If your feet smells bad, your girlfriend wont sleep with you

Yes she knows! You are romantic now she allows you to sleep with her. But only to find out that your feet smells hell bad, then your dream becomes your worst nightmare because she does not want to sleep with you anymore.

  • Don't let this be the reason. Do something about it. Take care of your feet.

  • Foot odor is caused by bacteria which stays on moisture.

  • Know the right shoes and socks for you.

  • Dont wear the same shoes the whole day.

  • Wash your shoes often, dry it under the sun to kill the bacteria.

  • Wash your feet in a daily dasis

  • Soak your feet or have a foot spa.

  • Drink lots of water to avoid stink causing food.

Keeping your feet away from odor will make you stay longer with her.


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