maximizing the impact of swimming as part of exercise


Speedo’s Spring/Summer 2012 seasonal collections have a key focus on the colour themes of ‘Light’ and ‘Identity’, echoing the fluidity of water and the free and unrestricted movement provided by Speedo swimwear.

The ‘Light’ colour inspiration draws on a wide selection of mid-tones and pastels across the palette, alluding to feelings of escape, weightlessness and floating. The theme will span across all types of Speedo products, be it products for those consumers looking to have fun on the beach, swimming for fitness in the pool, or competitive swimmers going for gold.


The theme of ‘Identity’ is driven by inspirations from all over the world, giving a sense of nations and cultures coming together as one. The broad range of colours not only heralds the earthy tones of the earth’s landscape, but also the bright and vibrant hues which echo feelings of cultural identity and national pride.


Play and Fun

Combining fashionable, fun and on-trend designs with the quality for which Speedo is known, the Play and Fun range is aimed at leisure swimmers. The collection includes beach sports staples taking inspiration from the brand’s heritage on the beach to deliver a bright, retro- inspired range of bikinis, tankinis, boardies, and watershorts that are cool and multi-functional whether being active or just relaxing on the beach.


New for the season is Speedo Aquapack, a compact short which is packaged in its own pocket for ease of carrying and storing. The range also features the Speedo LZR Racer Xpress Dry, a watershort that dries three times faster than conventional watershorts, and combines a lightweight design with strength and durability. Also in this range is Speedo Aussie collection. Playful and sophisticated, the range emanates the sunny and holiday atmosphere of the summer season.


Health and Wellbeing

Speedo’s Health and Wellbeing line features a selection of products to give advanced support and overall comfort for those who enjoy water-based exercises such as aqua aerobics, water running and underwater cycling. Aqua activity involves extra movement not associated with regular lane swimming, with a great deal of jumping and bouncing in the water, a suit offering superior support and overall hold is absolutely essential. The Health and Wellbeing line offers just that with suits providing extra support and hold when you need it most.


A staple suit in the range is the Aquaspir suit which features a new “control print” design adding not only an attractive and on-trend detail but also provide greater hold. For underwater cycling or water running, the Cross Back two piece will provide greater flexibility of movement and increased bust support.



Swim Fitness

Aimed at those who swim regularly for fitness rather than to compete, the Swim Fitness collection is engineered to maximise the impact of swimming as part of an exercise regimen.  The range is stylish and sporty, and available in a choice of silhouettes in a variety of different colourways. Manufactured using hardwearing 100% chlorine resistant Speedo Endurance+ fabric, the Swim Fitness collection offers highly technical swimwear that does not need to be replaced too often.


Key products include the new HydroSprint Splice and HydroGleam suits, and the Speedo Superiority range. These suits are designed in response to consumer research which identified comfort, freedom of movement and bust support as the key requirements for fitness swimwear. For men, a selection of jammers, aquashorts and classic Speedo briefs are available in colours matching the women’s range.



With many athletes working towards their goals for 2012, the seasonal range of competitive products sees a keen focus on the training offering and racing. To help swimmers work towards their personal best, Speedo offers a comprehensive collection of hardwearing Endurance+ swimwear, providing a highly technical swimming garment which does not need to be replaced too often. For competition, Speedo introduces a world’s first racing system created for optimum performance.


For training, Speedo designed the Powersprint Placement range which has an attractive color print combining byron (deep brown) and hot flamingo (neon peach) and navy colourway featuring phantom (purple) and vital blue print.


Beyond the training pool, Speedo came up with a new innovation for which it has secured full FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) approval. A world’s first concept revolution in the sport of swimming – a cap, goggle and suit engineered to work together as one revolutionary Racing System- offering swimmers a cohesive, hydrodynamic solution to cut through the water with maximum efficiency.


The Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System offers unrivalled benefits to swimmers. With a distinctive and futuristic design that considers both the physiology and psychology of the elite swimmer, the Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System enhances hydrodynamic efficiency and comfort, while improving the athlete’s focus to perform. Though suits, caps and goggles are conventionally designed separately, Speedo has designed and engineered all three elements together to generate a unified system that works in synergy, incorporating many world firsts in swimming technology.

Speedo FASTSKIN3 collection features three levels of technology, each tailored to the needs of swimmers of differing abilities: SUPER ELITE for professional athletes; ELITE for advanced competitors; and PRO for intermediate swimmers.

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