Where to find Cheap Skin and Beauty Services in Manila

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I've been to so many skin clinics but never found skin services as cheap as Mariko. How cheap are the services?

Basic Facial is Php99

And Triple-C Gluta Facial with Vacuum & Laser is Php449

Xtreme White Body Scrub with Bleaching :

Face and Neck is Php650

And Whole Body is Php999

Mariko is one of the few dermatology clinics that offers good quality service without sacrificing our budget.

Mariko is a Japanese skin and body center that perfectly suits our skin and body’s needs as well as our budget.

It provides a collection of the finest and carefully formulated skin and body treatments formulated in Japan for men and women committed to stay young looking. It stays an important element of beauty forever.

The clinic caters skin and body care treatments to the specific needs of generations from young –middle aged – older , more graceful men and women.

All the employed dermatologists and doctors are board-certified and are trained by Japanese doctors in giving the best care for both skin and body.



San Juan: Ground Floor, Richbelt Tower, Annapolis St.

Makati: Ground Floor, LPL Manor, L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village

Pasay City: Ground Floor, Holiday Plaza, Arnaiz St.

Mandaluyong City: Ground Floor, Mandaluyong City Hall

Operating hours : Open from Mondays – Saturdays from 11 am-8 pm

And Sundays 10 am-7 pm.



I tried the following services:

Xtreme White Body Scrub with Bleaching :

Face and Neck and Whole Body

Plus a Jet Peel

Vitamin C is good for the skin

 Extreme White Body Scrub Whole Body

It feels great they put Vitamin C to my whole skin then rinsed..... I took a shower after

Next they put the Super peel solution with Kojic acid, it was the most uncomfortable part because I have to tolerate the itchiness of the solution for a couple of minutes.

And then they put mask all over my body and let it dry for a while

Putting of mask all over the body


They did the same process on my face and neck. Vitamin C then the Superpeel Solution


Jet Peel

It also feels great because they put Vitamin C all over my face but ...........their jet peeling tool is so painful. There was like a sharp needle on my face and I have to stop the therapist for a while because I can’t bear it.

After the Jet Peel process they put moisturizerson my face, so it became smooth and removed the oiliness right ahead.


It took them 2 hours to finish the whole process and I felt satisfied with the treatment they gave to me.

My therapist (Lei) was so accommodating, and she immediately answers my inquiries with full conviction.

Normal Skin Peeling

I experienced normal itchiness on the first day and was advised that I will experience normal skin peeling after two days.


What are their best sellers ?

Laser Hair Removal

Armpit Php450

Legs Php880

Facial Acne Cure Php149

RF (Face) Php180

RF (Whole Body) Php3880

Glutathione (Injection) Php499/1 vial


As you can see their prices it’s really cheaper compared to others.

In line with their tagline “Hindi mahal magpaganda” Mariko truly is the skin and body center that perfectly suits your skin and body needs—and your budget.


The Good Points about this clinic that I won’t forget:

  • Cheap services

  • There are a lot of customers coming so even if you come early you might not see available slots due to reservations.

  • The therapists were all registered nurses so they show a higher level of professionalism

  • Friendly and Accommodating therapists 

My Verdict:

It was just awkward after because the shower area is on the other room so I have to cross that room  a bit naked. So when there’s people outside waiting they would see patients crossing to the shower room.

I hope that they would have a room for body scrub where there’s also a shower room inside.


Effectivity: 4/5

A friend of mine noticed my skin the immediate effect.

The whole area of Mariko

Cleanliness of the area : 3/5

They have a Japanese inspired setting and it's very stress free. Do not expect very clean facility here. During my treatment there was no enough soap or body wash at the shower.

Reception: 2/5

Their therapists were also their receptionists.

There were only 3 therapists during that time so when somebody enters the clinic nobody can entertain when all of them have patients.


Parking: 2/5

There is no enough parking so the best thing you can do is either you commute going here or let someone drop you off.



Aside from being a skin and body center that suits your budget, Mariko also offers great discount packages:

Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Php25880

Unlimited (7 months) Body Surgery-Free Fat Removal Php35,000

Unlimited Face Lift (7 months) Php25,880

Unlimited Body Slimming (7 months) Php35,880







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can i have a contact of this mariko clinic situated in Pasay City? may it be cell phone or e-mail, but c.p. num would be better...i have my skin problem and i would like to consult it to them...kindly send it to my e-mail add:hanyouri_tej@yahoo.com or to my mobile num:09278059946...thanks and God bless


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