On winning over weight problems

Weight problems had been the greatest enemy of majority. But let me inspire you with a story about discipline and strong determination over weight problems.

Cheshire Que had been battling weight problems over the years but thru my spa diet she was able to overcome the battle.

 "I started to gain weight when I was 25 years old. I wasn't eating much and no matter how much exercise I do, I kept gaining weight so I had my thyroid function tested and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

After a few months of medication, I started losing so much weight and it was drastic weight loss so I had to go to the doctor and this time I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism." she narrates.

Cheshire had to undergo radiation therapy and for 2 years her  hormones were crazy so she gain and lose weight rapidly.

It was a cycle which she had to break because she has to look and feel good especially that she's into wellness.

"It wasn't easy so I religiously took my thyroid hormone replacement which I need to take for the rest of my life, do some serious lifestyle modification which includes regular belly dancing and followed a low fat, high fiber, well-balanced diet which actually became the my spa diet" she adds.

From then she had to watch her portions and choose foods that are prepared with less fat and less sugar.  

"It was relatively easy to eat like this the hardest part was to have regular physical activity because I'm not sporty and I don't like to work out . I had to choose a type of exercise which I actually enjoy" shares Cheshire.

After 6 years, She stopped belly dancing and practiced ashtanga vinyasa yoga which helped a lot in reducing her visceral fat and increased her muscle mass. 

Look at her now! Very Pretty and Gorgeous! 

Get to know more about My Spa Diet.

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