Vegetarian Barbeque

Vegetarian Barbeque
Price: 150/order, 40/piece
Gluten, barbeque marinade

Available at 
Bodhi Vegetarian and Health Food House
SM North Edsa Foodcourt
Bagong Pag-asa, QC

Cheap Vegetarian Meal

Bodhi Vegetarian in SM Makati Foodcourt 
Pansit with bread 50 php
With drinks
Value Meal
1 rice 1 Kare2x 1 Bbq 95 php
With drinks

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets

Are you a vegetarian starter who still loves the taste of chicken?

Here's a vegetarian substitute that will surely gives a good taste of chicken to you - vegetarian chicken nuggets. It is made from wheat and soya.

You can use it as replacement for Adobong manok, tinola, menudo, asado and a lot more.

I know it's hard to give up chicken but in a gradual way you can do it!

Here’s a pattern that I want to share to those who are having hard time giving up meat. This may help.

Giving up Beef  first:

It’s not that hard , because you can still eat pork, chicken and fish. So do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat beef anymore straight for a month.

Giving up Pork :

If you think that you can give up beef, it’s time for you to give up pork. You can still eat chicken and fish. It is easier to give up, knowing that pork is the primary cause of diseases. And we all know that it makes us fat since it is very high in bad cholesterol. Do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat pork anymore straight for a month.

Then chicken:You will soon give up eating chicken. Maybe this will be hard for you so do this for two months or more , but make sure to give up eating chicken soon.

When you had already give up eating beef, pork and chicken it will be easier for you to go vegetarian or vegan. Don’t make it hard for you, there will always be an easier way that will help you achieve your goal. Going vegetarian does not end on giving up the food that you are conditioned to eat, it involves mindset, positive thinking, proper hygiene , a healthier lifestyle above all it develops control.

Happy Eating and Good Luck!

The Best Things I Like about Running

I was not able to ‘Outrun Myself’ during the Rexona Run 2012 but I am happy. Happiness is the biggest thing running has brought to me.

Running has always been a great activity for me. I feel so good whenever I run and I must say that it really gives me a lot of benefits; physical and mental health wise.

Benefits believed in drinking alkaline water

I love the taste of water. As a matter of fact I use it every morning on my cereal. I can't survive a morning without drinking plenty of water, this is where I initially get my energy and hydration for the rest of the day. Medical experts say that drinking it can help your body maintain an appropriate pH balance and prevent numerous types of diseases.

Did you know that drinking alkaline water can give more benefits. Some say that alkaline water is more healthier than regular tap water.

Basic benefits when you drink Alkaline water are:
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces moodiness and irritability
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen distribution
  • Prevents age-related diseases
  • Prevents migraine
  • Replenish calcium level
  • Distributes nutrients faster
  • Prevents kidney stone formation
  • Increases energy
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves children's general health
  • Heals wound faster
  • Manages asthma attack, hay fever and various allergies
  • Efficiently hydrates the body

AqualiPure recently put up its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, Izumi Cares! It aims to bring better health by sharing better living practices to Filipinos. Now everyone can gain access to specialized health and wellness home appliances that cater to the needs of the ever-changing lifestyle of the modern Filipino family. Its flagship product, the Izumi Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer, brings about good health by producing Antioxidant Alkaline Water which is a better, healthier alternative to delivered or bottled water.

AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment Inc., the exclusive country distributor of the bestselling IZUMI Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer in the Philippines, rolls out its “Gift of Life” special limited offering for the Yuletide Season.
For every 1 unit of VAKUFIT Hydrocleaning machine, you get 1 unit COWAY Alkaline Water Ionizer or Homay Alkaline Water Ionizer. All of these for Php55,000 only, you get whopping savings of Php35,000.00!
Package 2 includes a purchase of the IZUMI Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer and get an O3 Multi-Purpose Sterilizer both for only Php38,000.

Package 3 consists of the Coway Alkaline Water Ionizer and the Coway JuicePresso, a machine that slowly and gently presses out the juice through its 40 RPM coldpress screw to keep more of the super nutritious enzymes, minerals and vitamins alive and well for better health, which gives you savings of Php14,500.
Package 4 gives you savings of around Php7,500.00 when you buy 5 units of IZUMI Non-Electric Alkaline Machine and get 1 free. Truly the perfect gift for families you care about.

For Package 5, it’s a purchase of COWAY Juicepresso and receive a free RepHresh! Portable Alkaline Water Maker with savings of Php3,000!
AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment, Inc. has been engaged in the importation and distribution of the latest technology in state-of-the-art Bottling Plant Equipment, high-quality Reverse Osmosis parts and components, water filters, Ionized Alkaline Machines and Ice Makers for water refilling stations, schools, hospitals, commercial, and industrial applications.
To know more of AqualiPure products and promos, check out,, or better yet, call 24/7 hotline at 407-6124 and mobiles: 0917-5120431 and 0922-8571127.

Interview with Bianca Valerio, A Pesco Vegetarian

*First Posted 8/12/12

Bianca Valerio's friends are Top Filipina Models. Isabel Roces is lacto-ovo, Raya Mananquil is Vegan and Val de los Santos is a Pesco Vegetarian.

When I learned that she went vegetarian and became more energetic I had the chance to ask Bianca about her diet and how did it changed her.

Tell me about your vegetarian diet?

I'm a Pescotarian so I still eat seafood but no meat, whatsoever. Well, I figured, if Jesus fed the people fish, then that means I can, too, right? (Haha! :-)

Tips on Substituting Meat

*First Posted 10/12/12

It is true that being vegetarian is hard.

It is hard specially when you are conditioned to the taste and texture of meat.

Now this condition is very common for us Filipinos since our country has a lot of festivities and celebration. Majority of the food served are meat based.

But what if there will be a substitute for meat? Still the same with the taste and texture of a real meat.

It will be a perfect chance for those who wanted to try giving up meat.

You can still enjoy the taste of meat without eating the real meat.

There are manufacturers of vegetarian meat substitutes here in Manila where you can buy them.

I made a list of Meat Substitutes that I recommend for vegetarian starters:

  • TOFU – you can use tofu as replacement for chicken. By just deep frying it the way you do to chickens you can achieve a tofu that tastes almost like chicken.

Veggiecircle Recipe: Kare-Kare with bagoong

*First Posted 12/30/12

Happy Holidays!

Have you been thinking of what to cook for the Christmas and New Year Holidays? Why not try a Filipino dish that is perfect for the whole family.

So we are going to make a vegetarian version of it and so here's How to Cook Vegetarian Kare Kare

How Therapeutic Massage Improves an Athlete’s Performance

Diadora running shoes on the road. These running shoes are lightweight, durable and fashionable and affordable. It’s really a great buddy!

I have a confession to make. I’m an addict. I’m addicted to sports particularly running, swimming and cycling. I’m a fierce competitor. I hate losing. Sometimes I think my greatest opponent is myself. I always want to surpass my past performance. That’s why I train hard. But I make sure to reward myself after that hard work.
As a blogger turned athlete, my body is my weapon. I want to make sure that my body is on its peak performance. That’s why I get a therapeutic massage after training. If you’re an athlete like me, I recommend getting a nice massage after training. Here’s why.
It Improves Flexibility Flexibility is important to all kinds of sports. That’s why athletes stretch before and after games. Massage therapy stretches the muscle tissues and ligaments. A well stretched body helps prevent sports-related injuries.
It Improves Cardiovascular Flow Cardio plays a huge role in sports. Without proper breathing, an athlete will be gassed out. Massage improves the breathing as well as the blood flow. It’s beneficial to athletes not only during game time but also in their overall health.
It Eradicates Pain Pain is part of the game. You can’t call yourself an athlete without experiencing any pain. In sports, playing hurt affects the athlete’s performance. But with a therapeutic massage, it relaxes the body and removes injury-related pain. Massage works best on muscle pain which is very common for athletes. Once the pain is removed, athletes will be at their optimum performance.
It Helps Getting Good Sleeping Habits Studies show that getting nine hours of sleep works wonders on athletes’ performance. The secret to winning is training hard and resting well. It may sound simple but it’s true. You can’t just treat your body like a machine and train non-stop. You have to rest too. A good massage relaxes your body and improves your sleeping patterns. If you want to perform at your best, a high quality sleep is a pre-requisite.
Psychological Benefits Sad but true, you can’t always win in sports. There will always be a time where you’ll get frustrated due to bad performance. If you want to win, you shouldn’t focus on negative thoughts. Instead forget them and move on. Massage improves your mood. If you have a bad day, get a massage and you’ll forget about it. It helps athletes by calming the mind and prepares it for the next event.
If you’re a sports addict like me, you better start getting a massage now. It helps in the longevity of your athletic life. It may be scary to try at first but once it’s done, it feels like heaven.

10 Most Common Questions to a Vegetarian

by Mary Moon

10 Most Common Questions (and answers) people who first find out I'm vegan ask me:

1. So you eat fish?No. Fish is meat. People who eat only fish and vegetables are called pescetarians, from the root word “pesky” (just kidding hehe).

2. What do you eat?
Vegetables, tofu, beans, nuts, fruits, pasta, rice, (dairy free) pastries, (soy) ice cream, (veggie) sisig, curry, kaldereta, pancit, barbecue, franks, burger, (no cheese) vegetarian pizza, name it – there are vegetarian counterparts!

3. Where do you get your protein?
See food above. They give enough supply of all the nutrients the human body needs. With a meat-based diet, people overwork their systems, thus the diseases and early aging of the system itself.

4. Where do you get that discipline?
I wouldn’t call it discipline. It’s a life choice, a lifestyle. So it doesn’t involve “trying to stay away from meat”. Meat is on the table, it’s just not my choice to eat it.

5. Don't you miss meat?
No. You miss something good, nice, pleasant, happy. Meat isn’t any of these.

6. What's the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?
A vegetarian can eat animal by-products (i.e., dairy, eggs, honey etc.).
A vegan do not eat any meat or any animal by-product

7. What made you turn vegan?
Difficult to give a short but encompassing answer to this (which is really – for animal rights, the environment and health). So I usually say, “animal rights,” which leave people wondering wtf I’m talking about. (YES ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!) or “I’m an advocate of animal rights.” (which might appear highfaluting to some). It’s all about animal rights, plain and simple.

8. So you don't eat junkfood or drink softdrinks?The question implies how people associate vegetarianism with a healthy lifestyle, which is good. But yeah, junkfood is still junkfood, it’s still not good for the body in the long run. There are several vegetarian/vegan options though. And yes, I do eat junkfood and drink softdrinks sometimes.

9. (In a restaurant, upon receiving their plates with meat dishes) Sorry, is it okay if we eat meat in front of you?I’d rather not, but what can I do? I’m just glad there are some people who are polite enough to ask.

10. How is vegan spelled?

V-E-G-A-N. And it is pronounced as "vee-gun" (like in Vigan, Ilocos Sur)

So if you have any more questions, ask away! Vegetarian or not, ask questions you’ve been asked or you would want to ask a vegetarian.

Colorful Diadora backpack collections

Have you seen the Diadora back pack collections

Check this photo of our Ambassador together with Ed Escueta (former Ambassador) on their Zambales weekend surfing with Journeying James (former Ambassador). 

When I'm not into running I'm into travelling. It's great to use Diadora Bags when travelling. 

It's stylish and comfortable.

The colors are attractive and hip.

It's a perfect choice for urban lifestyle!

My last backpacking experience was in Pundaquit Beach San Antonio, Zambales.

Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food

If you are just around Makati and looking for a vegetarian option to eat out. Just go to the SM Foodcourt and you can buy Kare-kare, Asado, Barbeque and a lot more.

Bodhi Vegetarian in SM Makati

Let's Run for Wellness

St. Luke's Invites You to Run for Wellness! St. Luke's Medical Center calls on the Filipino community to put on their running shoes and step up for their health by joining the St. Luke's Run for Wellness on December 7, 2013, Saturday, 6 a.m. onwards at the Bonifacio Global City grounds. Aiming to engage experienced and first-time runners, the young and young-at-heart in a running activity like never before, the Run for Wellness promises to be a creative, non-traditional fun run that combines the exercise of running and fun-filled activities along the race route. It is also St. Luke's way of promoting disease prevention and overall well-being for the general public. Among the stations the participants will encounter during the race are: the Water Gun Station where marshalls will spray runners with water along 100 meters; the Color Me Blue Station where blue powder will be thrown as runners dodge their way through the course; and the Air Blower Station where runners will be dried off and blown away as they try to reach the finish line. The fun doesn't stop as other activities,such as the Giant Slide, Creative Photo Booth, and Balloon Wall await them. Registrants may choose from the 3K, 5K, and 10K distance race categories all sold at 750 pesos only. Each runner also gets a St. Luke's Run for Wellness shirt, bib and freebies from participating sponsors. Winners also get Executive Health packages. On top of that, part of the proceeds of the Run for Wellness will go to St. Luke's Medical Center Foundation, Inc. (SLMCFI), which funds projects that benefit social service patients, provide scholarships for underprivileged medical students, and support continuing medical education for doctors and medical research. This activity also coincides with the hospital's celebration of Dr. Joven Cuanang Week, which pays tribute to its Senior Vice President for Medical Practice and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joven R. Cuanang who has dedicated 51 years of service to the medical profession and has significantly been instrumental to the hospital's success. Register now to be part of St. Luke's Medical Center's milestone this December For complete registration details, visit, or visit any of the following establishments near you: Toby's (Mall of Asia, Trinoma, Glorietta and Shangri la), Runnr (Bonifacio Global City and Alabang Town Center), SM Cinema, and St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City.

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