight problems had been the greatest enemy of majority. But let me inspire you with a story about discipline and strong determination over weight problems.

Cheshire Que had been battling weight problems over the years but thru my spa diet she was able to overcome the battle.

Cocina Verde Cafe in Legazpi City

I've been to Legazpi City once, but I never had the chance to look for some vegetarian restaurants when I went there. Thank God the owner of Cocina Verde read my blog and shared the good news about her vegetarian restaurant.

Cocina Verde Cafe is the in-house vegetarian restaurant of the quaint and exotic Casa de Abuela Bed and Breakfast in Legazpi City that serves and sells malunggay pandesal, vegetarian pizza and pasta, home-made coco ice-cream and other nutrilicious vegetarian cuisine such as veggie barbecue, adobo and kare-kare.

Watsons Launches Compliance Pack

They always say that, "Health is wealth". We should take care of our health, especially when you're diagnosed with severe illness like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc

Like my mom who always tells me that she doesn't have medicines for hypertension and diabetes because it's pricey and she want to take her medicines at all.

Teresa Bergen Author of Vegetarian Asia: A Travel Guide

I recently came across with someone who read my blog and I was surprised when she said that she liked my blog. She said that she's interested to interview me about vegetarianism in the Philippines. I am so honored to answer all her questions and I hope that it could help her in writing her book about vegetarianism in Asia. In return I also did an interview with her. Her answers might help those who also wants to go vegetarian.


Teresa Bergen is a writer living in the US. Back in the '90s, she published a book called Vegetarian Asia: A Travel Guide. She's now updating it for a 2012 edition. Check out her website at


Here's my interview with her:

How long have you been vegetarian/vegan? why did you become vegetarian?

I stopped eating meat about 30 years ago, when I was 12 years old. One night my mother fixed steak for dinner and I pictured a cow minding her own business and somebody slicing a big chunk out of her side. I imagined how painful that would be. If I was a cow, I wouldn’t want to be killed for dinner. Being American, I had access to lots of different types of food. It occurred to me that there were plenty of things to eat besides animals. These days I am mostly vegan, but make exceptions for things like birthday cakes.

Is it difficult to be veg? what makes it difficult?
Not in my usual daily life, where I’m doing the shopping and cooking. Sometimes when I travel, or especially when I go out to dinner with other people or to somebody’s house it can be uncomfortable. I don’t really like to draw attention to myself, and avoid preaching to an unreceptive and uninterested audience.

What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?
Since I was only 12 and the rest of my family was not familiar with meatless diets, I wasn’t sure what to eat. I remember a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, cookies and ice cream. So I didn’t suddenly become super healthy.

What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you’re veg?
Most of my non-veg friends are kind and go out of their way to make sure there’s something I can eat. But I get a fair share of heckling and derision, mostly from people I don’t know very well. Where I live in Portland, Oregon, there’s kind of a backlash against vegetarians, and especially vegans. People like to make fun of us. It’s annoying. I mean, we’re just trying to do our little part to cut down on the world’s rampant cruelty.

How did you get into animal rights advocacy?
I don’t do much besides write about other people’s efforts. Hopefully that helps raise people’s awareness.

Did you volunteer in any organization?
Not currently. In the past, I’ve mostly volunteered with organizations that benefit people, like teaching yoga to folks in drug rehab and ESL to immigrants and refugees.

Where do you get your food?
I mostly shop at Trader Joe’s, a supermarket that has its own line of generics, with lots of vegetarian and vegan items. It’s cheaper than the health food stores. There's a local farm store down the street, so I try to buy my produce there.

Yoga in the Wild by Ciay Misa: A Book Launch

Today, more and more Filipinos are exploring the healthy lifestyle that comes from doing yoga. With this masterful art of toning the body comes not only physical well-being, but emotional and psychological healing as well. Yoga in the Wild, a book featuring the transformative power of yoga in one's life, will be launched this February 13, 2012, Monday at 5 in the afternoon.

“Talikwas, an unfolding from within, from inside-out. An intimate exploration into primordial energy that underlies all of creation... Once the source is tapped, the body can move naturally, fluid and graceful, yet powerful and balanced.”

Written by successful businesswoman, mother, yogi and free spirit, Lucia "Ciay" Misa, this book is highly recommended for those who live and breathe yoga and adventure. The book is inspired by Ciay's funniest, wildest and most memorable moments with her family and friends around the world, and how yoga as talikwas has changed her life.

All proceeds of the book sales will go to Roots of Health (Ugat ng Kalusugan), a non-profit organization dedicated to improve reproductive health and to eradicate the malnutrition of women and children in the communities of Palawan.
Be inspired to make a change for yourself and for our less privileged sisters and children in Palawan. The launch is open to the public and will take place in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street with a free yoga mini-lesson. You may get your copy of Yoga in the Wild in Fully Booked stores across Metro Manila.

Can a vegetarian like Geneva Cruz survive in the wild

Survivor is a game of survival. In the previous episodes of Survivor, international and local there are tasks wherein you really need to eat animals. If Geneva Cruz is a vegetarian, I don't think she is ready for this.

Yes, a vegetarian can survive in the wild because there's plenty of plants and the vegetation is conducive. You can choose to eat in your way of living. But cases like the Survivor game, it involves meat eating. I think Geneva could have thought about it before she decided to join the fact that she was a vegetarian.

On the other hand it was not the main reason at all why she left and quit the game. Heres the reason why courtesy of

"I don't think 3 million pesos and being named as Sole Survivor is all worth the pain that I am feeling right now," says Geneva Cruz (right) about her decision to leave the reality show. Her partner, KC Montero, opted to stay in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown. Courtesy of

GENEVA BREAKS DOWN. The day became more drama-filled when vegetarian singer Geneva Cruz admitted that she wanted to pull out of the game. She and her partner, KC Montero, had a heart-to-heart talk about her decision.

Geneva tearfully admitted, "This is not real. I absorb everything around me...I did everything to help. I cannot do's money, yeah. You wanna win. I got nothing...I am not going to make any effort getting alliances."

KC asked directly, "So you are gonna quit?"

Geneva replied, "This is my first day and I'm falling apart. Everything is against the things that I believe in. I know that this is not real. I know at the end of the whole thing, this is just a game. And I know what's gonna happen."

When KC left, Arnold appeared and tried to console Geneva. Geneva adamantly told him, "Go away! I'm not gonna change my mind. I can't play this game. I want to win this game with him. He [KC] is selfish. He's gonna get you guys too, you know. I'm not gonna change my mind."

Geneva and KC continued their dialogue along the beach shore. While Geneva was writing something on the sand, she pointed to KC, "You're gonna hate me for the rest of your life." Geneva then wrote her son's name "Heaven" on the sands of Palawan.

KC stated, "You must be doing this for some reason. It's written here. Heaven."

Geneva shot back, "Ask my son. Ask your son. Would he rather see his mother suffer and not fight for what she believes in or the P3 million pesos? You know him more. You know what he is gonna say..."

KC was visibly disappointed and upset with Geneva's decision since he wanted to stay in the game.

While waiting for their ride back, KC hugged Geneva.

The Fil-Am DJ/host told Geneva that he wanted to say good-bye to the other castaways. But this gesture pissed off the singer. She went ballistic and told KC, "You only care about yourself. You're supposed to protect me here. I told you I cannot anymore...they're filming me."

Catch Survivor Philippines’ Live Finale Today!

For those people becoming vegetarian these days

It is not always true that vegetarians are thin and meat eaters are fat.

The most common reason why people go vegetarian is because they want to loose weight. But I know a lot of vegetarians who's fat. Yes going vegetarian can help you loose weight but you should also do it with exercise.

The good thing about being vegetarian is you develop control and discipline. It is not easy changing diet specially for us Filipinos who are very conditioned to meat. Going vegetarian is easy. There plenty of market and talipapa here.

Give up eating Beef :

This is not hard , because you can still eat pork, chicken and fish. So do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat beef anymore straight for a month.

Give up eating Pork :

When you can now give up beef, it’s time to give up pork. You can still eat chicken and fish. It is easier to give up, knowing that pork is the primary cause of diseases. And we all know that it makes us fat since it is very high in bad cholesterol. Do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat pork anymore straight for a month.

Give up eating chicken:
What’s wrong with eating chickens ? Well there’s a lot, but anyway you will soon have to give up eating chicken. Maybe this will be hard for you so do this for two months or more , but make sure to give up eating chicken soon.

Do give up eating beef, pork and chicken in a year or two and it will be easier for you to go vegetarian or vegan. Don’t make it hard for you, there will always be an easier way that will help you achieve your goal. Going vegetarian does not end on giving up the food that you are conditioned to eat, it involves mindset, positive thinking, proper hygiene and a healthier lifestyle.

Fun Filled Soyami Blogger's Event and Awards Nights

It's a fun filled event that Soyami Soya Chips organized recently. Celebrity endorser, Marc Nelson hosted the event. It was held at Tourne, Bonifacio Global City.

And for those who attended the said event, they gave away USBs, tshirts, magazines and water.

Tourne, Fitness First, FaceOne, Tree Hugger and Fruit Magic were the major sponsors during the event, promoting health and wellness and inviting us for a healthy beginnings.

Chef Sandralyn Hataway, the person behind Tourne (the resto located at the Fort Strip, BGC), together with Ms. Apple Morales' Soyami Soya Chips, created a delectable, healthy meals as we enjoyed the evening.

They also presented the awards to three lucky bloggers for winning the Soyami Soya Chips Blog Contest.

Grand Prize: Paige San Juan
1st Prize: Melanie Abuel
2nd Prize: Richard Mamuyac

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