Honestbee, making life easy

Going through motherhood is never easy. Being a hands on mommy, time is so precious that I have to make wiser decisions on how am I going to spend it. Today, I find delivery services essential to my life just like my new best friend. 😊

First Lazada, for I can search almost everything. Mostly for my baby needs etc. Then, Food delivery services such as Foodpanda and Good Food Vegetarian, if I'm too busy with Baby Adi and I have no time to prepare for our lunch or dinner they're the one who saves me/us from hunger. And just recently, I'm so happy to get to know about Honestbee.

I love doing the groceries, I find it very therapeutic. I used to go through all the aisles trying to look for great deals, checking for nutritional facts, prices and the expiry dates. That was before I became a mom. Now, it's such a hard task even if the grocery store is just so near from our place. Imagine bringing my baby in a stroller to the grocery store all by myself, there were times we're unlucky to find ourselves in a long queue at the counter.

There's this one time, Baby Adi got very hungry during our queue at the counter. I breastfeed her by the way. So, there she got hungry and started crying. I had to feed her first  before we can get home. Since the store didn't have an area where i can breastfeed privately, I just grabbed a seat somewhere there, cover then off to feed her.

Just imagine my agony and how much was time wasted doing the grocery alone.

And there goes Honestbee. Here's a brief background on how I came across Honestbee. Every night I kept on seeing Honestbee' s riders outside the grocery store. I didn't know what it was back then. Out of curiosity I googled it. I'm so pleased with the services they're offering. They offer groceries, food and laundry delivery services. I downloaded it from the App Store and tadaaaa! Groceries on my doorstep. Not only that, I was given P500% off my first transaction. It's just wow!

Thank you for making my life easy, Honestbee! 🐝😘

by: Cindy, mom of Baby Adi


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