How did KC Concepcion lose weight quickly

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One of the reason why KC Concepcion is becoming more sexy is the 55 minute fitness program called Plana Forma. KC was recently launched as the brand ambassador of this new program and she was very glad to announce that she lose weight quickly since she started doing this. “I lost 16 lbs. over the past months” she testified during the press con held last July 21 at The Fort.

The special press event was attended by notable personalities who are also avid followers of the breakthrough fitness activity.

The arrival of her fellowReal Leaf ambassador Piolo Pascual who came to show his support for his beloved sweetheart became highlight of this event. No doubt, he’s the perfect man for KC. Not only is he passionate about wellness activities and getting fit, he is also all for everything natural and healthy. And that is why, like KC, Real Leaf is his real choice.

As an actress and sports enthusiast, KC loves keeping fit and sexy. For her, pursuing a healthy life is a passion. And this makes her inspired, confident and having a positive lifestyle.

Despite of the hard work, she is committed in doing things to take care of her health. But being in the spotlight, juggling tight schedules day by day makes staying in shape all the more challenging. That is why it’s important to make the right choices.

“More than anything else, we must be mindful of what we take in to our bodies”. She notes.

That is why KC keeps it real. She goes for what she enjoys the most. She goes for what she feels natural all the time. Like her green tea beverage of choice- Real Leaf! “It’s a pretty stressful, physically demanding world out there. And I’m just like everybody else wanting to look and feel their best all the time that is why I chose a drink that helps me restore balance, recharge and refuel myself to keep up and keep going. Going all-natural, all-real with Real Leaf is the way to go,” says KC.

There couldn’t be any choice for KC but Real Leaf. Expertly brewed and made only of the highest standards, Real Leaf packs the wholesome benefits of refreshing real tea deliciously blended with the natural goodness of real honey in one great-tasting bottle. Plus it’s made even more luscious by infusing fruit flavors such as lychee, lemon and apple. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination that helps revive both mind and body– perfect for people who would never settle for less than what they deserve.

When it comes to the fitness regimen and routines she follows she enjoys a truly reviving experience every time, aside from her work outs she chose to take dance classes to keep in shape.

When she was still in Paris, she also practiced Agni Yoga, a form of yoga that focuses on stretching and developing flexibility to strengthen the muscles. She also used to follow a specially prescribed circuit-training workout. “Every morning, even if my call time for the day is at 8 a.m., I'm at the gym. [My trainer] never lets me start the day without working out,” KC says.

Being on the Top 20 endorsers for 2011, she assured the public that she only endorses brands and products that she believes in.

“Ginagamit ko talaga nang todo-todo ang Real Leaf and Century Tuna,” and this really helps a lot in her diet.

“Of course, nagpapasalamat naman tayo siyempre sa mga patuloy na naniniwala na makakatulong ako sa brand nila.” she adds.

Real Leaf has leveled up the standards in green tea in the country with its deliciously reviving fusion of real tea and real honey, the sought after actress and TV host is now all set to take her quest for a fit and fab life to another level. KC now dedicates her time to burn calories and stay fit at what people call “the newest and most effective workout to ever hit Manila” – Plana Forma. “It’s a combination of Pilates, yoga and dance. It’s probably the most intense and addictive fitness regimen I’ve ever done. You get all the rewarding benefits in just 55 minutes,” she quips.

It’s easy to assume she hardly have enough time to eat three square meals a day and exercise. But she’s just as real as every single one of us, making real choices and choosing to refresh themselves the best way she know how.

The answer to hair loss

Fanny Serrano has found his solution to hair fall – Novuhair, nature's answer to hair loss.

After a long search….Finally, a product I can trust” – Fanny Serrano

Few personalities believe in a brand so much that simply waiting and hoping to endorse it is not an option. Fewer, even, are those who have actually gone out to try the product, and found out for themselves that it truly works.

Among this handful of sincere believers is influential beauty expert Fanny Serrano, who has recently discovered his personal recommendation to hair fall problems: Novuhair.

Made only of ingredients that nature has to offer, Novuhair is an all-natural remedy to excessive hair fall, as well as other scalp concerns such as elimination of dandruff, hair growth stimulation, cleansing, and detoxification.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion is a pleasant concoction of earth-grown ingredients. These include moringa oleifera; panax ginseng; biotin; rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and lemon grass oils; and virgin coconut oil, all of which help improve blood circulation to the scalp and increase nutrition to hair follicles, as well as improve scalp scaling and prevent early graying of hair.

For tita Fanny, the all-natural component is only the second best thing about Novuhair, though. What cast away his doubts about Novuhair and captured his belief entirely lies in its effectiveness: Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion truly works.

Take an ordinary day in which something out of the ordinary occurs – the kind of day it was, during which Fanny discovered the hair fall solution he will stand by to the utmost.

Running a hand through his hair that morning, it appeared to Fanny that the amount of strands left on his palm was more than usual. In search for a solution, Fanny did what anyone would in the same situation: visit a drugstore, and choose from a number of options the product that might work. He didn’t know for sure then. He was going to put his money where the most promise seemed.

Lo and behold, it was the product made of natural ingredients that followed through and true: Novuhair. Several phone calls, negotiations, and meetings since he saw the results for himself – more or less two weeks since he made his purchase – Fanny now proudly steps out with Novuhair, no more as an endorser as a true believer.

After all, when one discovers the effective solution to a problem that hundreds and thousands of Filipinos face on a daily basis, what better thing is there to do than to spread the good news?

Taking Care of Health is Part of Being Sexy

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For some reason loosing weight becomes a great factor in becoming sexy. But for FHM's sexiest Women in the World Sam Pinto being sexy goes beyond the physical.

The sexiest show on earth just got sexier as FHM enthralled the nation with a cabaret-inspired 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party held last July 14, 2011 at the World Trade Center.

For the first time in the history of FHM, the 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party occupied two halls of the World Trade Center. Team publisher Chad Rosario says, “Each year, space in this event is always an issue. Thankfully, we were able to pull some strings this year and finally give our fans a brighter and bigger show. This just shows how far we’ve come with FHM.”

FHM babes Iwa Moto, Daiana Meneses, Regine Angeles, Wendy Valdez, Jef Gaitan, Paw Diaz, Stef Prescott, Misa Campo, Michelle Madrigal, July cover girl Eula Valdes, and this year’s Sexiest Woman in the World Sam Pinto captivated the audience with their sizzling performances.

The FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party 2011 was co-presented by Premiere Max Condoms, in cooperation with San Mig Light, RRJ, Citizen Eco-Drive Watches, Petron Turbo Diesel, Belo Men, and PLDT myDSL Watchpad. Special thanks to Don Henrico’s, Island Rose, AeroMed, MAC Cosmetics, Revlon, and Midas Hotel, and to our media partners Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, 99.5 RT, Jack TV, and Manila Bulletin.

Get the complete list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World in a special supplement that comes with the July issue of FHM featuring the sultry Eula Valdes on the cover, available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for P150.

For more of FHM online, log-on to or you can also become a fan on Facebook,

Alodia Goes Healthy

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"We have only one life to live so we should take care of ourselves. Like me, I have lots of plans and dreams to pursue and I want to be healthy to be able to continuously do what I love doing." Alodia posted in her facebook wall as she thanks Health News for featuring her health.
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This is because of her endorsement for Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass last May 25, 2011

Cosplay goddesses Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao introduced Wheatgrass

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Ready-to-drink is a veritable health drink that actually tastes as good as it is nutritious.

100% natural and organic, no artificial colors or flavors. That’s why when compared to your regular sodas, this health beverage has less calories, less sugar, but has more of the nutrients and enzymes of wheatgrass that are vital for human nutrition and energy. Healthy drink for everyone.

From roots and leaves to powder and then to juice, wheatgrass has evolved into a ready-to-drinkin Can. That’s right: the popular health food is now available in a more convenient form that you can drink anytime, anywhere.

Fitness First Partners with ABS-CBN for The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

The world’s largest health club, Fitness First, true to its “Real People, Real Results” motto, partnered with ABS-CBN to support its hit reality program The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition whose contenders are seeking to change their lives through improved health and fitness.

To this end, Fitness First set up a satellite gym, with its world-class standard equipment, within The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition camp for the contestants, who have been following a rigorous training and nutrition plan to achieve their life-transforming weight-loss goals.

“Committed to a fitter Philippines, Fitness First partnered with The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition to continue to inspire Filipinos to first set then really go for that goal to change their lives through fitness,” said Fitness First Country Manager Mark Ellis. “The real-life success stories of Fitness First members and past Biggest Loser contestants have already shown us that nothing is impossible if you stick to a plan and push yourself a little bit more. This certainly aligns with our ‘Real People, Real Results’ motto for motivating Filipinos and making that connection between improved fitness and better performance in everything else in our lives.”

The satellite gym for the contestants abides by the same world class Fitness First standards. That consistency is how Fitness First strives to feel like ‘second home’ and to make every member feel that they count even as it has grown to over 1.4 million members in over 540 clubs worldwide with over 50,000 members in the Philippines. Ellis said, “As The Biggest Loser contestants’ stories show, it is no longer just about helping people lose weight. It’s about changing lives. Working with them and Fitness First members to achieve whatever motivates them—that’s the business that we’re in.”

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition airs weekdays at ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. To learn more about Fitness First, visit

Celebrating significant Weight Loss

Every Fitness First member has an inspiring story on how the decision to get fit.

The decision to get fit and healthy changed and even saved their lives. Fitness First’s New You Achievement Awards 2011 will be celebrating these fitness success stories at Unilab Bayanihan Center, Pasig City . It's awards night is meant to recognize the stellar qualities of discipline, determination and perseverance displayed by the awardees, guests, media, celebrity judges and partners were dressed to the nines befitting the occasion.

They represented five categories.

The Health category celebrates the success of members who joined the club to improve their health, such as fitness and even nutrition becoming a part of one’s program in managing diabetes.

The Shape category acknowledges significant transformation with physical weight loss thru regular personal trainings.

The Sport category celebrates members who honed their athletic skills through the clubs’ fitness programs while the Strength category spotlights members who use the gym to strengthen either their entire body for stamina or a particular body part which required building up.

The Staff category honors Fitness First employees who have also achieved an outstanding fitness goal. Among the five, the judges picked one deemed to most uphold the values of a Fitness First ambassador as overall winner.

“This is a testament of our commitment as we recognize members who have done just that. We are proud and honored to award the people who allowed us to help them transform their lives through our specialized programs,” said Fitness First Country Manager Mark Ellis.

“Their success is our success, fueling us to continue our mission of changing lives through fitness. As a premier fitness chain, we recognize the various needs of each member and continue to develop programs that will cater specifically to their needs.”

The New You Achievement Awards is not limited to celebrating significant weight loss. More than that, it recognizes the significant improvement in health and lifestyle through fitness—the ultimate end-goal of Fitness First’s for its members.

Fitness First continually develops innovative programs to help people achieve their fitness goals. With specialized offerings that include personal training, nutrition planning and high-impact and high-energy Group Exercise classes, Fitness First provides an array of solutions to getting closer to the ideal goal, weight and figure.

The New You Achievement Awards is an inspirational event that highlights people’s shared journey to health and wellness on a pedestal, with Fitness First as a companion together with partners who also support and recognize the disciplined path to fitness.

Basketball is Good for the Health

Just like other recreational sports, Basketball teaches teamwork and is great for your health, because playing makes you burn a good amount of calories, Above all it develops coordination and mental physique.

After Kobe Bryant has returned to Manila for the third time last July 13, 2011. Here comes a great line up of NBA Players.

BASKETBALL Stars Tyreke Evans(Sacramento Kings), Kobe Bryant (Lakers) DeAndre Jordan (LA Clippers), James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder), Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets), and Derrick LeRon Williams (Minnesota Timberwolves) will be soon visiting Manila.

PBA All-Star squad and Smart Gilas Pilipinas will be playing a basketball exhibition game on July 23 and 24, respectively at the Araneta Coliseum. Two other players which have yet to be named will also join Kobe’s team.

The PBA All-Star team will be coached by Chot Reyes that includes James Yap, Marc Pingris, Gary David, LA Tenorio, Mark Caguioa, Alex Cabagnot, and Arwind Santos. Smart-Gilas includes Asi Taulava, Dondon Hontiverso, Jimmy Alapag and Kelly Williams.

A Breakthrough in HIV Prevention

Results announced today from two studies reveal that a daily antiretroviral tablet taken by people who do not have HIV infection can reduce their risk of acquiring HIV by up to 73%. Both daily tenofovir and daily tenofovir/emtricitabine taken as preventive medicine (PrEP - pre-exposure prophylaxis) can prevent heterosexual transmission of HIV from men to women and from women to men.

The Partners PrEP trial, conducted by the University of Washington’s International Clinical Research Center, followed 4758 sero-discordant couples (in which one person had HIV infection and the other did not) in Kenya and Uganda. Couples received counselling and free male and female condoms. The uninfected partner took a once-daily tenofovir tablet or a tenofovir/emtricitabine tablet or a placebo pill. There were 62% fewer HIV infections in the group receiving tenofovir and 73% fewer HIV infections in the group that took tenofovir/emtricitabine than in the group receiving the placebo.

The TDF2 trial, conducted by the United States Centers for Disease Control, followed 1200 men and women in Botswana who received either a once-daily tenofovir/emtricitabine tablet or a placebo pill. The antiretroviral tablet reduced the risk of acquiring HIV infection by roughly 63% overall in the study population of uninfected heterosexual men and women.

“This is a major scientific breakthrough which re-confirms the essential role that antiretroviral medicine has to play in the AIDS response,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). “These studies could help us to reach the tipping point in the HIV epidemic.”

The medicines are available generically in many countries at prices as low as US$ 0.25 per tablet. In November 2010, the iPrEx trial among men who have sex with men in six countries reported a 44% reduction in HIV transmission among those who took a daily tenofovir/emtricitabine tablet.

“Effective new HIV prevention tools are urgently needed, and these studies could have enormous impact in preventing heterosexual transmission,” said Dr Margaret Chan, WHO's Director-General. “WHO will be working with countries to use the new findings to protect more men and women from HIV infection.”

UNAIDS and WHO have already been working with countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia to explore the potential role of pre-exposure prophylaxis in HIV prevention. This news will encourage more people to get tested for HIV, discuss HIV prevention options with their partners and access essential HIV services.

It is currently estimated that only about half of the 33 million people living with HIV know their HIV status. An increase in the uptake of testing for HIV would have a significant impact on the AIDS response, particularly if more people gain access to new HIV prevention technologies in light of the new findings.

UNAIDS and WHO recommend that individuals and couples make evidence-informed decisions on which combination of HIV prevention options is best for them. No single method is fully protective against HIV. Antiretroviral drugs for prevention need to be combined with other HIV prevention options.

These include correct and consistent use of male and female condoms, waiting longer before having sex for the first time, having fewer partners, medical male circumcision and avoiding penetrative sex.

What keeps Sam Pinto healthy and fit?

Sam Pinto can be an icon for health and fitness. She's physically fit and has a very nice body curve. She has a tone body, sexy and attractive supermodel physique.

How to lose weight and tone your body to get a sexy attractive supermodel physique? Visit this link

[caption id="attachment_1982" align="alignleft" width="191" caption="Sam Pinto is FHM's sexiest-women-in-the-world-2011"][/caption]

Anyway, Sam Pinto is this year's Sexiest Woman in the World 2011, officially announced by FHM magazine last night at The World Trade Center.

Sam Pinto believes that being sexy is not having big boobs and curves but it's the confidence and being who you are. Sam is a happy person and for her that adds to her being sexy.

She dedicates her win to all who supported and voted her.

What keeps her healthy and fit?
Swimming, boxing and pole dancing

A commitment to basketball and young Filipino athletes

[gallery]Kobe Bryant has returned to Manila for the third time today July 13, 2011 to kick off his five-city tour. Manila will be his first stop before moving on to Seoul and various cities in China.

Kobe was able to connect with a lot of young Filipino athletes, encouraging them to fulfill their dreams through sport like he did.

As commitment to basketball and young Filipino athletes, Nike continuously develops campaigns that will encourage them to reach for their sports dreams. Kobe’s visit is a testament to this. Though very brief, his one-day visit will definitely inspire Filipino athletes who look up to him.

Kobe Bryant knew that he wanted to become a basketball player. He grew up continually honing his skills and practicing drills which helped in his rise as a basketball superstar.

He was drafted in 1996 for the professional league and has since gotten five championship rings with his team, an MVP Award and received 4 All-Star MVP Awards.

Kobe unabashedly seizes every opportunity to improve his game – and grabs every single reward that comes with them. Taking inspiration from Kobe’s passion and dedication, his tour is designed to lead young hoopsters down the path to greatness.

He's one-day visit started with a short show at Nike Park, The Fort at 3:00 PM.

Basketball game at Araneta Coliseum at 5:00 PM featuring players from Nike-sponsored FEU Tamaraws, DLSU Green Archers, ADMU Blue Eagles and Smart Gilas Pilipinas. Kobe taught these young athletes on how to better improve their skills for the coming basketball season.

Over 12,000 athletes in 74th UAAP

Sports builds teamwork, above all it keeps you physically fit.

The opening of the 74th season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) was held at Marikina Sports Park last July 9 and it featured an Olympic-like ceremony with over 12,000 athletes, program participants, students, alumni and fans graced this very prestigious sports event. .

Basketball player Olsen Racela lighted the cauldron to start this season with a theme “All Heart. All Out.” There was a free concert featuring Sponge Cola, The Itchyworms, Kjwan, and a fireworks display after the ceremony.

Take Care of Your Baby While You're Pregnant

Mark Gil's daughter Andi Eigenmann is pregnant. On talk show 'The Buzz', he defended her daughter regarding her pregnancy with ex-boyfriend Albie Casiño.

Andi told him on Father’s Day that she was pregnant.

He assured her daughter that Andi and her baby will have their whole support even if Albie doesn’t want to acknowledge his obligations.

And he also said that he is ready to forgive the guy if he apologizes sincerely for physically hurting her daughter Andi. During your pregnancy, you'll probably get advice from everyone.

So what will happen now? After you find out you are pregnant, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Take Care of Your Baby While You're Pregnant

Prenatal care is very important. Make sure to have a check up.

Be open to your doctor. Talk about your medical history and how you've been feeling.

Check your baby's growth, get an ultrasound. If you're pregnant, you need to gain less weight.

Take care of your health as well, eating a balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your baby.

Refrain from drinking too much coffee and take your vitamins. Before taking any medicine, including pain relievers consult your doctor.

Drink plenty of fluids. Eat foods with lots of fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and bran cereal

Sam Pinto leads FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011

On July 14, 2011, FHM Philippines magazine will be having a victory party in celebration of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 Sam Pinto leads the top spot.

The event will be held at the World Trade Centre in Pasay City. The good news is you can catch the live streaming of the FHM victory party via PLDT WatchPad.

What should we know about HIV/AIDS?

It's a great feeling that Project Headshot Clinic of Niccolo Cosme with UNAIDS in fighting HIV/AIDS captures someone from Toronto. By just making the headshot as your facebook profile photo you get to spread the awareness to the world.

[caption id="attachment_1946" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Project Headshot Clinic's HIV/AIDS awareness"][/caption]

"I saw your profile pic and i am familiar with the campaign around it...many of my/our friends have taken part in it" shares Doug H from Toronto.


As someone who has fought the stigma, the fear, the ignorance as well as fighting to get access to government funds , education and access to care and expedited meds for 25 years Doug have been on the frontlines for a long time.


What should people know about HIV?

"Anyone can get HIV....i did even though i was always careful" Doug shares to me when I met him in facebook thru my Photo c/o Project Headshot Clinic by Niccolo Cosme

People should know that HIV isnt over so they need to protect themselves. Don't put your health in the hands of others and dont let passion be the reason for unsafe sex. Stay away from party drugs as they impair your judgement. HIV is not a death sentence but it is life changing.


Health is more important than anything

If you dont have good health you have nothing. You could be the richest man in the world but your money cant buy good can but you the best care but if there is no treatment then you have nothing. Our existence on this planet is fragile ...we never know what might happen.


How is HIV transmitted?

HIV is transmitted through unsafe sexual practices, sharing needles and from mother to child but all can be prevented.

Doug would like to share his message "We need more education and less stigma around people with HIV so more can come out and share their story. We need less judgement from religious circles as this is a HEALTH issue and not a MORAL issue. HIV does not discriminate and it only takes one mistake and it becomes your reality"

As he continues to endeavor his advocacy, Doug plans to visit Philippines next year and hopes to share his experiences to a lot of people.


Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS

The biggest misconception about HIV is that its still a gay disease.....when 85-90% of cases worldwide are among heterosexuals. It is a health issue, not a punishment from God and people with HIV deserve our compassion. Also, you dont have to be promiscuous to get can get it from ONE unsafe sexual encounter but if you have safe sex with 1000 partners you will be fine. Its amazing the amount of ignoraance surrounding this disease 30 years into the epidemic. As someone who has done volunteer work at the local AIDS hospice i have seen the face of HIV change from strictly gay men to more and more women and heterosexual men. The heterosexual population at large has not heeded our call as they think they are somehow immune, they are not. Witness the devastation in Africa and parts of India and China and inner city America among heterosexuals.

Recipe: Ceviche – In the Raw!

Ceviche, also spelled by seviche or cebiche, is seafood that is marinated in citrus. Its origin is still disputed between Ecuador and Peru. Although it is a well-known dish to both countries, still more countries located in Latin America have made many variations. They made use of shellfish and fish to prepare ceviche.

In Peru, chunks of fish are used with this recipe, which is marinated with lemon, limejuice or bitter orange (naranja agria), chili, onion, pepper and salt. Contemporary or regional variations may include some garlic, Peruvian aji limo (minced) or the well-known Andrean chili rocoto a. Mixing everything; it will be marinated for many hours and will be served traditionally at a room temperature. Usually they use chucks of corn-on-the-cob with slices of sweet potatoes as side dish.

Moreover, traditionally, they use Cebo (sea brass) or Corvina as the main ingredient for the dish, obviously, where the name was derived from. Other regional versions they include yuyo (seaweed) or toasted cancha or corn.

Ceviche has always been a favorite in northern coast; they call it Trujillo, which is made up of shark (tojo or tollo). Lima gourmand’s version is the Lenguado or the sole. They also have the modern Peruvian ceviche, wherein they created it according to their own “Peruvian way”; and can be closely compared to the sashimi of the Japanese. Japanese sashimi, however, is marinated only for a few minutes and usually prepared only just before serving. This dish was created by the late Japanese-Peruvian chef Dario Matsufuji in the year 1970’s.

Peruvian style cevicherias is usually served in a jigger or small glass of leche de pantera or leche de tigre as their appetizer, which they usually marinade it in a small amount of limejuice.

However, the classical version of Ceviche is very simple; just some fresh slices of fish (white meat fish is a much better option), freshly squeezed Peruvian key limejuice (a certain kind of lime that gives it the distinct flavor that makes it literally so unique, which no other ceviche taste likes it because the lime can be found only in Peru), sliced onions, chili (aji, rocoto or limo) and salt.

In Panama, their ceviche is marinated with lemon juice, celery, sliced onions, sea salt and habanero pepper. Ceviche de Corvina or the white sea bass is their popular dish and usually served as an appetizer in local restaurants. Their version can be made up of octopus, squid or shrimp.

The Philippine’s version has a different name. They call it Kilawin or Kinilaw, which is cubed fish raw and marinated in calamansi juice or vinegar together with onions, garlic, tomato, ginger and different peppers.

In Ecuador, they have their Shrimp Ceviche where it is cooked in tomato sauce for that distinct tangy taste. The Manabí version, marinated with limejuice, the juice that came from the shrimp itself and some salt is very popular in their area.

Very seldom, one may find a ceviche made up of clams. It is served usually in a dish bowl together with corn kernels (toasted) as their side dish. Moreover, you can also us pop corn or plantains as a typical side dish for ceviche. Octopus, sea brass and crab ceviche are also popular and commonly eaten in Ecuador.


[caption id="attachment_1942" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Peruvian Style Ceviche"]Peruvian Style Ceviche[/caption]

  • 1 ½ lb ono, bluenose bass or mahi-mahi; cubed

  • ½ small red onion, sliced

  • ¾-cup limejuice

  • ½ t salt

  • 1 pc habanero chili; julienne sliced and seeded

  • 1 T aji Amarillo sauce

  • ½ cup Cilantro leaves; chopped

  • 1 pc orange sweet potato such as Jewel or Garnet; boiled, peeled and cubed

  • 1 cob sweet corn; cut into serving size after boiling

  • 4 lettuce leaves


  • Rinse the fish together with the onion in a cold water

  • Dry thoroughly by using strainer

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine fish, limejuice, onion, habanero, salt and aji Amarillo sauce.

  • Cover the mixture and keep it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

  • Just before you serve it, stir in the cilantro

  • Divide into 4 smaller bowls and serve it with sweet corn, potato and lettuce leaves as side dish

Peruvian Pantry:

Aji Amarillo - a yellow chili with a very slight sweet taste and plenty of heat from the chili. It is usually available in jars or as a pureed sauce in all Latin markets.

Trivia: Ceviche was originally invented by fishermen in Peru, wherein they make use some part of their catch during their long stay at the sea and only uses any forms of acid to cook the fish.

An excellent picnic food idea because you can keep it in your cooler, which is stored in a large mixing bowl with cover or in a separate single serving container for easy serving. Can be served cold or in a room temperature. It will not spoil easily because of the acid ingredient mixed in Ceviche.


A great recipe for pesco vegetarians to consider. Since it has more vegetable toppings.


How to stop Superbug?

[caption id="attachment_1930" align="alignleft" width="712" caption="Compliance Pack Stops Superbug"][/caption]

WATSONS PHARMACY and pharmaceutical manufacturer UNILAB launched the antibiotics Compliance Pack to promote and teach proper antibiotic use to Filipinos and to help prevent the emergence of superbugs (antibiotic-resistant bacteria). Antibiotics Compliance Packs are now being sold exclusively in all outlets of WATSONS PHARMACY.


The Compliance Packs contain prepackaged antibiotics in amounts that are usually prescribed by doctors to patients. They are priced forty to sixty percent lower compared to multi-national brands. The antibiotics in these packs are of guaranteed quality and effectiveness, sourced from UNILAB.

“When we heard about the project (antibiotics Compliance Packs) we agreed right away to be part of it. That’s because making medicines more affordable to more Filipinos is an advocacy of UNILAB,” said Atty. Jose Maria Ochave, Corporate VP for Business Development Group, UNILAB.

Ochave said that UNILAB keeps improving its initiative in lowering the prices of its medicine. It manufactures and markets off-patent pharmaceuticals that are just as effective, yet more affordable, compared to equivalent branded drugs. The antibiotics manufactured by UNILAB, which cost forty to sixty percent lower than multinational brands, are packaged in the Compliance Packs.

According to Lyle Joseph Morrell, Health Business Unit Head of WATSONS, the lower prices of quality antibiotics being sold in Compliance Packs will help patients use antibiotics more properly.

As an example, Morrell mentioned Amoxicillin 500mg, the most basic type of antibiotic used to treat patients with community acquired infections. “A full dosage of Amoxicillin 500mg costs P273 if one buys from a multinational brand. On the other hand, a full dose of Amoxicillin 500mg in a Compliance Pack costs only P110. That’s already a savings of 60 percent if the consumer buys the Compliance Pack,” said Morrell.

Dangerous misuse
During the launch, a lecture on improper antibiotic use and superbugs-- antibiotic-resistant bacteria that no longer treatable by the antibiotics being used today--was presented Dr. Rontgene M. Solante, president of the Philippines Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

According to Dr. Solante, the number one cause of superbugs emergence is improper use of antibiotics. Superbugs are. “If we keep using antibiotics improperly, the day may come when our antibiotics no longer work against bacterial infections—we will have an infectious disease apocalypse that will endanger the human race,” says Dr. Solante.

Dr. Solante explained in his presentation how ordinary bacteria become superbugs. He said that when the wrong antibiotic is used at a wrong dosage, the bacteria that survive are able to mutate: changing their chemical and cellular structure so that when they are exposed to an antibiotic, it no longer affects them.

He said that four practices antibiotic misuse, which are unfortunately common in the Philippines, promote the emergence of superbugs. These include:

Self-medication. It’s risky to self-medicate, that is, to use antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. When a patient buys antibiotics without a consulting a doctor, using an old prescription, or following the advice of relatives and friends, it’s likely that the antibiotics purchased will be the wrong ones, and will also be used at an improper dosage.

Skipping a dose of antibiotic. Patients who miss a dose or several doses of antibiotic are allowing bacteria to recover from the antibiotic’s effects. There’s also a risk that the infection resurge.

Stopping the antibiotic dose too early. There are patients who stop taking antibiotics once they feel better. Others are unable to buy all the antibiotics prescribed because they don’t have enough money.

Using antibiotics like over the counter drugs. Antibiotics are powerful medications that must be used only under a doctor’s supervision. Sadly, there are patients who think antibiotics are used to relieve symptoms like fever, body pain, coughs and colds. Such symptoms are usually caused by a viral infection. Antibiotics are not used to treat viral infections.

Instead, viral infections are best cured by taking enough rest, drinking lots of fluids, taking vitamins and supplements; using lozenges and other remedies. These remedies plus the body’s immune system are usually enough to fight off a viral infection.

Some patients, however, do not know the difference between a viral and a bacterial infection. So they antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription, just like over-the-counter medicines—and some drugstores allow patients to do this. Dr. Solante cited a medical study that found that 66% of antibiotics sold in Manila were sold without a prescription.

“These practices, when done often enough, lead to the emergence of superbugs. In the Philippines, two types of bacteria—one that causes gonorrhea and another that causes tuberculosis, are already antibiotic-resistant,” he said.

Antibiotics compliance campaign
The antibiotics Compliance Pack is part of a joint campaign for antibiotics compliance being conducted by WATSONS and UNILAB. The Compliance Packs sold in WATSONS stores are one way of educating the public about proper antibiotic use and will help patients use antibiotics properly.

Since the antibiotics are already pre-packaged in their proper amounts, they are more convenient and accurate to use. The lower price and high quality of the Compliance Packs antibiotics, as provided by UNILAB, also make them more affordable to patients.

WATSONS also helps in the campaign by making sure its store pharmacists are well-trained and knowledgeable in the proper use of antibiotics. Patients who are buying antibiotics in WATSONS stores are assisted by pharmacists and taught how to use antibiotics properly.

If a patient wants to buy unprescribed antibiotics but obviously only has cold symptoms or a viral infection, which do not need antibiotics to be cured—then the pharmacist may either point out that the patient does not need antibiotics yet, or tell the patient to consult a doctor first. The pharmacist may also recommend over-the-counter medicine to relieve a patient’s symptoms.

Solante said that the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and a possible “infectious disease apocalypse” is a serious health concern in the Philippines and the rest of the world. He said that a campaign like the one by WATSONS and UNILAB is a good idea and will help efforts of doctors, researchers and the Department of Health in preventing superbug emergence in the country.

The Fastest and Effective Pain Reliever

[caption id="attachment_1917" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Pain Monsters Invades Eastwood"][/caption]








A group of pain monsters were caught along the Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City looking for their victims to spread body aches and pain.

Just recently a lot of mall goers witnessed through the rush hour at the fountain area of Eastwood open park a flash mob attack of pain monsters who call themselves the Legion of pain.

The Legion of pain were composed of Bodypain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrhea. During their attack, there were a lot of  people who went to watch and listen to them.

"Im sure kung hindi kayo nangangalay masakit na ang mga likod at balikat nyo. Dito pa lang sa lugar na 'to quota na ako." Bodypain says. While headache is very happy to see a lot of potential victims, he strongly feels that the people who unwinds here are just escaping from office headaches.

"I maybe slow but when I attack I can make you twist due to pain, sounds music to my ears." Toothache shouts and laughs.

While Dysmenorrhea adds: "That maybe true my dear but when it comes to women I am the worst thing down there under your queen, mamimilipit kayo sa sakit."

And then the group did their business, they spread bodyaches and pain.

Suddenly here comes Tabletman to the rescue. "Have no fear Tabletman is here, Hoy kayong mga panget! What made you think you can attack this people?". He tried to save the people form the pain monsters but unfortunately he failed to do so. Legion of pain were able to penetrate before he came and because of his being slow and noneffectiveness the pain monsters defeated him.

"Iba na ang buhay ngayon, mas matindi na ang mga sakit ngayon, hindi na kaya ng mga kagaya mo." Bodypain says. "Ito na ba ang no. 1 na tagapagtanggol nyo isang mayabang at gusgusing tablet?" asks Headache.

[caption id="attachment_1919" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Advil Liqui GelSuddenly a voice coming from nowhere made everybody stopped. "Not so fast pain monsters"."][/caption]


Advil Liqui Force teamed up and  fight against the pain monsters.



Their power comes from the new Advil Liqui Gel which acts faster and more effective against Bodypain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrhea.



[caption id="attachment_1918" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Advil Liqui Gel"][/caption]

Advil Liqui Force were composed of Liqui1, Liqui2 and Liqui3. With their powers combined they attacked the pain monsters. Because it provides 3x faster the Advil Liqui Force were able to defeat the pain monsters-Legion of pain.





Here's the complete video:

Some of the people who witnessed the flash-mob attack were amazed by what they saw.

Rio, a new grandfather

"Doon sa leaflets na pinamimigay akala ko malalaking monsters talaga, pero it was convincing tuwang tuwa yung apo ko."

Nene, a puppy owner

"Hindi ko masyado naintindihan dahil hindi ko mabasa yung pangalan nung product, akala ko isa lang siyang show na pambata."

Ana, a mall goer

"Para siyang show sa mga bata, hindi namin inexpect na mag iintroduce pala ng product. Yung pumasok sa isip ko gamot na nasa bottle kasi narinig ko liquid."

My Verdict

As far as I know a flash mob is more of a dance thing and it's kind of a secret to people.

The show itself was entertaining and it captures a lot of audience. However, the message was not so clear to the audience. But the characters did a great job in acting.

Based on my observation, the product was not well advertised during the show, I think the intention was to let the people know about the different pain that can possibly happen to them.

[caption id="attachment_1918" align="alignleft" width="404" caption="Advil Liqui Gel"][/caption]

The Product

Advil temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to: headache, toothache, backache, menstrual cramps, the common cold, muscular aches and minor pain of arthritis. Advil also temporarily reduces fever.

One of the main classes of chemicals that the body produces as part of the inflammatory process is prostaglandins, which produce pain and fever. Advil acts by blocking the body’s production of prostaglandins, reducing pain and fever.

What is the difference between Advil Liqui-Gels, tablets, caplets or gel caps?

Each Advil dosage form is effective for all of the indications on the label. It is a personal choice as to which dosage form is preferred. Advil® Liqui-Gels contain solubilized ibuprofen, which is a form that quickly absorbs into the body for fast pain relief. Advil tablets are the original round form of Advil, which has been trusted by millions for over 25 years. The oblong shape of the caplets as well as the special coating on the gel caps are intended to make these forms easy to swallow.

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