Experience Fitness First's Freestyle Workout

Fitness First Alabang is now a Platinum Club

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Now what's the difference with a non platinum branch?

If it's Platinum, you have to use the required working outfit, if it's not Platinum then you can wear your usual gym outfit.

Alabang branch is the first to offer Fitness First's Freestyle Workout - the newest personal training program composed of workouts such as:

  • S-X or suspension exercise

  • ViPR

  • and Kettlebell

ViPR is a workout that uses evolved training tools to foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. This pipe-like tool used for whole body workout and is more effective than traditional weight training. It is a total complete exrecise because all parts of the body is penetrated. It develops speed, agility and flexibility.


S-X or Suspension Exercise is an inclined push up with the help of a rope. It penetrates back muscles and it develops strength.


Kettlebell is resembling a cannonball with a handle, the Kettlebell used to be part of the conditioning training of the russian military. It combines cardiovascular, flexibilty and strength training as it enhances body awareness. It is also excellent for wrist strength and stabilization and is unique for the swing series.


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