What should we know about HIV/AIDS?

It's a great feeling that Project Headshot Clinic of Niccolo Cosme with UNAIDS in fighting HIV/AIDS captures someone from Toronto. By just making the headshot as your facebook profile photo you get to spread the awareness to the world.

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"I saw your profile pic and i am familiar with the campaign around it...many of my/our friends have taken part in it" shares Doug H from Toronto.


As someone who has fought the stigma, the fear, the ignorance as well as fighting to get access to government funds , education and access to care and expedited meds for 25 years Doug have been on the frontlines for a long time.


What should people know about HIV?

"Anyone can get HIV....i did even though i was always careful" Doug shares to me when I met him in facebook thru my Photo c/o Project Headshot Clinic by Niccolo Cosme

People should know that HIV isnt over so they need to protect themselves. Don't put your health in the hands of others and dont let passion be the reason for unsafe sex. Stay away from party drugs as they impair your judgement. HIV is not a death sentence but it is life changing.


Health is more important than anything

If you dont have good health you have nothing. You could be the richest man in the world but your money cant buy good health.....it can but you the best care but if there is no treatment then you have nothing. Our existence on this planet is fragile ...we never know what might happen.


How is HIV transmitted?

HIV is transmitted through unsafe sexual practices, sharing needles and from mother to child but all can be prevented.

Doug would like to share his message "We need more education and less stigma around people with HIV so more can come out and share their story. We need less judgement from religious circles as this is a HEALTH issue and not a MORAL issue. HIV does not discriminate and it only takes one mistake and it becomes your reality"

As he continues to endeavor his advocacy, Doug plans to visit Philippines next year and hopes to share his experiences to a lot of people.


Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS

The biggest misconception about HIV is that its still a gay disease.....when 85-90% of cases worldwide are among heterosexuals. It is a health issue, not a punishment from God and people with HIV deserve our compassion. Also, you dont have to be promiscuous to get it.....you can get it from ONE unsafe sexual encounter but if you have safe sex with 1000 partners you will be fine. Its amazing the amount of ignoraance surrounding this disease 30 years into the epidemic. As someone who has done volunteer work at the local AIDS hospice i have seen the face of HIV change from strictly gay men to more and more women and heterosexual men. The heterosexual population at large has not heeded our call as they think they are somehow immune, they are not. Witness the devastation in Africa and parts of India and China and inner city America among heterosexuals.

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