Benefits believed in drinking alkaline water

I love the taste of water. As a matter of fact I use it every morning on my cereal. I can't survive a morning without drinking plenty of water, this is where I initially get my energy and hydration for the rest of the day. Medical experts say that drinking it can help your body maintain an appropriate pH balance and prevent numerous types of diseases.

Did you know that drinking alkaline water can give more benefits. Some say that alkaline water is more healthier than regular tap water.

Basic benefits when you drink Alkaline water are:
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces moodiness and irritability
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen distribution
  • Prevents age-related diseases
  • Prevents migraine
  • Replenish calcium level
  • Distributes nutrients faster
  • Prevents kidney stone formation
  • Increases energy
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves children's general health
  • Heals wound faster
  • Manages asthma attack, hay fever and various allergies
  • Efficiently hydrates the body

AqualiPure recently put up its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, Izumi Cares! It aims to bring better health by sharing better living practices to Filipinos. Now everyone can gain access to specialized health and wellness home appliances that cater to the needs of the ever-changing lifestyle of the modern Filipino family. Its flagship product, the Izumi Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer, brings about good health by producing Antioxidant Alkaline Water which is a better, healthier alternative to delivered or bottled water.

AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment Inc., the exclusive country distributor of the bestselling IZUMI Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer in the Philippines, rolls out its “Gift of Life” special limited offering for the Yuletide Season.
For every 1 unit of VAKUFIT Hydrocleaning machine, you get 1 unit COWAY Alkaline Water Ionizer or Homay Alkaline Water Ionizer. All of these for Php55,000 only, you get whopping savings of Php35,000.00!
Package 2 includes a purchase of the IZUMI Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer and get an O3 Multi-Purpose Sterilizer both for only Php38,000.

Package 3 consists of the Coway Alkaline Water Ionizer and the Coway JuicePresso, a machine that slowly and gently presses out the juice through its 40 RPM coldpress screw to keep more of the super nutritious enzymes, minerals and vitamins alive and well for better health, which gives you savings of Php14,500.
Package 4 gives you savings of around Php7,500.00 when you buy 5 units of IZUMI Non-Electric Alkaline Machine and get 1 free. Truly the perfect gift for families you care about.

For Package 5, it’s a purchase of COWAY Juicepresso and receive a free RepHresh! Portable Alkaline Water Maker with savings of Php3,000!
AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment, Inc. has been engaged in the importation and distribution of the latest technology in state-of-the-art Bottling Plant Equipment, high-quality Reverse Osmosis parts and components, water filters, Ionized Alkaline Machines and Ice Makers for water refilling stations, schools, hospitals, commercial, and industrial applications.
To know more of AqualiPure products and promos, check out,, or better yet, call 24/7 hotline at 407-6124 and mobiles: 0917-5120431 and 0922-8571127.

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