The Best Things I Like about Running

I was not able to ‘Outrun Myself’ during the Rexona Run 2012 but I am happy. Happiness is the biggest thing running has brought to me.

Running has always been a great activity for me. I feel so good whenever I run and I must say that it really gives me a lot of benefits; physical and mental health wise.

It has became a greater experience as I join the Rexona Run 2012 dubbed as “Outrun Yourself”.

Outrun yourself? Whoa, that means pressure for me! So if I don’t beat my personal record does it mean unsuccessful ?  No I don’t want to think it that way.

What is the best thing about Rexona Run? Overall, it was a great and fun experience!

Honestly I did not stick to what I think on what does “Outrun Yourslef” means. As long as I am happy and enjoy how I run until the finish line then I deserve recognition. That I think is the most important part.

Though I was not able to beat my previous time (World Vision, RU 2)  I am still happy because I was able to finish another 21K run and that adds up to my 21K medals. This is my third now. I finished at 3:00++ hours.

Running a 21K at the Mall of Asia is not an easy task. But thanks to Unilever, Rexona and Runrio for providing an enjoyable running experience.

My preparation:

I did not have a proper training for this because after the disaster I was not able to run and train outside.

My experience:

So I joined the 21K individual category.

I just did a very slow run from start until the 7th – 8th kilometre then I started to walk a lot while running a few distances. I didn’t experience any hydration shortage and I must say that it was a very well organized race.

I also noticed that those who were assigned to clean up the route were very effective. They immediately clean up the cups and bottles which results a very clean race path.

Banana and Sponge station were good enough. Good Job as well!

What changed my personality when I run?

  • I get to go out in front of my computer therefore I get to exercise and stretch every part of my body.

  • To have a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing in running, then losing weight follows.

  • When you feel good you will look good. It increases lung function. I can breathe better.

  • It boost my immune system and it lowers the risk of developing blood clots.

  • I tend to forget all my problems. And whenever I think of it I become mentally prepared.

It also relieves stress and eliminates depression. When I'm upset I just run outside then after a few minutes I will feel alright.

Running has a lot of benefits, more than that you also become an inspiration to other people. You become a good example to the community. Our community deserves to be fit so that we can prevent diseases and save money.

Imagine you save money for a not so pricey exercise!

Running in the Philippines, a very affordable form of exercise

Running has become a great exercise here in the Philippines. Aside from it is a very challenging sport it is also considered to be a very beneficial form of fitness.  It is good for physical and mental health. Majority of Filipinos are running enthusiasts, because this sport does not require a lot of budget therefore a lot of Filipinos are doing this regardless of their status in life.

I would like to share my previous interview with Coach Rio Dela Cruz about the good things running brings to a person.

(*1st place Rexona Run 2012 Writing Contest) first posted 9/24/13


jojie said...

good job

RC Organo said...

I always wanted to join any fun run but my job doesn't let me. I do wish one day I could participate.

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