Where to find Cheap Skin and Beauty Services in Manila

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I've been to so many skin clinics but never found skin services as cheap as Mariko. How cheap are the services?

Basic Facial is Php99

And Triple-C Gluta Facial with Vacuum & Laser is Php449

Xtreme White Body Scrub with Bleaching :

Face and Neck is Php650

And Whole Body is Php999

Mariko is one of the few dermatology clinics that offers good quality service without sacrificing our budget.

How Did Walking Healed My Asthma

Aside from jogging, walking is one of the exercise I love doing everyday. Staying fit is my mantra. And it became my routine before going to my daily tasks as a blogger.

I've been battling asthma since birth. And didn't cured it when I reached at the age of 7. I'd experience a lot of stuggles on having asthma attack.

I Learned that Eye-care is Important specially when you Run

Usually when my eyes hurt due to prolong stay in front of my monitor or when I watch television for long period I take time to close it until I fall asleep. That seldom happens because I sleep too much.

In fact I wash my face immediately even after working for a long period of time.

When I go to run in the morning I do not wear any protective shades, I do not see anything wrong with that.

Now when I eat, I take a lot of fruits and vegetables. What I know is if I eat a lot of squash and carrots I will have a good eye vision, and it's for long.

When I met Dr. Joel Javier, M.D., an Ophthalmologist I took the opportunity to ask the basic things on eye care. 

When you love Running Does Taking Care of your Skin Becomes A Problem?

Here's what I regularly do to at least take care of my health :

  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  • Drinking Wheatgrass (Thanks to Ida Bata for the products)

  • Regular Exercise and Avoiding Stress.

  • Going to YSA Skin Care Center for skin healthcare.

After becoming busy to fun runs and regular jogging I forgot that I already need to visit YSA Skin Care because my skin is becoming baluga again due to sun exposure.

I do jog regulary and add sit-ups after because I wanted to get rid of my big tummy and achieve a six pack abs. Well,  two of my body parts that I am very conscious about is my dirty face and my big tummy.

Somehow I would love to feel and look good so I can have many friends. Lol

Beat The Time With Rogin-E’s Last Man Running 2

This year’s Bayer Rogin-E Last Man Running 2 (held last March 22 in Bonifacio Global City), lived up to its reputation as one of the country’s most physically demanding and merciless ultra-marathons. It lived up to its name as well, claiming all but one of a hundred of the country’s most battle tested distance runners. This year’s Rogin-E Last Man Running proved to be Bicolano and veteran marathon runner Mario Maglinao, or as he is aptly known among hardcore distance runners locally, Super Mario. Super Mario’s victory is all the sweeter because this year’s grand prize from Rogin-E is an all expense paid trip to China, to participate in the world renowned “Great Wall Marathon”.

Unlike conventional marathons or even ultra-marathons that are defined by a fixed distance, Rogin-E’s Last Man Running is time bound. Contestants have to run for six hours at a fixed minimum pace. Should they fall too far behind the race pace, they are automatically eliminated. At the start of the 7th hour, it becomes a footrace for those (the few) still in the running. Thanks to a faster pace (compared to the first Rogin-E Last Man Running in 2011) and an especially hot morning sun, only Super Mario toed the line for the seventh hour of running, making him literally: the Last Man Running.

Be a Txt Fire Volunteer Join "Takbo Laban sa Sunog!"

1st Txtfire Fire Run : Takbo Laban sa Sunog
4:00 am
May 27, 2012
SM Mall of Asia


3K – Php300.00
5K – Php400.00
10K – Php500.00

In line with the celebration of its 100th year anniversary , Eng Bee Tin joins effort with TXTfire Philippines for this FUN RUN for a cause. This event aims to raise awareness in fire safety and also raise funds for the deployment of several In Case of Emergency BOX (Icebox) to public hospitals and institutions all over Metro Manila.

PAE reports greater disease threat: Dengue-lamok attacks during the day and at night

The Philippine Association of Entomologists (PAE) reports an increased threat of dengue against communities. Through a clinical study conducted by Filipino entomologists, it has been confirmed that a dengue-lamok species (dengue-carrying mosquitoes) bite not only during the day but at night as well.

This breakthrough discovery debunks a common belief that dengue-lamok only bite at daytime, and that there is little or no threat of dengue at night.

“Many people believe that dengue lamok only bite during the day. This makes them feel more complacent at night, as they think there’s no more risk of dengue infection.

Few Tips Before You Start Any Weight Loss Program

Few years ago, my younger sister, Anna, had some problems with her weight. During that time, she is in her freshmen year in college. She also had varicose veins in her legs, and having a hard time to lose weight. She loves eating chocolates, pastas, and junk foods. When we told her to get thin now, as soon as possible because she will be conscious enough in her physical attributes. She weighs almost 200 lbs. then and her waist line is around 38 cm. to 40 cm.

Losing weight is one of the toughest things than an overweight person will do, if they decide to reduce their pounds. There are several methods in trimming down. Some of them are consulting a medical professional, trying themselves in a surgical procedure and some people are taking dietary supplements for those who are saving money.


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