benefits of natural food and medicine

You dont know the truth about the world today. The trend is waking up to the benefits of natural foods and medicines. And you dont know what is the truth?

There has been an increase in chemical based drugs and food additives.

The down side of chemical food additives has ranged from negative to disastrous, with many of them linked to cancer and other deadly diseases. Natural foods and medicines never produce this result.

Wheat grass has been proven as the most potent and effective natural products and it has a lot of healing properties.

Just like having regular blood sugar levels, possibly a reduced risk of cancer, a cleansed liver, easing of the symptoms of menopause, and a general feeling of increased energy.

Since it has almost all of the essential vitamins and minerals the human body needs. It is your complete food supplement for your general health. It cleanses, alkalizes and nourishes your blood and ultimately your body. Wheatgrass is the young wheat plant and has 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids and more than a hundred enzymes.

Wheatgrass has the highest level of alkaline minerals than any other food. This means that wheatgrass will make your blood alkaline. Processed foods, preservatives, pollution, stress and lack of exercise can make your blood acidic, causing all sorts of sickness.

When your blood is alkaline, your body utilizes nutrients better, blood flows smoother, cancer cells are less likely to form.

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