Megan Fox quits being vegan

When you plan to go vegan or vegetarian you need to do it gradually, because if not you will end up eating meat again for not surviving the transition.

You stop eating meat gradually

It's not an overnight thing specially when you are conditioned to the taste of meat.

Determine your physical capacity and what works for you, the slower the better.

Keep in mind that gradual change is easier for our body and mind.


Megan Fox quit being vegan

Jeman Villanueva shared the scoop that hot actress Megan Fox quit being vegan because she lost too much weight. Thanks for the heads up.

Many celebrities wants to loose weight but Fox thinks her being vegan main reason why she lost so much weight.

Megan Fox has stopped eating any kind of meat for more than a year now.

“For more than 1 year and a half, until about four months ago, I was on a vegan diet based exclusively on fruits and raw vegetables, without bred, sugar and coffee. I lost so much weight” she said.

Ending? she eats everything right now but she is careful as she counts her calories!

” Now I eat a bit of everything and I go to the gym three times a week” Megan Fox also said.

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