Tipco Veggie Juices: Drink up for Good Health


It is a fact that vegetables are one of the foods that should be a constant in our diet, mainly because of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from them. It has been proven that a diet rich in vegetables does not only bring overall wellness to the body but also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers and stroke. For kids, veggies help a great deal in strengthening their immune system. This is why it is ideal for us to have three to five servings of veggies a day or simply put, half of our meal plate should be fruits and vegetables.

Enervon invites OnAndOners to join the Ultimate OnAndOn Challenge Round 2

Enervon invites OnAndOners to join the
Ultimate OnAndOn Challenge Round 2

Kailangan mo ba ng beach break with your barkada?

Unilab’s multivitamin brand, Enervon, invites you to join the Enervon Ultimate OnAndOn Challenge Round 2! Just visit www.Facebook.com/EnervonPH and take on the set of photo challenges developed especially for today’s OnAndOn individuals!

One Grand Winner will get to win a barkada beach getaway for four and Enervon gift packs.

Interested individuals must be at least 18 years old and must be a member of Enervon’s Facebook fan page. Once registration has been completed, the app will unveil the set of photo challenges that need to be completed to qualify.

Do you want to be our certified OnAndOner? You have until November 21, 2012 to register and submit your photos!

To know more about the mechanics of this challenge, visit www.Facebook.com/EnervonPH and click the Enervon OnAndOn pin. You can also follow us via Twitter @EnervonPH and use #OnAndOn.

READY, SET, GO! Join now!

The Enervon Ultimate OnAndOn Challenge Round 2 is the fourth of a series of challenges launched under the Enervon OnAndOn Facebook App.

Enervon tablet is especially formulated for adults to help ensure optimum energy and increase body resistance against sickness. Pop a tablet of Enervon everyday para todo ang energy and always guarded against sakit! Be Energive, Energuard with Enervon!

Eating healthy food is not a guarantee for Acne-free skin

The challenge

I started going vegetarian on 2001 when I joined a mountaineering club when I was in college. I had a group of friends’ who were also vegetarians. I became attracted to their lifestyle and I find it cool at that time.

#YouVsYourself Video by Safeguard Active

I just found out this very amazing video from Safeguard Active about you facing yourself as the toughest opponent.

Here's what it says:

With Safeguard Active's 12-hour odor shield, you're free to exceed your athletic limitations and beat your toughest opponent, YOURSELF.

Take the #YouVsYourself Timeline Challenge and get a chance to train with the best and more prizes!

Challenge yourself now: https://www.facebook.com/SafeguardPhilippines/app_467233353328284

Watch how Coach Rio, Matteo Guidicelli, Gretchen Ho and JC intal beat themselves. Like the Safeguard Philippines Facebook Page to learn more: http://www.facebook.com/SafeguardPhilippines

*Someday I will also be in this video.

Heredity and the common misconceptions about Acne

My Dad who is now at his 60's said he never had an acne before because he never stayed late at night. My Dad’s skin is acne free and he looks great at his age. We only communicate via Facebook message:

Me: When was the last time you had an acne or pimple?

Dad: I never had an acne because I never stay late at night

Looking for Most Relaxing Team Building Retreat Place?

My Nurture Spa Experience  in Tagaytay.

I've heard a lot of good things about Nurture Spa so I went there last Saturday to join their glamping activity.

Awarded as one of the Top 7 Spa in the Philippines by AsiaSpa and CNN's Top 28 Most Relaxing Spa in Asia

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0860
As you enter the place you will feel a very calm aura and a cool atmosphere. When you breathe in you can hear the sound from your ears.

Companies, couples, families and friends can have fun camping here while absorbing the advantages of Nurture Spa’s treatments. I strongly recommend Glamping because I was able to experience it and I can say that it is worth paying the service.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0867
This is a very nice place to stay and relax. If I would be rich I will stay here every weekend.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0841

Glamping  is short for Glamorous Camping.

Glamping Package combines a relaxing, recovering wellness knowledge of Nurture Spa with a fun of camping outdoors. Nurture Spa Village has stretched a skill and now includes a Sabila Campsite, where Glamping activities will be held.

For as low as 2,500 Php you can have the best camping experience. Includes overnight stay at the garden. The tent is like your room because it has a comfortable beddings and has electricity inside. Good enough for 2-3 person.

You also get free breakfast and a choice of 30 minute outdoor treatment (facial, foot or head and shoulder massage)

Use their barbeque grillers, bonfire and free Standard Digital Meridian Healthscan.

*The Glamping Package is valid until December 31, 2012

Glamping is a good proceed for groups of people to relax, have fun and de-stress, while during a same time boosting their health.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0835

Nurture Spa is accepting groups—from families to groups of friends on holiday, to members of corporate team-building activities.

Teambuiding package costs 4,000 Php/person and 10,000 Php for the facilitator fee (optional)

I stayed there together with my blogger friends as part of celebrating love and wellness as we search for good health.

There's a lot of things that I learned about the importance of wellness.

  • Stress is the main cause of chronic diseases and it kills people

  • Work causes a lot of stress.

  • When you appreciate things that you have more than things that you don't have your mind can easily adopt that state of being relaxed.

  • There is a great impact on the sense of smell. Aromatherapy is very helpful if you experiencing  a lot of stress.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0864

Shape: Circle

I also learned that being mindful to what you see around you gives a relaxing effect on our mind. We had an activity; we went to the plantation and we need to mind the things that we see. We need to tell on our mind about the things that we see around.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0849
Color: Green and Blue

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0827 Curves

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0820


Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay IMG_0800


The most relaxing activity we did was Qi Gong, it is an ancient breathing exercise which was lead by Hannah Holzgreve, an instructor from Germany.

After the Qi Gong activity we did an exercise called Exercise Circuit.

We had a short trek going to Pineapple farm of Nurture Spa before we had our lunch.

A wellness talk by Ms. Cathy Turvill, one of the owner followed after.

And I also learned a lot of therapy that help you feel relax and remove daily stress. During our stay I experienced the following types of therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Hydrotheapy

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Vegetarian Food

It is very important to achieve a relax state of mind because it keeps the mind clear at all times which is conducive in maintaining a good health

I was also lucky to experience their facial massage called "dilag" and had a very relaxing sleep.

I feel like I'm in a paradise. One day is not enough for me to experience to good things here.

I will definitely find ways to be able to go back to this very beautiful place.

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The Nike We Run Manila and The New Nike Lunarglide

As we approach the final stretch of the year, Nike invites us to participate in a global running movement that unifies 359,000 runners around the globe through the We Run series. It is being held in all countries around Asia and now it will be in Manila this December 2.

We Run Manila 10K is rolling out the second time:

Nike We Run Manila 10K
December 2, 2012
SM Mall of Asia

Registration Fees:
PHP 800 – UNDER 25 Y.O. (24 years old and below as of race day)
PHP 1,200 – 25 Y.O. & ABOVE (25 years old and above as of race day)
PHP 1,400 – BUDDY 1+1 UNDER 25 (24 years old and below as of race day)

Registration Fees:
PHP 800 – UNDER 25 Y.O. (24 years old and below as of race day)
PHP 1,200 – 25 Y.O. & ABOVE (25 years old and above as of race day)
PHP 1,400 – BUDDY 1+1 UNDER 25 (24 years old and below as of race day)* Finishers will receive a finisher’s token. TBA.

Race Categories:

Women’s Under 25 – For women aged 24 years and below on the race day
Men’s Under 25 – For men aged 24 years and below on the race day
Women’s Open – Open to women of all ages
Men’s Open – Open to men of all ages

Registration Venues: (Starts on October 8, 2012)
- Nike Park Fort
- Nike Park Trinoma
- Nike Park MOA
- Nike Stadium ATC
- Nike Park Ermita
- Nike Park Galleria
- Nike Forum Robinsons Magnolia
- Nike Park Glorietta 4
- Nike Stadium Rockwell
- Riovana Katipunan

Nike We Run Manila 10K – Race Packet Claiming Schedule:
- November 27-30, 2012 from 10AM to 10PM
- Bonifacio High Street (Nike Park BHS)
- Bring your ID and confirmation slip to collect your race pack.


Nike system of running introduces the latest gear responsible for elevating the running experience. A running gear delving deeper into the Holiday ’12 Shield Pack Collection, Nike+ Ecosystem, and Nike Training Club.

In an event held for the press and media. A pair of shoes was given to us to try how does it works for our feet. The event was called Nike+ Media Trial Session

I was lucky to try out the new Nike Lunarglide.

The activity was a  running clinic session led by Coach Rio with participants from the press and media. Here are some tips on achieving a good run:

In my experience I felt very comfortable using it. It was actually lighter than the present shoes that I have. I actually liked the fit. The brand with three stripes.

However, when I asked one of my fellow blogger Rene Villarta about his experience on the shoes. He said it was not a good choice for him. He felt a little bit of tightness on  the planter part of his feet.

Watch the video to know more about the shoes:



World Pneumonia Day 2012 celebrates in Baguio City

November 12 - World Pneumonia Day 2012 was held in Baguio City led by the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination with the support of Baguio City Government headed by Mayor Mauricio DomoganGSK Philippines and other pharmaceutical companies.

During the celebration, hundreds of adults and children got vaccinated to prevent pneumonia cases in the country. Mayor Mauricio Domogan himself got vaccinated.

The Prevention of Cervical Cancer Campaign

12 Filipinas die of Cervical Cancer and also the second biggest cause of female cancer mortality in the country.

During the celebration, Philippines' hottest and sexiest female star Anne Curtis is this year's ambassador for GSK Philippines Prevention of Cervical Cancer campaign.

For the record it has made 1,000 + doctors consistently dancing for 5 minutes

At the event held at PICC she entertained the guests by singing a production number "Call Me Maybe" after that Anne Curtis & 1,500 Doctors danced for 12 Filipinas.

Because there are 12 Filipinas who dies everyday because of Cervical Cancer, Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS), entitled Beat It! Fighting Cervical Cancer One Beat At A Time.

Present during the event were Papa ChenJason Zamora of Manouvers and the Philippine All Stars.

They set a world record for having the biggest number of dancing doctors.

New York City Marathon; Race Cancelled

Many people in the area are still suffering from the storm’s damage (Hurricane Sandy).

New York Road Runners, the organization that operates the marathon decided to cancel the biggest marathon for safety reasons.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Mary Wittenberg, director of the marathon — said the event would provide a needed morale boost, as well as an economic one.

“It’s clear that the best thing for New York and the best thing for the marathon and the future is, unfortunately, to move on,” said Ms. Wittenberg

Continue reading New York City Marathon; Race Cancelled in The New York TImes

Think First before Taking Saridon

The Wikipedia says "Saridon is an analgesic combination indicated for the management of headache. The currently global base formulation contains 135mg of propyphenazone, 260 mg of paracetamol and 55 mg of caffeine.

The combination is designed and said to produce effective analgesia with fast onset of action in 15 minutes, as compared to paracetamol, ibuprofen, or aspirin alone"

As far as I remember the TV and online ad of Saridon has adult scenes. However, I read an article online that Saridon is safe to take. I wonder what Department of Health would explain about Saridon.

The last time I ran a 42KM run I felt pain so I took a pain reliever but I didn't try to take Saridon as a remedy. I had Alaxan instead.

Why? I am so scared of the possible side effects it might cause.

Saridon is prescribed to relieve diferent pains: migraine pain, persistent headache, muscle ache, arthritis pain, backache, dental troubles, common cold and fever.

It also relieves minor arthritis without decreasing the inflammation or swelling of the joints.

Saridon is banned in Sri Lanka, Korea, Malaysia and Turkey. because it has Propyphenazone content.

But it is available in drugstores here in the Philippines.

How hazardous is Propyphenazone? Propyphenazone is derived from pyrazolone and is related to phenazone. It has antipyretic and analgesic properties.

According to some of my friends who is into pharmaceutical field Saridon is accessible to drug stores nationwide.

There are side effects people should know before buting Saridon it includes;
nausea, low fever, vomiting, stomach ache, loss of appetite, dark urine, tarry stool, yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Plus there are allergic reactions, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the throat, lips, tongue and face.

As a matter of fact I've seen some blogs which has ads of Saridon. It means it is very well promoted here in the Philippines

Saridon is sold at very affordable price here. DOH and Bayer should do something about this.

Saridon, Is it Safe?

My Unilab Run United Philippine Marathon Photos

When I ran the Unilab Run United Philippine Marathon I had my Iphone with me. I manage to take a few photos before the gunstart but I became lazy afterwards.

I only took photos when I see marks starting from 21K, 32 K and the finish line.

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Who is Runmanila?

New band Runmanila: When dance meets rock, electronica.

 There’s a new band just around the OPM corner, and they fuse the elements of dance, rock and electronica in their songs.

The band is Runmanila, the newest band of Universal Records and Orion Entertainment. The band is composed of four college students Kevin Lim (Vocals, Sound Effects), Aaron Cruz (Programming, Guitars, Synthesizers), JR Jader (Electronics, Beats, Electro Drums) and Ignacio Cuyegkeng (Guitars, Synthesizers, Sound effects).

Asked about their music, the members of the band replied, “we want to call it ElectroPopRock -where rock meets dance, head banging meets booty shaking, rock moves plus dance grooves.”
Runmanila  brings in a new sound through rock guitar riffs and simple drum beats blended with electro synthesizers, drum machines, and four-on-the-floor beats.

The band is the newest addition to he Orion Entertainment roster of artists, headlined by Noel Cabangon and ably supported by the most promising acts in local entertainment industry Kimpoy Feliciano, Jordan Bautista, Jensen Gomez, Jason Fernandez and bands She’s Only Sixteen, Six Part Invention, and Aspen Way. Orion Entertainment is also the international agent of Sam Concepcion, Karylle, Sponge Cola and JayR.

Runmanila is scheduled to release their debut album in early 2013, under Universal Records and Orion Entertainment.

My Run United Philippine Marathon 42K Experience

Chiptime:  06:59:09

Guntime: 07:07:40

This is my first time to do a 42 Km Marathon. I decided to write my experience in Tagalog because I feel it this way. Hope you like it.

First time kong tumakbo ng 42K, madalas kasi 21K or 16K ang tinatakbo ko. Salamat sa Unilab Run United para sa experience na ito ganun na rin sa mga runners na nakasabay at nakilala ko sa daan. Allan, Jenny at Kit salamat sa mga oras na magkasabay tayo.

First time din ng Unilab na magkaroon ng isang full marathon event kaya naman sa kabila ng saya ng takbuhan ay may mga nagrereklamo din dahil sa kanilang hindi magandang na- experience.

Hindi ako makatulog noong gabi ng sabado, excited kasi ako kaya isip lang ako ng isip kung anong magyayari sa akin sa takbo. Kakayanin ko kaya? Hindi kaya ako mag cramps? Baka hindi ako umabot ah…ah basta bahala na si Lord bukas basta’t tatakbo ako. Ganyan ako mag- isip isang gabi bago ang takbo.

Ang aga naman ng simula! Alas tres? Eh himbing na himbing pa kaya ako nyan. Pero ganun talaga ang buhay kailangan magsimula ng maaga mahaba kasi ang ruta.

Pabor sa akin ang simula – Bonifacio High Street. Sa Fort Bonifacio lang kasi kami nakatira konting distansya lang mula sa starting line. Ang kaso wala palang byahe sa amin kapag alas tres. Wala akong choice kundi mag taxi, buti na lang may mabait na runner akong nasabayan. Sa 21K siya tatakbo kaya hindi na kami nagkita pagkatapos naming bumaba.

Sakto lang ang dating ko stretching pa lang. Kaso nauuhaw ako kaya bumili muna ako ng Gatorade sa 7 Eleven. Hindi ko namalayan ang bilis ng oras pagbalik ko sa starting line 5 minutes na nakatakbo ang 42K runners late nap ala ako. Ang dilim ng daanan bumilis tuloy ang takbo ko.

Nakita ko ang mga kalsadang dinadaanan ng mga sasakyan….nang araw na yon tinatakbuhan lang namin at nilalakaran. C5, Lawton Ave., Buendia Flyover, Ayala, Roxas Blvd., CCP papuntang Mall of Asia at marami pang iba.

Ginawa ko ang lahat ng makakaya ko pero medyo nag rerelax ako. Ayoko ko kasing

Para sa isang first timer na katulad ko maituturing na isang malaking achievement ang makatapos ng 42K na takbo. Isa ito sa pinakamalaking bagay na ginawa ko sa buhay ko. Ang medalyang natanggap ko sa takbong ito ay ang siyang pinakamalaking medalyang natanggap ko sa buong buhay ko. Sa laki ng medalyang ito halos pwede na akong kumain dito.

Masarap na mahirap. Masarap ang pakiramdam kapag tumatakbo para kasing ang lakas lakas ng katawan mo at syempre ang sarap ng pakiramdam pagkatapos….ang luwag luwag ng dibdib mo…ang sarap huminga. Mahirap din dahil kailanagan mong sanayin ang katawan mo sa mahabang takbuhan kaya kahit papano dapat may sapat na training bago tumakbo. Mahirap dahil mainit at nakakuhaw kaya dapat may baong sapat na tubig. Hirap at sarap, parte ito ng buhay pagtakbo.

Matagal man bago ko natapos ang takbong ito masaya naman ako nangyari. Ligtas ako at di ako nag cramps. Hindi ito ang huling beses na gagawin ko ang bagay na ito. Mas tutuklasin ko ang mundo ng pagtakbo.

Hinding hindi ko malilimutan ang karanasan kong ito. Mabuhay ang pinoy runners!



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