Functional Fitness' Boot Camp

Right now Functional Fitness is having a promo called the Sergeant Ken’s Bootcamp. This type of training is Military Inspired Circuit Training wherein you are using full body work out. Wherein you are burning a lot of calories that has only few rest period.

Sergeat Ken’s Bootcamp is a military inspired workout training program. Tinawag siyang Sergeant Ken kasi siya yung army soldier and master trainer siya. 

Yours truly tried it and interviewed Coach Sharon and Coach Tim of Functional Fitness Makati.

What are the benefits of this exercise program?

Coach Tim:
So ang mga benefits ng exercise na binibigay namin sa Sergeant Kent’s bootcamp training ay sa mga targeted “body centers” sa whole body. So ang target po niyan ay to increase muscle endurance, muscle strength and is also beneficial for Cardiovascular endurance. It's also good for power and muscle strength.

Coach Sharon:
Aside from that na military inspired workout siya, ginagamit mo dito ay more on body weight exercises. So if your aiming for having a lean muscle o kaya naman if you want to burn more calorie to lose yung body fat, okay tong bootcamp training. And since circuit training siya, so ibig sabhin you are using whole body muscles right? So konti lang or wala yung rest. 

So ang ginagamit natin dito is dalawa. We call it Fixed Circuit Training and Freestyle Circuit Training. So pag sinabi mong Fixed Circuit Training it is more time-based.  Body weight exercises pa rin. Pag sinabi mong Freestyle type ng Circuit Training so you are basing more on the repetition range.

What are the target body parts? 

Coach Tim:
Since Circuit Training siya first we do program, which we call Muscle Targeting. For example - 3 Exercise for the Shoulders na tuloy tuloy and after nun is recover. You switch to the Core Exercise, three exercise na tuloy tuloy and then to the lower body na. So whole body workout siya. 3 consecutive exercise with the same muscle group and all through out the whole body. 

How can they enroll in boot camp?

Coach Sharon:
Right now we are having Bootcamp Trial Open House. So every Monday – Friday at 7pm those who want to join just simply message us sa facebook account ng Functional Fitness and then we will schedule you for your bootcamp. So pag nag-avail ka nito since promo siya, 450 per session, minimum of 12 sessions. And since group training siya, we should have at least  three participants or more.

What is good about doing this as a group?

Coach Tim:
So ang maganda pa dito sa bootcamp namin, e grupo siya. Mas maganda since marami kayo na mag wowork out sabay sabay, so mas mag eenjoy kayo. Kunwari group of friends kayong mag wowork out sabay sabay kayong magwowork out sa isang bootcamp. Mas maganda at mas madali niyong matatapos ang exercise pag tulong tulong, kasi teamwork to e. 

So you just motivate your team para matapos niyo ung bootcamp.

Coach Sharon:
So sabi nga ni Sergeant Tim, ang bootcamp kasi, ang purpose niyan is not just working out for yourself. Nasa bootcamp training ka to motivate each other and to help each other not to stop but to finish yung work out routine mo.

Preparations if a group would like to try this program?

Coach Tim:
So siguro you need to eat first before tayo magbootcamp syempre were gonna schedule sa bootcamp training and i-schedule namin kayo for the training and kung anong date and anong time. Usually kasi ang na-eencounter naming dito sa functional fitness is MWF 7pm. Iba’t ibang coach naman po ang naghahandle dun. So it will take you to 1 – 2 hours of bootcamp training.

What are the preparations?

Coach Sharon:

So when it comes to preparation naman, hindi naman namin kayo basta isasabak agad dun sa main workout routine. So may warm up drills din tayong gagawin, so to prepare your muscle para injury-free. 

Ang maganda kasi at advantage ng bootcamp is habang nag wowork-out ka we are checking closely sa form ninyo. So mapapansin niyo kanina ginawa namin is iniikutan naming kayo to check that form. Kasi importante dun yung reperforming the technique before you do the workout routine.

Where is it inspired from?

Coach Sharon:
Ang short history sa mga  training ng mga military groups. Before mataas yung ratio ng suicidal sa mga army. So na-inspire siya, nagcreate siya at gumawa ng bootcamp to lessen those incidents. Ang purpose ng bootcamp na to is to target your whole body muscle. To burn more calories to short or almost none yung rest.

Coach Tim:
Ang benefits po nito ay - it will increase your Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength and Endurance. Also maganda rin po ito to increase your power and ang benefits po nito ay maganda rin ito for weigth loss. At the same time to improve your strength and your power.

Functional Fitness Makati 
2/F CAP Building Rufino Corner Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village, 1226
0927 704 2620


Steamed Vegetables

Vegetarian Meal on July 23.

When the world is so busy and theres no way to cook an instant meal...

The fastest meal that can be prepared is steaming okra, eggplant, sitaw, talbos and tomatoes.


Bakasana or Crane Pose

I love doing this pose because its good for the wrist.

I just discovered lately that I can be able to do this pose.

I am not good in doing pretzel poses but I am more confident in doing arm balance poses.

The Simplest Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures You Should Try Now

By now you’ve realized—it’s impossible to cure a hangover just by sheer force of will. 

But there are things you can do to ease the pain…

Easy on the stomach and packed with loads of protein, a quick fry-up helps absorb leftover toxins from one too many gin and tonics.  The saturated fats in eggs help to repair the brain cells that are potentially damaged by alcohol.  Eggs also contain cysteine that help mop up acetaldehyde, which is responsible for that hangover feeling.

Replenish electrolytes after a night of heavy drinking with a banana. It’s an easy way to get potassium into your system.

Apart from bananas, which by themselves are already a quick hangover aid, fruits in general, and the sugar fruits contain, help give your body a much needed boost—this means that your body increases the rate with which it tries to flush out the toxins. Choosing fibrous fruits such as papaya also helps break down and absorb whatever remaining toxins were left from the previous night and replenish all the vitamins and nutrients that you probably lost. 

Coconut Water
If you’re not a fruit person, use coconut water as a quick hangover remedy. It’s one of the fastest ways to rehydrate after having one too many beers or cocktails and a single serving has more potassium than a banana – potassium is the nutrient that really helps ease the symptoms of a hangover. 

Understandably, scouring the market for a fresh coconut when you’re nursing a hangover is too much to ask. So before a night out, stock up on Vita Coco. It’s low sugar content makes it a great alternative to fruits and soda (especially for those watching their waistlines), has a refreshing taste, and hydrates you naturally with its high potassium levels.

Before going to bed, take a vitamin B complex to help metabolize and eliminate the alcohol in your system.

Another better for you retox option is to sip green tea with some rosemary or lavender to help calm your stomach if you’re feeling nauseous. The antioxidants really help keep your body’s cells and organs A-OK. 

Sports Drinks
Yes, a bottle of sports drink will have fluid-balancing electrolytes, but use this option, if (and only if) you have absolutely no access to any of the aforementioned hangover cures. A sports drink is still recommended for when you’re trying to boost your energy while under intense physical activity, but if you’re nursing a massive hangover and have no access to other retox options, then pop a bottle open. Choose one with low sugar to keep it on the healthy side. 

Speaking of intense physical activity, try to haul yourself off the bed or couch and cure that hangover with some exercise. Get your blood pumping to get your liver to work faster to break down the alcohol left in your system as you wait for the endorphin rush to snap you out of that hangover funk. Just be careful about dehydrating yourself and keep your refreshments close at hand.

When all else fails, get up, stretch and get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk and go home, rest and sleep it off. The simplest things can do wonders for the worst hangovers

Vita Coco is a natural, refreshing beverage that “hydrates naturally.” This low-calorie, coconut water drink is the perfect alternative to regular sodas and fruit juices, available in easy to drink Tetra Pak containers that preserves coconut water’s nutritional integrity and flavor.

Yoga Teacher: Bela Lipat

Bela Lipat was born in the Philippines, and raised in San Francisco, California. She has been teaching Yoga since 1996. Last July 11, yours truly attended her gentle flow class in Echo Yoga.

Theres so much learnings she shared to us not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thanks to Yoga for Life community!

...teachings like;

'Yoga is not about's about being strong'

'Are you doing a pose because you wanted to be a better person? or Are you doing a pose because you are a better person...

Broccoli, an easy remedy healthy food

When there is no time to buy or even cook broccoli, then the best way I can think is to go to the nearest Hap Chan and order for their broccoli with garlic viand.

It costs more than P130 but I think its ok, mahal naman talaga kung bibili ka ng broccoli sa palengke, at least kung bibili ka ng luto na sa Hap Chan or kung saan man ay kakain ka na lang.

Okay so it is an edible green plant in the cabbage family, whose large flowering head is used as a vegetable.

The word broccoli comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage", and is the diminutive form of brocco, meaning "small nail" or "sprout".

One order of broccoli plus one rice is okay for me to start the day right. Broccoli is often boiled or steamed but may be eaten raw, From the wikipedia

My first weekly progress report from Fitbit!

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Fit and Fun Run July 2015

A photo posted by The Web Magazine (@thewebmagazine) on
Running is fun. More fun when you have a running buddy.

On July 5, the 8th Robinson's Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run was held as it promotes health and wellness to thousands of runners and shoppers.

While the rainy season is near, the thousands of runners were unstoppable in keeping their commitment to good health.

In this run, yours truly ran alone late as the saying goes...'its better late than never'.

I am united with Robinsons' vision to help many Filipinos make healthier choices.

After finishing the race I am now ready to shop healthy stuffs at Robinsons Supermarket.

See you at the next run!

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