Tipco Veggie Juices: Drink up for Good Health


It is a fact that vegetables are one of the foods that should be a constant in our diet, mainly because of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from them. It has been proven that a diet rich in vegetables does not only bring overall wellness to the body but also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers and stroke. For kids, veggies help a great deal in strengthening their immune system. This is why it is ideal for us to have three to five servings of veggies a day or simply put, half of our meal plate should be fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, it is also a fact that veggies aren’t the tastiest treat for most kids, and even adults.  Most moms have had the upsetting experience of discovering pieces of broccoli or peas hidden underneath the placemats. Luckily for modern Filipino moms, Thailand’s leading juice brand has come up with an alternative way to include nutritious and healthy vegetables to the family meal.  Tipco 100% Veggie Juice combines premium-quality fresh vegetables with fruits making all the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits easier to take. Tipco 100% Veggie Juice comes in a variety of vegetable and fruit combinations: 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruit Juice, 100% Aloe Vera & White Grape Juice, Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Juice Spinach Formula with Wheat Grass, 100% Beetroot & Mixed Fruit Juice and 100% Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice, 100% Carrot & Mixed Fruit Juice, 100% Purple Carrot & Mixed Fruit Juice, and 100% Tomato Juice.


Veggies that do wonders for the body such as Beetroot, which is a good source of Folate that supports the process of blood corpuscle creation, and Anthocyanin, which helps slow down cell degeneration; Broccoli is rich in Sulphuraphane that acts as effective antioxidant; Carrot and Purple Carrot are great sources of Betanin and Vitamin A for good eyesight; while Tomato a good source of Lycopene that helps prevent certain kinds of cancer, can be obtained in a delicious way.


A cleansed body is also important in achieving good health, some of Tipco’s mixed juices are loaded with natural nutrients and minerals that aid the body’s detoxification such as the 100% 32 Veggies and mixed is a special blend of 15 veggies and 17 fruit juice can give 6,000mg of fiber per glass plus vitamin A, C, and B2; Wheat Grass is known to work as a natural body detox and Vitamin K found in Spinach are in Tipco’s Spinach formula with Wheat Grass; and the Aloe Vera and White Grape with minced Aloe Vera Gel juice is good for the skin and a source of vitamin A, C, E, B1 and Calcium.


With these innovations in serving nutrition, Tipco has made it easy for families on the go to include vegetables in their diet. Tipco also guarantees that each Juice variety is made from 100% real veggies and fruits, made without any preservatives, flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners. These ensure that the naturally-occurring phytonutrients, compounds found in fruits, vegetables and other plants which have disease-preventative and disease fighting properties is maintained in very pack.


Tipco 100% Juices are certainly today’s modern moms’ partner in keeping her family healthy.

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