Vegetarianism in the Philippines

Philippines is a vegetarian friendly country, aside from the wide vegetation that we have we also have a lot of vegetarian restaurants around.

Filipinos love to cook delcacies, in fact we have plenty of kakanin such as suman, biko, puto, kuchinta and a whole lot more. These are best to eat during breakfast and merienda.

You can also have taho available around Manila.

We have a lot of vegetarian restaurants around, go to SM supermalls and you'll get BODHI.

You go to Binondo and there's Happy Veggie and Quan Yin Chay.

Go to Cavite and you'll have Sonya's Garden.

Even in Quezon City, there's a lot of vegetarian option for you to choose.

Blissful Belly, Pipino Vegetarian, Daily Veggie N’ Café, Green Wok Deli & Café and Greens

And specially in Makati, you'll find great vegetarian places there.

Come and visit the Philippines, it's a vegetarian friendly country.


Watch out for more updates for vegetarian places in the Philippines.



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