Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cocina Verde Cafe in Legazpi City

I've been to Legazpi City once, but I never had the chance to look for some vegetarian restaurants when I went there. Thank God the owner of Cocina Verde read my blog and shared the good news about her vegetarian restaurant.

Cocina Verde Cafe is the in-house vegetarian restaurant of the quaint and exotic Casa de Abuela Bed and Breakfast in Legazpi City that serves and sells malunggay pandesal, vegetarian pizza and pasta, home-made coco ice-cream and other nutrilicious vegetarian cuisine such as veggie barbecue, adobo and kare-kare.

Heres some tips to vegetarian travellers shared by Leena:

To ensure that you starve, always have some vegetarian packed food for you wherever you go. Lots of fruits and raw vegetables for salads, however, will surely be available for you in the market and supermarkets. Many Indian and Chinese restaurants will also have some pure vegetarian food for tourists. Never feel deprived as a vegetarian wherever you go. Enjoy the adventure of being a vegetarian. If you have the chance the cook, enjoy cooking your own vegetarian meals.

Address of Cocina Verde cafe is 18 Vinzons St., Old Albay, Legazpi City
Tel Nos:  63-52- 4804066     63-52- 437-2643

Mobile Nos.:  0915-9198121     0948-5426228

Owner: Maria Lourdes “Leela” Aseneta

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