Herbal Medicine for Loosing Weight

In 1527, the Swiss thinker Paracelsus demonstrates that only a small part of the plant has an effect upon the human body (1g per 20 kg of plant), which is what we now call active substance. Later on, scientists have developed methods to isolate these substances.

However, the first complete categorization of all known medicinal plants was printed in a book called Theatrum Botanicum by John Parkinson in 1640 AD. In 1649 Nicholas Culpeper published A Physical Directory, which is considered one of the best herbal pharmacopoeia manuals still quoted today.

The world of today is a world of progress, no one doubts about that.

We have managed to do in 200 years of continuous industrial revolution, what we couldn’t do in thousands and thousands of tumultuous history.

And yet, with all these technological breakdowns and synthetic substances, artificial food, not to mention the reign of King Plastic, some people still find the power and the wisdom to ask themselves how people in the past remained healthy and fit without nutritional supplements, drugs, even antibiotics.

Their secret was that that they used what Mother Nature gave them: the plants to cure themselves. Fortunately, this knowledge hasn’t been forgotten; even if they’re not so widely used, plants have found their place in our civilization.

The story begins thousands of years ago, before the recorded history, when man didn’t know how to write or read, but knew how to follow their instincts.

They discovered that certain herbs could alleviate their pains, others could make a wound disappear and others could even kill them.

In the course of time, societies developed and with them appeared the means to transmit their knowledge other than orally.

5000 years ago, in Ancient China, people used rhubarb (Rheune palmatum) as a purgative without knowing anything about the actual active substances they contained.

Also, they used Ephedra to treat asthma, even though the substance called ephedrine was discovered much later, in 1887 AD.

All oriental ancient civilizations had their insights into the fascinating world of botany, as plants were one of the few elements to which they could resort to heal themselves. The famous king Hammurabi of Babylon (18th century BC) recommended mint to cure constipation and other digestive disorders.

Mesopotamian doctors considered that the best time to take a herbal medicine was at night or early in the morning, a principle which is confirmed nowadays by modern studies.

The Indians had an entire system of rules, prescriptions, remedies and practices, called Ayurveda, many of which involved the use of plants. They also had strict rules about when, by whom and from where the plants should be collected

People in Ancient Egypt knew and used the castor-oil plant, wormwood, saffron and oregano to heal and disinfect wounds; they also put coriander in their tombs so that the spirit will remain healthy in his afterlife.

There are written records of their use of garlic (especially for the workmen who built the pyramids), indigo, mint and opium. The Greek and Roman civilizations have made a major contribution to the medical science.

Although much of their studies stemmed from other cultures (Mesopotamian, Egyptian), they added precious information and, in time, they became more and more concerned about the diseases and cures as natural and realistic processes, rather than spiritual or magical.

Physicians like Hippocrates, Dioscoride and others have recorded their discoveries; their works would enlighten the pre-medieval civilizations for many centuries after their death. Dioscorides wrote De Materia Medica (1st century AD), which contained a list of hundreds of medicinal plants, along with their description and curative qualities.

The Dark Ages met with a lack of any further recorded herbal studies; the knowledge was probably transmitted from generation to generation – parents taught children, monks, even herbalist taught apprentices.

However, there lived a great Persian physician by the name of Avicenna (Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah Ibn Sina) who wrote one of the most famous books in the history of medical science: The Canon, which also contained information about how plants should be used and their properties.


As chemistry as a science developed, physicians started to use more and more widely synthetic medicines, such as aspirin, which proved to have side effects. Yet all pharmacists and drug producers confirm the fact that, unlike artificially synthesized substances, medicines extracted from plants are more accessible to the metabolism and friendlier with the human body.

Jet Peel Technology for real smoother skin

Jet Peel is great because it's non invasive. You will see the difference after the great results of this treatment. It is available at 6F Aesthetic and Anti Aging Clinic located at 14th floor Medical Plaza Makati.

It prevents the spread of acne, skin damage and skin problems. It contains glycolic acid that is deeply hosed to your skin pores.

How much?


For more details:

Unit 1411
Amorsolo corner dela Rosa Sts.
Makati City, Philippines
Telefax: (632) 752-2087 / 8875941
Monday to Saturday
12:00 – 7:00 pm
( By Appointment )
Mobile: +63 9063245315

If your feet smells bad, your girlfriend wont sleep with you

Yes she knows! You are romantic now she allows you to sleep with her. But only to find out that your feet smells hell bad, then your dream becomes your worst nightmare because she does not want to sleep with you anymore.

  • Don't let this be the reason. Do something about it. Take care of your feet.

  • Foot odor is caused by bacteria which stays on moisture.

  • Know the right shoes and socks for you.

  • Dont wear the same shoes the whole day.

  • Wash your shoes often, dry it under the sun to kill the bacteria.

  • Wash your feet in a daily dasis

  • Soak your feet or have a foot spa.

  • Drink lots of water to avoid stink causing food.

Keeping your feet away from odor will make you stay longer with her.


Take care of your health specially this Halloween(Undas)

Before planning to spend your halloween, here are some tips for you to keep safe:

1. Eat Breakfast. It is the most important meal. Having bread, rice, milk and fruits during breakfast gives the energy that we need for the day.

2. Going to cemetery? Don't eat too much. Take enough rest as well.

3. Handwashing with soap keeps you protected from germs.

4. Have someone with you, don't be a loner. No man is an island.

5. Be extra careful when going to crowded places such as cemetery, don't bring expensive gadgets, it will attract snatchers.

6. Drink plenty of water. You should keep yourself hydrated to avoid exhaustion.

7. Smile. Laughter is the best medicine.

8. Avoid people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Keep away from possible danger.

9. Health is wealth, have a stress free day!

10. Don't play with candles and matches to avoid fire.

11. Be nice to everyone.  Live Positively!

Have a Happy Long Weekend!

Impressca's all-natural, fresh and local ingredients

[caption id="attachment_2421" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Two Lovely Ladies Eating at Impressca"][/caption]

Healthy choices, healthy pleasures! This is the good side about Impressca. It's good for your health and you also help save the environment.

It is a restaurant that offers great healthy food specially salads, wonderful paninis and teas.

It has  all-natural, fresh, local ingredients sourced from mother nature, at their very own backyard.

It is not a pure vegetarian restaurant but the good thing is it has options for non meat eaters like me.

The nearest branch at my location is the one in front of ABS CBN. Good news is they will soon have a branch at SM North Edsa. woot!
To get updates from them like their facebook fanpage:



Hot Flow Yoga in Alabang Fitness First

After we did Fitness First Freestyle Workout, we had Hot Flow Yoga as cool down. It was hot inside the room. I was sweating in hell, I feel like taking off my clothes. But there's hot mommas around so I behaved.

It was my hottest day, imagine being locked inside a 37 degree heated room and we are already exhilirating doing the hot flow yoga.

What is the difference to other yoga?

Hot Flow Yoga is executed starting from one pose then proceeding to another pose to another is sequenced manner.

This exercise is perfect for those seeking strength and flexibilty not only for the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

I lost weight after doing hot flow yoga, almost 1 lb.

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What type of oil is good for your heart?

Love your fish oil

Eating fish has always been championed as one of the ways to achieve optimum health. But apparently, fishes contain a more potent, health-giving benefit and that is fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated ‘good’ fat that is important to our health.
According to experts at the recently launched Omega-3 Academy, fish oil contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are examples of omega-3 fatty acids.

These play a crucial role in achieving optimum health and protection from certain diseases. Moreover, DHA is considered the building blocks of the brain and nervous system while EPA promotes good blood flow, thereby protecting the heart. EPA is also anti-inflammatory so it helps ease the effects of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
Established by a multi-disciplinary panel of professionals from fields like clinical nutrition, cardiology, family health and diabetology, the Omega-3 Academy Asia is comprised of expert panel of medical professionals from across Asia, who have come together to increase understanding and education on the role and use of omega-3.


Sponsored by sanofi-aventis Consumer Health, the Omega-3 Academy Asia is an Asia-specific organization chaired by Professor Andrew Sinclair from Deakin University in Australia, with members from Korea, Thailand and the Philippines’ Dr. Tommy Ty-Willing, an endocrinologist and Dr. Eugene Reyes, a cardiologist.

The Omega-3 Academy Asia is committed to increasing awareness and understanding of omega-3 fish oil by undertaking a number of initiatives to highlight the impact of decreased omega-3 intake in current Asian diets and convey the associated health benefits of increasing omega-3 consumption.

Good for your heart
Many studies since the early 70s have shown a link between high consumption of oily fish and reduced mortality rates associated with heart disease. For example, a study of Japanese people living in Japan or Brazil showed people who ate fish more often had reduced risk factors for heart disease like obesity, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances.
These findings, together with the earlier observational studies on Greenland Eskimos, form the basis of the theory that consumption of omega-3 fish oil could prevent artherosclerosis (thickening of the arteries), thrombosis (formation of blood clots inside vessels) and their associated diseases.

Helps increase brain power

In 1972, evidence was published showing that certain omega-3 fatty acids mainly, DHA, was involved with brain growth and development, with research first carried out in rats. Subsequent studies in chickens, primates and eventually humans showed that omega-3 fish oil is essential

for brain development and function. Furthermore, DHA is essential for vision, thought processes and the control of brain function.

Moreover, DHA is also crucial for an unborn child’s brain and is considered critical for brain development, maintenance and intelligence. Other studies have also shown that elderly people with low levels of DHA in the blood are more likely to develop age-related cognitive decline, memory loss and poor concentration than those with higher DHA levels. Furthermore, increased consumption of fish oil has been linked to reduced levels of mild depression, memory loss as well as mood and anxiety disorders.

Fish oil keeps you going

In autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, increased levels of omega-3 (especially EPA), have been shown to limit the multiplication of abnormal cells. Dietary fish oil has been shown to have a positive effect on suppressing chronic and acute inflammation in the joints.
At least 13 clinical trials have been undertaken using fish oil in rheumatoid arthritis, all in patients with late disease who’ve had the disease for at least 10 years. The most consistent benefits have been reduced morning stiffness and decreased tenderness of joints.
One form of inflammation that is effectively addressed by EPA is arthritis. EPA’s anti-inflammatory properties have also been proven to be effective in warding off other inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, etc.

See clearly
Omega-3 fatty acids DHA & EPA found in fish also have eye-protective effects. Recent research has shown that regularly eating fish could help reduce vision impairment such as macular degeneration in old age. People with intermediate or advanced age-related visual impairment are encouraged to consider increasing their omega-3 consumption.
To help you get your omega-3 requirement, there’s Cenovis Fish Oil, an all-natural fish oil supplement that contains optimal amounts of omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. An Australian brand, Cenovis Fish Oil is a health supplement that has many health benefits.
International guidelines recommend that an adult should consume 500 milligrams of fish oil per day. This can be achieved by eating 2-3 servings of oily fish per week. For people with heart disease, double this amount is recommended (1,000 milligrams of fish oil per day). There are reports on the side effects of fish oil: diarrhea and skin rash. However, test results find these inconclusive and not directly attributable to fish oils.

Costing less than P10 per capsule, Cenovis Fish Oil comes from Peruvian waters, one of the world’s cleanest seas. Unlike other fish oil that come from shark, cod and other big fish, Cenovis Fish Oil comes from 3 kinds of small fish: anchovies, mackerel and sardines. These are small deep sea fish that reproduce easily, thus, no worries of extinction. Additionally, these fishes have a short lifespan making them less exposed to pollutants and contamination in the seas.

Individually packed for freshness, the fish oil extraction of Cenovis is done in a highly-advanced and sanitary process in Norway, which makes it odorless and with no fishy aftertaste. Cenovis Fish Oil is available in all Mercury Drug outlets and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Experience Fitness First's Freestyle Workout

Fitness First Alabang is now a Platinum Club

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Now what's the difference with a non platinum branch?

If it's Platinum, you have to use the required working outfit, if it's not Platinum then you can wear your usual gym outfit.

Alabang branch is the first to offer Fitness First's Freestyle Workout - the newest personal training program composed of workouts such as:

  • S-X or suspension exercise

  • ViPR

  • and Kettlebell

ViPR is a workout that uses evolved training tools to foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. This pipe-like tool used for whole body workout and is more effective than traditional weight training. It is a total complete exrecise because all parts of the body is penetrated. It develops speed, agility and flexibility.


S-X or Suspension Exercise is an inclined push up with the help of a rope. It penetrates back muscles and it develops strength.


Kettlebell is resembling a cannonball with a handle, the Kettlebell used to be part of the conditioning training of the russian military. It combines cardiovascular, flexibilty and strength training as it enhances body awareness. It is also excellent for wrist strength and stabilization and is unique for the swing series.


Stop Eating Out and Make Easy Dinner Recipes Every Night!

These days, families are doing a lot more. Parents are working overtime, and kids are too, at after school tutoring and sports practice. Families barely have enough time to eat dinner, much less prepare it, sit down at the dinner table to eat it, and wash dishes after dinner.

The alternative to eating at home is eating out, which can be pricey and unhealthy. If you’re tired of eating out, you may be wondering how to start eating at home and making easy dinner recipes for your family. If this sounds like you, look no further. Below are five easy
steps you can take to finally start eating family dinner together at the kitchen table.


1. Make sure you always have the basic ingredients to make easy dishes on hand.
You’ll probably want to keep what you need to make macaroni and cheese, chicken
casserole, hamburgers, fried rice, and other well-loved, easy dishes. It’s also
a good idea to always store fresh or powdered garlic, vinegar, Parmesan cheese,
oregano, and baking soda in your pantry.


2. Experiment with staple dishes, so your family never gets tired of them.  Don’t be afraid to
try out new things and get a little adventurous. Just don’t go too far and try
something like putting tuna salad on a pancake!


3. Try out different easy recipes you find online, and figure out what your family
likes. Once you figure out which dishes they like, you can start cooking these often. Look for recipes with a simple, short list of ingredients. These recipes will be easier for you to prepare. You can also think back to what you enjoyed eating with your family as a kid, and try to replicate those meals.


4. Get a crock-pot, a panini grill, and a wok. These cooking appliances are very useful. You can just throw a few ingredients in a crock-pot in the morning, and you’ll have a stew ready for your family to eat in the evening. You can turn an ordinary sandwich into a delicious, hot meal with a panini grill. A wok allows you to easily make delicious and authentic tasting stir-fries that your family will adore.


5. Make it a requirement for each family member to wash his or her own dish. This
will save one person from having to do all the work. Family members can take turns washing pots and pans. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ordeal, if everyone pitches in.


Keeping your kitchen stocked with the basics
will ensure that you will always be able to make easy dinner recipes for your
family. Cooking can actually be fun, if you allow yourself to relax and experiment with different meal ideas and cooking equipment like a panini grill or a wok.

Difference between a Vegan and a Vegetarian

There's a lot of times I get surprised when people ask me "Vegan ka pala?"

No , I'm vegetarian

Majority of them doesn't know the difference between a Vegan and a Vegetarian.

So here's to clarify:
Vegan avoids by-products of meats of fish, eggs and dairy products, or their by-products like lactose, casein, dried egg whites or yolk. Some vegans don't take honey or yeast either.
Ovo-Vegetarians eat eggs.
Lacto-Vegetarian takes milk and dairy products. Eggs are a no-no.
while Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian takes Dairy products and eggs.


Vegetarian Celebrity Yasmien Kurdi

Yasmien Kurdi 

  • 2011 candidate Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Woman

  • 2010 nominated Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity

  • 2008 started going vegetarian and went Vegan later on

Vegetarian Restaurant in Angeles

Healthy Vegetarian

SPC Building (next to Chow King at the big circle intersection)
Downtown Angeles (2009)

Contact Numbers:

0921 2402 555;

045 888 3419

Wellness Check

The Easy Phamax Wheatgrass has a regular wellness check at their office every Saturday starting 12 nn. I went there on October 15 and I was checked by Sales Associate Pia.

The wellness check is called Inner Scan and it monitor body composition. In my case:

Health Body Fat Range is 15.3 % and that falls under normal view.

Percent Body Water is 62.0.

Muscle mass/ Physique Rating is 103.5 that falls under standard

Basal Metabolic Rate is 138.4 kcal.

Metabolic age is 20, last time it was 24

Bone mass is 5.6, that means my bones are lacking of calcium therefore I should drink a lot of milk.

Visceral fat level is 4 , healthy level.

It is important that you know your wellness level, have it checked at the Easy Pha-max office located at Cityland Herrera Tower in Makati City.


For more information visit: www.wheatgrasscan.com.

Megan Fox quits being vegan

When you plan to go vegan or vegetarian you need to do it gradually, because if not you will end up eating meat again for not surviving the transition.

You stop eating meat gradually

It's not an overnight thing specially when you are conditioned to the taste of meat.

Determine your physical capacity and what works for you, the slower the better.

Keep in mind that gradual change is easier for our body and mind.


Megan Fox quit being vegan

Jeman Villanueva shared the scoop that hot actress Megan Fox quit being vegan because she lost too much weight. Thanks for the heads up.

Many celebrities wants to loose weight but Fox thinks her being vegan main reason why she lost so much weight.

Megan Fox has stopped eating any kind of meat for more than a year now.

“For more than 1 year and a half, until about four months ago, I was on a vegan diet based exclusively on fruits and raw vegetables, without bred, sugar and coffee. I lost so much weight” she said.

Ending? she eats everything right now but she is careful as she counts her calories!

” Now I eat a bit of everything and I go to the gym three times a week” Megan Fox also said.

What’s a Healthy Deal

Who says you can't have a total satisfaction without sacrificing your budget. Sick and Tired? Get a massage. Low Budgeted? Try out this deal:

Total Contouring and Firming/ Detox (Bodyworks) + Back Massage by Organique Nail Spa valued at Php 427.50 instead of Php 950
Experience full body nourishing like:

  • smoothing and pampering,

  • detoxifying,

  • contouring and firming,

  • slimming and revitalizing,

  • age defying with Organique Nail Spa's Body Works Treatments

HealthyDeals.ph, a.k.a. Healthy Deals Philppines, the newest and only group-buying site in the Philippines.

It offers health and wellness deals, coupons and discounts exclusively.

Healthy Deals Philppines is holding the What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers’ Raffle Contest where bloggers who qualify get a chance to win an Apple iPad 2!

The good thing about this website is promoting health and wellness.

Now is your chance to become healthy and win an Apple iPad 2 by just joining  “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers Raffle Contest.  For more info, follow and like Healthy Deals Philippines on Twitter and Facebook

Likha Diwa Sa Gulod Vegetarian-Friendly

If you are around UP Diliman or Katipunan and you're looking for a vegetarian place to eat

I recommend Likha Diwa Sa Gulod. But be patient when eating here because of the slow service.

But their food is really good!

Hours: Open Mon-Sat open til 10pm, closed Sun.
Price Range: Fried Noodles P100

1 Lot J. Francisco St. Brgy. Krus na Ligas, UP Diliman, Quezon City (at along C.P. Garcia)
Metro Manila Philippines

Tofu as Meat Replacement

Tofu: it's like Tokwa but it's softer. Tofu is great meat replacement because it is almost the same texture as meat when fried.

It was first used in China around 200 B.C.

It has long been a staple of Asian cuisine.

It soaks up flavors and is best when frozen for at least 30 minutes or served with a flavorful sauce.

The two types of tofu

  •  fresh, water-packed tofu (always refrigerated) for when you want the tofu to hold its shape, such as when baking or grilling,

  • silken tofu, which is packed in aseptic boxes and usually not refrigerated, for purring. Try firm or extra-firm tofu for baking, grilling, sauteing, and frying and soft or silken tofu for creamy sauces, desserts, and dressings. Silken tofu is used for making a heavenly chocolate cream pie but will fall apart if you try to make it into shish kebab.

  •  When baking tofu, cook it in a marinade so it will soak up more flavor. To give tofu a meatier texture, try freezing it for two to 24 hours and then defrosting it.


Press the water out of the tofu prior to preparing it. Wrap the tofu in a towel and set something heavy on top of it for at least 20 minutes, and it will be ready for marinades, sauces, freezing, and cooking.

It is also a good substitute for baking powder.

Nippon Tofu is a great substitute for egg

Benefits of Tofu:

It's a good source of protein since it belongs to soy products

First Pinoy Biggest Loser lost 39.61 % of his body weight

36 years old Larry Martin was declared the very first Pinoy Biggest Loser season’s winner.

He lost 101 pounds, and that's 39.61 % of his body weight.

He lost weight within 125 days so he won P1,000,000, a condominium and a lifetime membership at Fitness First.

"Hindi po ako marunong tumira sa condominium" he said during the night.

From 255 pounds He now weighs 154 pounds.

cover of the November issue of Men's Health magazine.

Martin is  a police in Camarines Sur, but he his job for failing to meet the 34-inch waistline limit.


While the second placer Art Mendoza lost 129 lbs , that's 37.83% of his body weight and the third placer Raffy Tan lost 100 pounds that's 34.84% of his body weight.


Angela Chico-Lupangco, was 4th who lost 75 pounds. Fifth place was the most beautiful Hazel Chua, lost 68 pounds that's weight percentage of 33.01%.

Vegetarian Sinigang

My girlfriend is not a vegetarian but she loves me so much. Above all she loves it when I cook her sinigang.
What I usually do is use hugas bigas and put some seaweeds into it.


6 medium gabi

8 pcs ripe tomatoes

¼ sampalok

1 bunble sitaw

2 pcs raddish

2 pcs eggplant

5 pcs okra

1 bundle kangkong

2 TBSP spring onions

3 pcs tokwa or vegetarian fish

6 pcs siling haba

Soya patis

Salt and pepper


Higas bigas

  1. Slice tokwa in big squares. Add salt and fry. Set Aside

  2. Boil tomatoes (whole), gabi, sampaloc and salt in hugas bigas. When sampalok is cooked, scoop out. Continue boiling gabi and tomatoes. Mash sampalok in water starin back into the pot (or mash sinigangcubes in boiling stock)

  3. Add sitaw, kangkong stalks and spring onions. Cover and cook then add raddish, cover and cook some more

  4. Add eggplant, or add kangkong leaves. Add more sampalok water. About 2 tablespoons of oil (to resemnble pork fat) Season with soy patis. When all vegetables are cooked, remove from fire

5. Drop fried tokwa and siling pangsiganag into the pot. Serve Hot

Easy Pahamax Wheat Grass, The Good Drink

[caption id="attachment_2000" align="alignleft" width="122" caption="Alodia Wheatgrass"][/caption]

Easy Pahamax Wheat Grass is a drink for healthy lifestyle. It urges consumers to change for the good by living healthy.

All good ingredients in a delicious refreshing drink thats great for your body.


The benefits of Easy Pahamax Wheat Grass:


Cleanses digestive tract and improves digestion

Vitamins and Minerals

Nourish the body and boost the immune system


Cleanses the blood and eliminates toxins


It promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines

Melastoma malabathricum

Protects the stomach lining from damage caused by acid.

Amino Acids

For Cell Regeneration


Happy Veggie Health Food

My Happy Veggie Health Food  

958 Masangkay Street, Manila (at Soler St, Binondo)

Tel. #  632-2459257
Categories:  Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Chinese, Take-out

Price range US $1-7. Frozen and dried veggie products available. Cash only. Open daily 8:30am-8:30pm.

Vegetarianism in the Philippines

Philippines is a vegetarian friendly country, aside from the wide vegetation that we have we also have a lot of vegetarian restaurants around.

Filipinos love to cook delcacies, in fact we have plenty of kakanin such as suman, biko, puto, kuchinta and a whole lot more. These are best to eat during breakfast and merienda.

You can also have taho available around Manila.

We have a lot of vegetarian restaurants around, go to SM supermalls and you'll get BODHI.

You go to Binondo and there's Happy Veggie and Quan Yin Chay.

Go to Cavite and you'll have Sonya's Garden.

Even in Quezon City, there's a lot of vegetarian option for you to choose.

Blissful Belly, Pipino Vegetarian, Daily Veggie N’ Café, Green Wok Deli & Café and Greens

And specially in Makati, you'll find great vegetarian places there.

Come and visit the Philippines, it's a vegetarian friendly country.


Watch out for more updates for vegetarian places in the Philippines.



P99 Whole Body Massage at Heaven and Earth Spa

The usual price for a whole body massage in a typical spa around Manila is P200-P350.

The cheapest that I found was P99 Whole Body Massage at Heaven and Earth Spa.

It's hard to find a P99 Whole Body Massage.

But if you will be the first customer at Heaven and Earth Spa in Cubao you will get it.

They call it buena mano promo. Reservations are not allowed.

*Mineral oil will be used.


Heaven and Earth SPA

UCKG Help Center Bldg. Quezon Cinema, Araneta Center  Cubao, Quezon City.

Tel. No. 913-4679


Full Body Massage 1 hr. P199 *unscented oil or efficasent oil

Full Body Massage 1 hr. P299 *cucumber melon/green tea

Full Body Massage 1 hr. P ]249 *coconut oil with lemon grass

Foot Massage or Foot and Hand Massage 1 hr. P199

Foot Spa/Scrub 1 hr. P199 *with foot massage

Body Scrub 9 (must try) 1 hr. 499 *with milk, oatmeal & salt

Health Safety Tips during the Typhoon


• Make sure drinking water is from a safe source.
• When in doubt, do not drink. Boil it for 3 minutes or chlorinate drinking water to make it safe.

• Food should be well-cooked.
• Left-overs should be covered and kept away from household pests.
• Food waste should be disposed properly.

Keep yourself dry and warm.
• Consult a doctor at once if you, or any member of your household, have any sign or symptom to prevent the spread of infection in the evacuation area.
• Common infections or diseases that may spread in an evacuation area include: coughs and colds, acute gastroenteritis, skin and eye infections, measles, dengue, leptospirosis, hepatitis A.
• Do not allow children wade in floodwaters to avoid diseases such as leptospirosis.
• Dispose all waste properly.
• Maintain personal hygiene, always wash your hands before and after eating and using the toilet.
• Put safety first. Avoid hanging wires and unstable structures.

Wheatgrass in Can Discount Price

Every time you buy a dozen Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Ready-to-Drink :) you get 10% off.

Great news for us  Wheatgrass Lovers!

Go ahead and Drop by at your nearest 7 Eleven outlets now!

Benefits of Wheatgrass

  • Detoxifies our body system

  • Neutralizes acids in our body caused by acid forming foods, negative emotions, stress and pollution

  • You get all the vitamins and minerals you need to your body

  • Improves Blood Quality

  • Helps fight the signs of Aging



Location: 139 Mother Ignacia Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

Near: Across ABS CBN

Specialty: Salads

Offers Sustainable Foods for Mind, Body and Soul.




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