Take care of your health specially this Halloween(Undas)

Before planning to spend your halloween, here are some tips for you to keep safe:

1. Eat Breakfast. It is the most important meal. Having bread, rice, milk and fruits during breakfast gives the energy that we need for the day.

2. Going to cemetery? Don't eat too much. Take enough rest as well.

3. Handwashing with soap keeps you protected from germs.

4. Have someone with you, don't be a loner. No man is an island.

5. Be extra careful when going to crowded places such as cemetery, don't bring expensive gadgets, it will attract snatchers.

6. Drink plenty of water. You should keep yourself hydrated to avoid exhaustion.

7. Smile. Laughter is the best medicine.

8. Avoid people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Keep away from possible danger.

9. Health is wealth, have a stress free day!

10. Don't play with candles and matches to avoid fire.

11. Be nice to everyone.  Live Positively!

Have a Happy Long Weekend!

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