I Learned that Eye-care is Important specially when you Run

Usually when my eyes hurt due to prolong stay in front of my monitor or when I watch television for long period I take time to close it until I fall asleep. That seldom happens because I sleep too much.

In fact I wash my face immediately even after working for a long period of time.

When I go to run in the morning I do not wear any protective shades, I do not see anything wrong with that.

Now when I eat, I take a lot of fruits and vegetables. What I know is if I eat a lot of squash and carrots I will have a good eye vision, and it's for long.

When I met Dr. Joel Javier, M.D., an Ophthalmologist I took the opportunity to ask the basic things on eye care. 


What are the common eye problems?

itchy eyes, blurry vision, tired eyes, floaters, lifestyle-related conditions


Causes of Preventable Blindness and other significant diseases

Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy



Avoid too much sun exposure

Visit your Ophthalmologist twice a year

Exercise regularly


What is a safe distance from the TV screen and our eyes?

No particular but just enough that you can see, because when it's too close you can't see, when it's too far you also can't  and that affects the eyes. So just enough.


When you wash your eyes after prolong stay in front of the monitor?

Nothing wrong with washing but when you wash it with a dirty water then it becomes a problem, it can damage your eyes.


The secret to eye vitamins?

In my personal point of view there is no substitute with good diet, why would you need Vitamin A when you eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Intake of carrots and squash is effective in having good eye vision but it has to be done in a long period of time. It does not happen right away. It goes with the lifestyle.

There is a truth that well healthy balanced diet can give good eye vision because it promotes good health but to cure such diseases entity, carrots and squash don't.


Dr. Joel Javier is Bausch + Lomb Philippines’ newly appointed country manager, he outlined the company’s plans for bringing its extensive portfolio of eye health products to Filipino doctors and to the patients who need them.

To know more about Bausch + Lomb Philippines read here



Agie said...

I would like to know the nearest store in calamba city, Laguna where I can buy the Bausch and Lomb eye wash. It is what I use in cleaning my husband's artificial eye.

I badly need to have it since I no longer have stock. I'm having a hard time finding one, since unusually get my stocks from my relatives abroad.

Thank you very much.

Joan said...

Hi this is a nice article, it is very informative. let me suggest a facebook page where you can ask an eye doctor about your concern. here's the link



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