Heredity and the common misconceptions about Acne

My Dad who is now at his 60's said he never had an acne before because he never stayed late at night. My Dad’s skin is acne free and he looks great at his age. We only communicate via Facebook message:

Me: When was the last time you had an acne or pimple?

Dad: I never had an acne because I never stay late at night

Dad Before and After

My Dad lives in California right now. The last time I saw him was when I was ten years old after he and my Mom got separated. I stayed with my Mom.

I tried tracing the photos of my Mom when she was young and noticed that she really had a good skin, she had an acne free as well. In fact she said that we are a family who have  an acne free skin.


I have seen and witnessed her skin more than my Dad.

Me: So you never had an acne before

My Mom: Yes, in fact we are lucky because our family has an acne free skin.

Me: Why did I encountered acne and pimples?

My Mom: Because you always sleep late when you were studying

That is why I'm wondering why didn't I have the same skin like theirs. Because as early as high school I already experienced suffering from acne and pimples.

I continually had a few acne on my face until my college days. When I went vegetarian last 2001, it started to subside.

My sister also had a few acne on her face and I've seen it before. After a few years they're gone.

The most noticeable case was with my youngest brother. I've seen it keeps on coming back  to his face and back. Eventually he was able to manage reducing it until it's gone.

My family

The common denominator among us three; me, my sister and my youngest brother is that we had encountered acne during our college days.

Acne-prone skin can still develop  for a number of different reasons. Maybe we have the same activities and environment at that time since we are students who often sleep late at night and become not aware to the food that we take.

Plus we travel a lot, we often get direct heat from the sun, we sweat a lot and polluted smoke gets into our face directly.

I don't think Acne nor a good skin can be inherited. It always depend on what type of lifestyle you have, the food that you eat, work habits, etc.

Although my parents would always tell me that sleeping late causes acne but I do not 100% believe on that.

I guess the reason behind is the differences of the environment that we live. The environment we live in are not the same. Maybe my parents were living in a good environment when they were at my age.

As of now I don't have any acne nor pimples, only oily skin and whiteheads.

I am currently trying out a few products to achieve a full acne free skin. I am also getting consultations from dermatologists and experts.


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