Wellness Check

The Easy Phamax Wheatgrass has a regular wellness check at their office every Saturday starting 12 nn. I went there on October 15 and I was checked by Sales Associate Pia.

The wellness check is called Inner Scan and it monitor body composition. In my case:

Health Body Fat Range is 15.3 % and that falls under normal view.

Percent Body Water is 62.0.

Muscle mass/ Physique Rating is 103.5 that falls under standard

Basal Metabolic Rate is 138.4 kcal.

Metabolic age is 20, last time it was 24

Bone mass is 5.6, that means my bones are lacking of calcium therefore I should drink a lot of milk.

Visceral fat level is 4 , healthy level.

It is important that you know your wellness level, have it checked at the Easy Pha-max office located at Cityland Herrera Tower in Makati City.


For more information visit: www.wheatgrasscan.com.

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