Interview with Niccolo Cosme

I have known Niccolo as a great photographer... of the stars.

I became a fan of his Project Headshot Clinic wherein a lot of personalities gather to promote different cause.

As I keep on meeting him in so many events I discovered that he was also a vegetarian.

I know from the start that he really has this great vision...

Here's a little chitchat with him, just very basic.

What made you vegetarian? 

I have only been a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for a year, I started in August of 2014 while I was in the US. I really wanted to become a vegetarian for a long time for various reasons; Animal rights, environmental sustainability, overall health and spirituality. 

How long have you been vegetarian/vegan?

Before turning full lacto-ovo vegetarian I was a Pescatarian for about 6 years. I did that as my stepping stone towards being vegetarian but took some time for me to fully shift for a lot of personal reasons. 

What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?

I definitely felt lighter in so many levels! I lost the guilt that I've been feeling for so long eating dead animals too. I noticed that I am more mindful about what I buy, what i cook, what I eat... I think being mindful is a very important thing.

Is it difficult to be veg? what makes it difficult?

I'd say it's not that difficult because I cook my own food most of the time, but does get a little rough when I travel, most especially in the provinces or out of town.

What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you’re veg?

The usual reaction I get from people is "why? how long? I think that's sad, I think that's really difficult"

Where do you get your food? 

I go to regular groceries and sometimes at farmers market when I can. We also have our own produce in our rest house in Tagaytay, I love going up there during weekends to "harvest" and I really like it when I say that word!

There are also several places in Manila where I get mock meat, one place that I really love going to is Quan Yin Chai in Binondo.

Get to know more about Niccolo Cosme via his website

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