Staying Alive and Healthy on Monday to Friday Work

It's been a hardworking days for me every week Monday to Friday.

My work starts from 8 am on-wards and it is hard to find time to at least exercise in the afternoon or after the working hours.

In order to stay at least healthy I make sure to follow the following:

Eating at the right time. I make sure to have breakfast because it is where my energy all throughout the day comes from. I target to take lunch at 12 noon so that I can proceed to my duties spontaneously.

Avoiding stress. This is a hard part but whenever I feel a little bit of headache or eyesore I find ways to at least unwind like watching a movie or going outside to walk a few minutes.

As much as possible I do not accept event invitations which is far from Mandaluyong area. Going to a far place coming from work causes stress.

I make sure to have enough quality sleep. In order to achieve this I take Usana Essentials once a day.

During weekends I make sure to get the best and quality rest that I can have. It is my bawi time. I usually wake up at 12 noon on Saturdays just to make sure I had a complete rest.

When I'm awake I will get a good quality massage just a few steps away from our house.

I do Yoga on Sundays.

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