Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quality Rest on Weekends

My work stops at Friday Midnight....

So I wake up late on Saturdays. That's the time I start to exercise.

I woke up late 2 pm Saturday.

But this weekend because I feel like I'd like to see some celebrities I went to Imperial Palace for the storycon of "Let's Take A Chance" movie of Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana. 

After that, Ely tagged to me to watch PAMANA, a musical docu about the life of Ninoy. It was held in Meralco theater.

So I had enjoyed my Saturday.
I woke up early in Sunday to attend my Yoga class at 8 am. It was such a good practice. I feel so recovered and energized. Then I did a gym workout after. So by 12 noon I was sleeping again and woke up at 4 pm.

That time I had a quality massage at Raz. It felt so good after. 

I had a haircut after. 

Targets to sleep 11 Pm so I can woke up at 6 am. 

Monday August 26 is a non working holiday but because I work for a news company we have work, and I am thankful for that.

Thank you Lord for a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Staying Alive and Healthy on Monday to Friday Work

It's been a hardworking days for me every week Monday to Friday.

My work starts from 8 am on-wards and it is hard to find time to at least exercise in the afternoon or after the working hours.

In order to stay at least healthy I make sure to follow the following:

Eating at the right time. I make sure to have breakfast because it is where my energy all throughout the day comes from. I target to take lunch at 12 noon so that I can proceed to my duties spontaneously.

Avoiding stress. This is a hard part but whenever I feel a little bit of headache or eyesore I find ways to at least unwind like watching a movie or going outside to walk a few minutes.

As much as possible I do not accept event invitations which is far from Mandaluyong area. Going to a far place coming from work causes stress.

I make sure to have enough quality sleep. In order to achieve this I take Usana Essentials once a day.

During weekends I make sure to get the best and quality rest that I can have. It is my bawi time. I usually wake up at 12 noon on Saturdays just to make sure I had a complete rest.

When I'm awake I will get a good quality massage just a few steps away from our house.

I do Yoga on Sundays.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New Discovered Meal Replacement

I attended an event about Glucerna challenge and I learned a lot from Chef Nadine Tengco.

A new way of loosing weight without having a hard time was introduced to us brought by Glucerna.

The Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge

Someday I will join a triathlon event !

Once the hidden gem of Batangas, Laiya is now a growing favorite for those looking for an awesome beach destination within driving distance from Metro Manila. With its 7-kilometer coastline boasting beautiful white sands,
Laiya is the newest hot spot for tourists and the place to go for leisure and relaxation as well as a fun and active beach lifestyle. Playa Laiya, a seaside residential resort by upscale leisure developer Landco Pacific Corporation hosted Tri United 2 on July 7, 2013.
The popular triathlon event was attended by 600 athletes and cheering family and friends. The race categories were classified into: Long (2km Swim-60km Bike-15km Run/ Sprint (750m Swim-30km Bike-5km Run) / Teens (750m Swim-30km Bike-5 km Run). The winners of the Tri United 2 Triathlon were Nikko Huelgas (Mens’ Elite) and Anna Stroh (Womens’ Elite).
Playa Laiya offers open lots featuring a 1.5 kilometer beachfront and pristine white sand creating the perfect setting to relax and enjoy leisure living by the beach. Lot owners can already enjoy the Beach Club, The Sands Grill and Café and the Zorb balls, trampoline, riverside pavilions and beach soccer. Jet skiing, banana boat rides, kayaking and boat tours are also available.
Before the year ends, Playa Laiya will be opening its newest lifestyle amenity—the Beach Park, an exclusive amenity for lot owners and their guests to experience fun and leisure activities like picnics, barbeques, lounging and camping. Only 2.5 hours from Alabang and already connected through three expressways namely SLEX, ACTEX and Star Tollway, getting to Laiya is faster and easier than ever.

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