Vegetarian Sinigang

My girlfriend is not a vegetarian but she loves me so much. Above all she loves it when I cook her sinigang.
What I usually do is use hugas bigas and put some seaweeds into it.


6 medium gabi

8 pcs ripe tomatoes

¼ sampalok

1 bunble sitaw

2 pcs raddish

2 pcs eggplant

5 pcs okra

1 bundle kangkong

2 TBSP spring onions

3 pcs tokwa or vegetarian fish

6 pcs siling haba

Soya patis

Salt and pepper


Higas bigas

  1. Slice tokwa in big squares. Add salt and fry. Set Aside

  2. Boil tomatoes (whole), gabi, sampaloc and salt in hugas bigas. When sampalok is cooked, scoop out. Continue boiling gabi and tomatoes. Mash sampalok in water starin back into the pot (or mash sinigangcubes in boiling stock)

  3. Add sitaw, kangkong stalks and spring onions. Cover and cook then add raddish, cover and cook some more

  4. Add eggplant, or add kangkong leaves. Add more sampalok water. About 2 tablespoons of oil (to resemnble pork fat) Season with soy patis. When all vegetables are cooked, remove from fire

5. Drop fried tokwa and siling pangsiganag into the pot. Serve Hot

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