When you love Running Does Taking Care of your Skin Becomes A Problem?

Here's what I regularly do to at least take care of my health :

  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  • Drinking Wheatgrass (Thanks to Ida Bata for the products)

  • Regular Exercise and Avoiding Stress.

  • Going to YSA Skin Care Center for skin healthcare.

After becoming busy to fun runs and regular jogging I forgot that I already need to visit YSA Skin Care because my skin is becoming baluga again due to sun exposure.

I do jog regulary and add sit-ups after because I wanted to get rid of my big tummy and achieve a six pack abs. Well,  two of my body parts that I am very conscious about is my dirty face and my big tummy.

Somehow I would love to feel and look good so I can have many friends. Lol

So I went to YSA Robinsons Metro East today to have my regular skin treatment.

After my last visit on March 27 it was only today that I was able to visit YSA Skin Care Clinic again. Well in fact I have to go there every week for a diamond peel and RF.

Diamond Peel for facial cleansing and RF (Radio Frequency) for slimming my big tummy.

I could not believe that my skin went this dark again although some complemented it and said "You're skin so tanned," after all the efforts I've been doing at YSA.

The problem is I would always run and I really can't avoid getting exposed to sunlight. Result, it is causing my skin getting dark again.

So I guess no matter how often I get a facial treatment but as long as I keep on jogging and getting sun exposure, my skin would not turn to flawless white.

The advice that YSA Skin Care gave me was to always use a sunblock, one with the right spf protection. Good thing I've got 2 sunblocks which I can use, I am not going to name their brands but I would like to extend my thanks to blogger Rey Belen for the products.

When I had my usual deep cleansing diamond peel today I felt like it was the first time again (kasi it took me a long time to visit again) The process was heaven and it was very blissful, I felt asleep due to the very good feeling on my face.

Deep cleansing diamond peel is not only a treatment, for me it's a stress relief for a day.

When in fact I was expecting that the pricking was going to hurt again because I gathered so many white and black heads already, for not going at YSA for a long time.

Truth is I never felt any pain, I felt my face was so light. Despite of it's dark tan color.... at least it's cleaner now. I just need to take care of it by consistently washing it with Kojic papaya soap.

The RF done for my tummy was such a great help, at least I had another 2 centimeters cut and soon bilbil is gonna say goodbye to me. I just need to continue my regular jogging and sit-ups in order to maintain it. Of course with having the regular treatment of RF.

Im so thankful to YSA Skin Care because they would always remind that it is important to take care of our skin and body.

If you live near at Robinsons Metro East I recommend YSA SKIN CARE CENTER for your skin and beauty care. They're located at the 5th level near Fitness First.


Deep Cleansing Php 672

Diamond Peel Php 1,000

Radio Frequency Php 5,000



Avoid sun exposures.

If you can't avoid use sunblock with the recommended spf protection.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

After Diamond Peeling , do not wash your face or put any cream, allow at least 12 hours.

After RF, do not drink cold water, there is still heat inside so allow at least12 hours.


Ms_Mars said...

Hallooo Carl! thanks for sharing your latest webby.
Interesting read ah. C'grats!
Here's my taking. As your fellow runner, I also got tanned in the process after running regularly for the past year esp during training and long runs.
As per sunblock, what works for me is the higher the SPF the better. i go for 50 and 100SPF. For face protection also, never forget a handy sunvisor.
Let me try visiting YSA Skin Care salon one of these days, altho the soap im using is from a fellow competitor for whitening.

and a cardinal rule for runners -- always hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!

good luck on the tummy trim. lookin forward to ur six packs!
when can we run/jog together? you owe me a schedule, do send me DM for that, haha!


carlo said...

Hi Mars,

I would love to run at The Fort because we moved to Fort Bonifacio na.

Is there an on going running clinic as of this moment? I wanted to join. Let me know.


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