Oh My Gulay

Owned by the King of Independent Cinema, Kidlat Tahimik - Oh My Gulay is a restaurant that makes the most out of Baguio's abundant supply of fresh vegetables.

Inside Oh My Gulay, one of Baguio's popular vegetarian restaurants

Interview with Niccolo Cosme

I have known Niccolo as a great photographer... of the stars.

I became a fan of his Project Headshot Clinic wherein a lot of personalities gather to promote different cause.

As I keep on meeting him in so many events I discovered that he was also a vegetarian.

I know from the start that he really has this great vision...

Here's a little chitchat with him, just very basic.

What made you vegetarian? 

I have only been a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for a year, I started in August of 2014 while I was in the US. I really wanted to become a vegetarian for a long time for various reasons; Animal rights, environmental sustainability, overall health and spirituality. 

How long have you been vegetarian/vegan?

Before turning full lacto-ovo vegetarian I was a Pescatarian for about 6 years. I did that as my stepping stone towards being vegetarian but took some time for me to fully shift for a lot of personal reasons. 

What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?

I definitely felt lighter in so many levels! I lost the guilt that I've been feeling for so long eating dead animals too. I noticed that I am more mindful about what I buy, what i cook, what I eat... I think being mindful is a very important thing.

Is it difficult to be veg? what makes it difficult?

I'd say it's not that difficult because I cook my own food most of the time, but does get a little rough when I travel, most especially in the provinces or out of town.

What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you’re veg?

The usual reaction I get from people is "why? how long? I think that's sad, I think that's really difficult"

Where do you get your food? 

I go to regular groceries and sometimes at farmers market when I can. We also have our own produce in our rest house in Tagaytay, I love going up there during weekends to "harvest" and I really like it when I say that word!

There are also several places in Manila where I get mock meat, one place that I really love going to is Quan Yin Chai in Binondo.

Get to know more about Niccolo Cosme via his website http://www.niccolo-cosme.com/
Like https://www.facebook.com/headshotclinic

Interview with Bianca Valerio

How long have you been vegetarian/vegan? why did you become vegetarian?
I’ve been pesco since March 13,2007. It all started when my boyfriend, Mikee Carrion decided he’d give up meat for Lent. Now since eating was and still is, our thing, I was pissed! After a few days, I decided, fine, I’ll try it out too. Ironically, I’ve never turned back since then while he eventually returned to being a meat-eater.

Is it difficult to be veg? what makes it difficult?
Not at all! It’s like quitting smoking, it’s all in the mind. It’s all or nothing. You just have to want it for yourself. I think the only thing that makes it difficult is that it’s not readily available (veg meat and products) in the market. Then if it is, it’s really expensive. Being VEG in our country is actually a luxury-lifestyle. Strange since veggies are actually way cheaper than meat. That’s why I loved it when I was living in LA last year, studying at Make-Up Designory. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and pretty much all groceries have a big veggie meat section of everything under the sun! Although more expensive, it was worth every cent!

What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?
Well, more people find me boring, haha! The thing is, being Pesco, is not really the issue. It’s not about eating meat for most people as they’ve gotten used to me being that way, especially since they know I’m a model. The thing is, I am OBSSESSED with healthy food and healthy living!

I was a chain smoker, junk-eating, bad habit type of person years ago. I gave up vices before I became veg but ultimately became engrossed in healthy living when I turned pesco. I never go to work without making baon my own food. They’re all either steamed, grilled, organic and so on. I portion everything strictly and really watch everything I eat. It’s not a punishment: I honestly enjoy it tremendously! Every healthy meal and snack to me is an ecstatic experience!

I never thought I’d become such a person. But ultimately, I love who I am now and the healthy lifestyle I’m living. I really do feel amazing inside and out because I know I’m really taking care of myself as a whole.

Since then, my skin has never been so healthy-looking. People think that going veg is a way to a sexier body. Hell no! If you’re constatantly eating sugars, bad carbs and fried at that, then you’re not a healthy veg. You’re just veg, in my opinion. There’s a thin line.

I’ve also been more energetic and I just feel lighter in general, physically and mentally.

What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you’re veg?
- Like I said, people always question why but they understand because of my profession. By my profession is just one tiny reason why I love eating healthy. I just love life and intend to live a long, prosperous one in health, love and laughter. So healthy eating by going pesco is a commitment I have to myself :-)
My best friends in the industry, Isabel Roces (lacto-ovo), Raya Mananquil (vegan) and Val de los Santos (pesco) are so happy for me because now we never have problems of deciding where to eat just to be considerate to the so-called meat-eater. Hunting for great veg foods is such a babaw joy!

Where do you get your food?
Healthy Options, Salcedo Market, Bodhi and Shopwise

Women over 65 more prone to hypertension than men

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men and women both have the tendency to develop hypertension—the medical term for high blood pressure—during their lifetimes. However, women over 65 years old are more prone to acquiring it, particularly those who passed through their menopausal stage.

In the United States, one in every three adults has high blood pressure. While women are as likely to have this condition as men, they are more prone to acquiring it during their twilight years.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common condition which triggers the heart to pump blood excessively. Having the heart pump more blood and narrower arteries, it is likely to result tohigherchances of having high blood pressure.

Today, hypertension has become one of the major contributors to the global disease burden, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, since it causes health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

Amado Nazal, medical director of PharexHealthCorp., said that women who passed through their menopausal stage are at an increased risk of having hypertension because of hormonal changes and increase in body mass index that comes with age.

“As a woman ages, her chances of acquiring hypertension becomes greater than a man’s,” Nazal said. “Hormonal changes relative to menopause can lead to weight gain, making blood pressure more reactive to salt. Eventually, this leads to hypertension.”
Effective control of hypertension should be a priority among healthcare providers. This is why PharexHealthCorp, the most prescribed generic brand of medicines, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing optimum health among women who belong to this age bracket to keep hypertension at bay before it leads to heart failure.

“The most important consideration every woman ages 65 and older needs to make is to recognize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle as the key to preventing hypertension and other health conditions as well,” Nazal said.

He added, “It’s easy to start improving one’s lifestyle; the challenge comes in making it a habit. This specifically applies to people who already have the disease—for people diagnosed with hypertension, the best practice is to always consult the doctor and comply with the medication schedule even when symptoms are not surfacing.”

Nazal said that constant visits to the family doctor, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking prescribed medication already go a long way in saving one’s self from more chronic diseases.
“Taking your medication exactly as it is prescribed by your doctor is an important part of your recovery,” Nazal noted. “Without complying with your therapy, your health will eventually deteriorate, leading to a lower quality of life—or even death.”

He concluded, “Women who are already in their post-menopausal stage need to start taking care of themselves especially when their metabolism slows down. Embarking on a lifestyle journey is not a one-time travel—it is a life’s worth of adventure you can give to yourself. And someday, you’ll thank yourself you did.”

Ready, Sync, Go!

Synchronize your watches for a grand adventure in ARCA South. The 74-hectare Taguig property, set to become a new “city in sync” as master-planned by Ayala Land, Inc., is hosting a mobile-app integrated adventure run on Saturday, September 19, 2015.
SyncRUNize will be unlike other regular 5 km runs as it challenges both body and mind through a number of physical obstacles and mental drills. Racers will first have to download the exclusive SyncRUNize mobile app available on Google Play and iOS. 

The app directs participants from one checkpoint to another where they will have to accomplish the physical or mental challenge before they can get to the next.
ARCA South has partnered with Guerilla Race, organizers of the fierce sport Guerilla Race Series, to specially design the obstacle course. Mental drills, which can include calculations, stock knowledge tests, or abstract reasoning were designed by Go Go Hunt. Other partners are The North Face, Fox, Oculus Archery and as the partner-beneficiary of the event, the Help Educate and Rear Orphans (HERO) Foundation. Part of the proceeds from SyncRUNize will serve as educational aid to the children of soldiers incapacitated or killed in the line of duty.
 Racers can compete as individuals or as teams of four.  They will get a chance to win P90,000 worth of cash and prizes for individual and group winners. At the end of the race, participants can celebrate their victory at Sync City, where they can enjoy the interactive booths and the food market.
“SyncRUNize is the kind of event that embodies the principle behind ARCA South as a City in Sync,” said Mr. Stephen Comia, ARCA South Project Development Manager. “The development is envisioned to be the newest CBD in Taguig where all the elements that make a city are present and in sync. In addition, the efficient management of the road network, traffic, communications, environment, security and other systems in ARCA South are primary.”
With DOTC’s planned Integrated Transport System (ITS) –South Terminal being recently awarded to Ayala Land, Inc., ARCA South will become one of the most highly connected districts in the city. This world-class transport terminal will rise beside ARCA South and increase accessibility to the property. The direct link to the Skyway and C5/ C6 highways will also make ARCA South minutes away from Makati, Bonifacio Global City and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
ARCA South will also eventually operate with a centralized system for traffic, power and security management, furthering its vision of being a city in sync. The district will be highly pedestrianized, punctuated by green spaces and streetscapes, and integrated basement parking to free the streets.
Registration for SyncRUNize is available on www.arcasouth.ph or in Chris Sports branches nationwide until September 18, 2015.
To get to ARCA South, participants can take the East Service Road along South Luzon Expressway or C5 in Taguig.  While for those interested to take the public transport, for a minimum fee of P30 per person per roundtrip, participants can also avail of shuttle services to the race via pick up points in Tower 1 in Ayala Avenue, Makati; TriNoma Mall, Quezon City; and Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa.

Lacto-ovo Vegetarian Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Eat. Enjoy. Repeat!

It was great to know the story of fellow vegetarian Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan at the launch of Metamucil, she is the Brand Ambassador of the product - held in Mercato Central, BGC Taguig.

Metamucil is a fiber powder drink
Maricel is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian for 16 years, has been joining triathlon with her family for 9 years and survived her suffering from gallstones.

Turning into vegetarian is a decision she has to make because she was diagnosed that she developed gallstones from eating too much meat.

For women, the risk of forming gallstones increases during pregnancy.

She has to give it up because the day before her surgery they found out that she was pregnant and the only solution is to take a lot of medication if the pain occurs or to completely change her diet.

She decides to completely change to a plant based diet. Here's my short Q & A with Mommy Maricel:

What happened to your gallstone after you went vegetarian?

I couldn't have surgery and I  was able to delay it for four years and because of the vegetarian diet I did not have pains...I did not have medications. I delayed it but eventually I had to take out(surgically)  kasi masyado na maraming stones.
The two children (4th-5th) that I carried while vegetarian has no allergies at all.

Where do you get your food?

We grow our own veggies at home, it's organic and then we cook it. You can check it at my blog
#MyManangRocks  http://www.mommymaricel.com/mymanangrocks-2/ were we put all the food that we harvest and cook.

Can you describe where you plant your food?
It's a far place in Laguna. Sariwa ang hangin. Malamig, mataas...yun ang importante - No pollution.

When her gallstones was completely removed via surgery, she experienced no more problem at all and that is why she wants to help her kidney and liver by being vegetarian.

Her being vegetarian does not impose to her family to become vegetarian specially the kids. For her it's still their choice.

"I don't look down people who eat meat but I do have a special sensitivity towards the animals (chickens, cattle) parang meron akong connection with them" she adds.

Know more about the inspiring story of Mommy Maricel, she blogs at http://www.mommymaricel.com/

Experts: Daily food intake may pose serious oral health problems

You heard how your daily food intake may affect your health. From obesity to various chronic diseases, your diet may take a toll at your overall wellness—and also your oral health.

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential to healthy living, but indulging in foods rich in sugar will make you a candidate for tooth decay and gum disease.

According to Carmie de Leon, vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical, sweet-toothed Filipinos should be aware that they not only increase their chances of acquiring type 1 or type 2 diabetes whenever they reach for a rich, chocolatey dessert or carbonated drinks.

“What they don’t realize is that, when they expose their teeth to too much sugary foods from sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, or high-in-sugar desserts, they are giving permission to cavities to attack their teeth,” de Leon said.

She added, “By eating foods rich in sugar content, they tend to invite more cavities, which cause the formation of plaque and eventually, tooth decay. But sugary foods are not the only culprit for teeth erosion. Even those rich in starchmay contribute to tooth decay. In some instances, it may also cause periodontitis.”

Periodontitis, a severe gum disease, destroys the soft tissue and bone that serves as the backbone of your teeth. When left untreated, this serious infection could cause the gums to loosen the hold of the teeth, causing them to fall out.

“People who are most prone to periodontitis are those who have been diagnosed with diabetes since diabetes decreases the ability to resist infection and slows the healing process,” de Leon said. “If a person has this serious oral health condition, their blood sugar levels tend to rise, making diabetes more difficult to manage.”

Since food that contain sugars of any kind affects not only the oral health but the overall wellness of a person, Healthway Medical—the most trusted and preferred mall-based clinic in the Philippines—highlights the importance of proper nutrition to ensure that physical and emotional health are always in its best condition.

“You may be able to prevent two of the most common oral health conditions (tooth decay and periodontal disease) simply by improving your diet,” de Leon said. “But the challenging part comes in the choosing process, the moment when you’re locked up choosing which food groups are best for you,” de Leon said.

The Nutrition month comes with a full plate of health and wellness recommendations, but de Leon said that the first big step will start from the kitchen. “If you want to achieve optimum wellness from head to toe, you’ll need to check your fridge and swap your junk with foods that are actually good for you.”

De Leon said, “As for your oral health, you’ll need to practice good oral hygiene every day.”

Brushing alone won’t keep bacteria at bay. To give your mouth the holistic dental care, you need to floss daily, maintain a balanced diet, replace your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if bristles are already frayed, and consult your dentist regularly.

To help you address your dental health concerns, Healthway Medical ensures that every Filipino has control over his or her dental health by offering a wide-array of dental services.

“To win a confident smile, you’ll need to give regular attention to your mouth,” de Leon said. “It’s easy to smile painlessly throughout the day if you have the right attitude towards improving your overall wellness. For an optimum health security, you need to make sleeping, eating right, exercising, and de-stressing (S.E.E.D.) as part of your daily routine.”

De Leon concluded, “Every person needs a confidence-boosting teeth. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to give your teeth the right care it needs through good nutrition and unparalleled quality dental service.”

If you want to achieve a great-looking set of teeth, visit any Healthway Medical clinics at the Alabang Town Center, EdsaShangri-la, Market! Market!, Festival Mall, Healthway Manila, SM The Block and Greenbelt 5.

For more details, please contact (02) 751-4929 or visit www.healthway.com.ph

Susi Vegan Restaurant

Jose Rizal is a filipino inspired dish.
One of the best seller brunch meal.
Brown Rice, Mushroom Chorizo, Omelette, Spinach and Tomatoes.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Looks to Expand through Philippine Franchise Expo

Anytime Fitness, the fastest growing health club franchise in the world, took part in this year’s Philippine Franchise Exhibition at the SMX Mall of Asia, looking to find strategic franchisee partners to take part in its exciting expansion in the Philippines and Pan-Asia.

Since its founding in Minnesota in 2002, Anytime Fitness has been the world’s largest, and fastest growing 24 hour, co-ed fitness club franchise with over 3000 gyms in 23 countries around the world. Since opening its first branch in Pioneer Center, Mandaluyong last September, Anytime has opened two more gyms in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and New Manila, Quezon City. Within the next 12 months, Anytime Fitness plans to open 12 more gyms around Metro Manila. Ranked the world’s #1 franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2014, Anytime Fitness has knocked franchise icons such as Subway, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut off the top spot with its proposition of 24-hour community based gym facilities.

Anytime Fitness joined the Philippine Franchise Expo to encourage potential investors to franchise the brand,” said Johannes Raadsma, director of Anytime Fitness Philippines. “We joined the Philippine Franchise Expo because we wanted to educate the franchising community about our unique business model and to spread health and wellness awareness in the Philippines.”

(from left to right) Johannes Raadsma, director, Anytime Fitness Philippines and Luke Guanlao, director - Cebu/Davao/Baguio, at the Anytime FitnessBooth in SMX Center during the Philippine Franchise Expo.

Anytime Fitness aims to promote a healthy lifestyle everyone can enjoy. Their concept focuses on being open 24-hours, giving members little excuse to miss a work out. Anytime Fitness gyms are strategically located within walking distance from most residential areas making it a perfect fit for consumers looking for a convenient, non-intimidating and value-oriented place to exercise.

Anytime Fitness is recognized as a top-ranked, low cost franchise across all industries. Franchising an Anytime Fitness gym makes one a partner and part of the Anytime Fitness community. The company supports each gym through marketing, pre-sales, training of employees and leasing spaces.

Anytime Fitness Running Man and Johannes Raadsma, director of Anytime Fitness Philippines with Anytime Fitness Employees at SMX Center during the Philippine Franchise Expo.

It also introduces franchisees to a wide network of people in the health and wellness industry. Franchising with Anytime Fitness is not only about building the brand. Its mission is to continue creating memorable membership experiences and live up to the vision of Anytime Fitness to improve the self-esteem of the world, one member at a time.

For more information, visit www.anytimefitness.ph

Functional Fitness' Boot Camp

Right now Functional Fitness is having a promo called the Sergeant Ken’s Bootcamp. This type of training is Military Inspired Circuit Training wherein you are using full body work out. Wherein you are burning a lot of calories that has only few rest period.

Sergeat Ken’s Bootcamp is a military inspired workout training program. Tinawag siyang Sergeant Ken kasi siya yung army soldier and master trainer siya. 

Yours truly tried it and interviewed Coach Sharon and Coach Tim of Functional Fitness Makati.

What are the benefits of this exercise program?

Coach Tim:
So ang mga benefits ng exercise na binibigay namin sa Sergeant Kent’s bootcamp training ay sa mga targeted “body centers” sa whole body. So ang target po niyan ay to increase muscle endurance, muscle strength and is also beneficial for Cardiovascular endurance. It's also good for power and muscle strength.

Coach Sharon:
Aside from that na military inspired workout siya, ginagamit mo dito ay more on body weight exercises. So if your aiming for having a lean muscle o kaya naman if you want to burn more calorie to lose yung body fat, okay tong bootcamp training. And since circuit training siya, so ibig sabhin you are using whole body muscles right? So konti lang or wala yung rest. 

So ang ginagamit natin dito is dalawa. We call it Fixed Circuit Training and Freestyle Circuit Training. So pag sinabi mong Fixed Circuit Training it is more time-based.  Body weight exercises pa rin. Pag sinabi mong Freestyle type ng Circuit Training so you are basing more on the repetition range.

What are the target body parts? 

Coach Tim:
Since Circuit Training siya first we do program, which we call Muscle Targeting. For example - 3 Exercise for the Shoulders na tuloy tuloy and after nun is recover. You switch to the Core Exercise, three exercise na tuloy tuloy and then to the lower body na. So whole body workout siya. 3 consecutive exercise with the same muscle group and all through out the whole body. 

How can they enroll in boot camp?

Coach Sharon:
Right now we are having Bootcamp Trial Open House. So every Monday – Friday at 7pm those who want to join just simply message us sa facebook account ng Functional Fitness and then we will schedule you for your bootcamp. So pag nag-avail ka nito since promo siya, 450 per session, minimum of 12 sessions. And since group training siya, we should have at least  three participants or more.

What is good about doing this as a group?

Coach Tim:
So ang maganda pa dito sa bootcamp namin, e grupo siya. Mas maganda since marami kayo na mag wowork out sabay sabay, so mas mag eenjoy kayo. Kunwari group of friends kayong mag wowork out sabay sabay kayong magwowork out sa isang bootcamp. Mas maganda at mas madali niyong matatapos ang exercise pag tulong tulong, kasi teamwork to e. 

So you just motivate your team para matapos niyo ung bootcamp.

Coach Sharon:
So sabi nga ni Sergeant Tim, ang bootcamp kasi, ang purpose niyan is not just working out for yourself. Nasa bootcamp training ka to motivate each other and to help each other not to stop but to finish yung work out routine mo.

Preparations if a group would like to try this program?

Coach Tim:
So siguro you need to eat first before tayo magbootcamp syempre were gonna schedule sa bootcamp training and i-schedule namin kayo for the training and kung anong date and anong time. Usually kasi ang na-eencounter naming dito sa functional fitness is MWF 7pm. Iba’t ibang coach naman po ang naghahandle dun. So it will take you to 1 – 2 hours of bootcamp training.

What are the preparations?

Coach Sharon:

So when it comes to preparation naman, hindi naman namin kayo basta isasabak agad dun sa main workout routine. So may warm up drills din tayong gagawin, so to prepare your muscle para injury-free. 

Ang maganda kasi at advantage ng bootcamp is habang nag wowork-out ka we are checking closely sa form ninyo. So mapapansin niyo kanina ginawa namin is iniikutan naming kayo to check that form. Kasi importante dun yung reperforming the technique before you do the workout routine.

Where is it inspired from?

Coach Sharon:
Ang short history sa mga  training ng mga military groups. Before mataas yung ratio ng suicidal sa mga army. So na-inspire siya, nagcreate siya at gumawa ng bootcamp to lessen those incidents. Ang purpose ng bootcamp na to is to target your whole body muscle. To burn more calories to short or almost none yung rest.

Coach Tim:
Ang benefits po nito ay - it will increase your Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength and Endurance. Also maganda rin po ito to increase your power and ang benefits po nito ay maganda rin ito for weigth loss. At the same time to improve your strength and your power.

Functional Fitness Makati 
2/F CAP Building Rufino Corner Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village, 1226
0927 704 2620

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/functionalfitnessmanila
Website: http://www.functionalfitness.com.ph/

Steamed Vegetables

Vegetarian Meal on July 23.

When the world is so busy and theres no way to cook an instant meal...

The fastest meal that can be prepared is steaming okra, eggplant, sitaw, talbos and tomatoes.


Bakasana or Crane Pose

I love doing this pose because its good for the wrist.

I just discovered lately that I can be able to do this pose.

I am not good in doing pretzel poses but I am more confident in doing arm balance poses.

The Simplest Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures You Should Try Now

By now you’ve realized—it’s impossible to cure a hangover just by sheer force of will. 

But there are things you can do to ease the pain…

Easy on the stomach and packed with loads of protein, a quick fry-up helps absorb leftover toxins from one too many gin and tonics.  The saturated fats in eggs help to repair the brain cells that are potentially damaged by alcohol.  Eggs also contain cysteine that help mop up acetaldehyde, which is responsible for that hangover feeling.

Replenish electrolytes after a night of heavy drinking with a banana. It’s an easy way to get potassium into your system.

Apart from bananas, which by themselves are already a quick hangover aid, fruits in general, and the sugar fruits contain, help give your body a much needed boost—this means that your body increases the rate with which it tries to flush out the toxins. Choosing fibrous fruits such as papaya also helps break down and absorb whatever remaining toxins were left from the previous night and replenish all the vitamins and nutrients that you probably lost. 

Coconut Water
If you’re not a fruit person, use coconut water as a quick hangover remedy. It’s one of the fastest ways to rehydrate after having one too many beers or cocktails and a single serving has more potassium than a banana – potassium is the nutrient that really helps ease the symptoms of a hangover. 

Understandably, scouring the market for a fresh coconut when you’re nursing a hangover is too much to ask. So before a night out, stock up on Vita Coco. It’s low sugar content makes it a great alternative to fruits and soda (especially for those watching their waistlines), has a refreshing taste, and hydrates you naturally with its high potassium levels.

Before going to bed, take a vitamin B complex to help metabolize and eliminate the alcohol in your system.

Another better for you retox option is to sip green tea with some rosemary or lavender to help calm your stomach if you’re feeling nauseous. The antioxidants really help keep your body’s cells and organs A-OK. 

Sports Drinks
Yes, a bottle of sports drink will have fluid-balancing electrolytes, but use this option, if (and only if) you have absolutely no access to any of the aforementioned hangover cures. A sports drink is still recommended for when you’re trying to boost your energy while under intense physical activity, but if you’re nursing a massive hangover and have no access to other retox options, then pop a bottle open. Choose one with low sugar to keep it on the healthy side. 

Speaking of intense physical activity, try to haul yourself off the bed or couch and cure that hangover with some exercise. Get your blood pumping to get your liver to work faster to break down the alcohol left in your system as you wait for the endorphin rush to snap you out of that hangover funk. Just be careful about dehydrating yourself and keep your refreshments close at hand.

When all else fails, get up, stretch and get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk and go home, rest and sleep it off. The simplest things can do wonders for the worst hangovers

Vita Coco is a natural, refreshing beverage that “hydrates naturally.” This low-calorie, coconut water drink is the perfect alternative to regular sodas and fruit juices, available in easy to drink Tetra Pak containers that preserves coconut water’s nutritional integrity and flavor.

Yoga Teacher: Bela Lipat

Bela Lipat was born in the Philippines, and raised in San Francisco, California. She has been teaching Yoga since 1996. Last July 11, yours truly attended her gentle flow class in Echo Yoga.

Theres so much learnings she shared to us not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thanks to Yoga for Life community!

...teachings like;

'Yoga is not about flexibility...it's about being strong'

'Are you doing a pose because you wanted to be a better person? or Are you doing a pose because you are a better person...

Broccoli, an easy remedy healthy food

When there is no time to buy or even cook broccoli, then the best way I can think is to go to the nearest Hap Chan and order for their broccoli with garlic viand.

It costs more than P130 but I think its ok, mahal naman talaga kung bibili ka ng broccoli sa palengke, at least kung bibili ka ng luto na sa Hap Chan or kung saan man ay kakain ka na lang.

Okay so it is an edible green plant in the cabbage family, whose large flowering head is used as a vegetable.

The word broccoli comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage", and is the diminutive form of brocco, meaning "small nail" or "sprout".

One order of broccoli plus one rice is okay for me to start the day right. Broccoli is often boiled or steamed but may be eaten raw, From the wikipedia

My first weekly progress report from Fitbit!

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