Unilab Run United Leg 2 : My First 21K Running Experience

It was raining hard when I woke up 3:30 am on June 17 and I had no choice but to bring an umbrella to BGC where 21K runners will be starting. It was dark, and the earliest time I ran in my whole life. And this is my first time to run 21K.

I do not know anyone so I just did talked to anyone while on the run to avoid boredom using these pick up lines:

  • Lakas ng ulan noh? Sarap tumakbo! Pwede bang sumabay sayo?

  • Sarap pag umuulan noh? May libre tayong tubig pag nauhaw titingala na lang tayo!

  • First time nyo ba? Ako rin eh..sabay tayo ha.

  • Ganda ng singlet ng Unilab noh, bagay sayo bro.

So I became successful in overcoming boredom.

I enjoyed the smooth start of rain until we hit the flyover towards EDSA, the hardest part I encountered (the uphill part).

When we arrived at Ayala part , the rain has stopped and we had a very easy run heading towards Roxas boulevard.

Upon arriving CCP I saw Coach Rio Dela Cruz picking all the garbage caused by runners on the road. I salute and admire him for doing that. It Is rare to see very humble person like him.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="403"] with barefoot runner Dianne Salonga[/caption]

A few minutes I saw barefoot runner Dianne Salonga, I met her last night at the Teen Azkals presscon. Read her blog about Run United 2

The whole route of Roxas boulevard is easy except for the part where you have to run on flyovers

The rain has stopped but it remained cloudy. I am so thankful to the weather because I don't need to put any sunblock and protective shades.

Along the route of Roxas Blvd. I saw Ms. Mars, finally I met her after becoming friends in twitter. So I started to have a chat while running.

I was amazed she has so many friends almost everyone greets her. She was like a celebrity. I wish I was like her.

Upon reaching CCP complex I bumped in my fellow blogger Mac Vasquez, he didn't join the run he was just running around CCP. Happy Father's Day to you!

Then I continued running slowly from PICC Forum to the finish line.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="490"] My First 21K[/caption]

I arrived SM MOA at around 3:33:00. For me it was not a good time but the whole running experience was the best feeling for me.

Thanks to Janice Miguel of Unilab and Sire Arevalo for my free race kit. If she didn't won during iblog I will not have this memorable experience.

I hope to run the 32K on the Leg 3.

My Observations:

Upside : It was a very well organized event. Complete supply of hydration and very well participated by the running community.
This event encourages all to run as well and have a healthy positive lifestyle.

Downside: At the booth, they ran out of medium size finisher's shirt so I got a large one. I think the same problem happened to many 21K runners.
For more information about Unilab Active Health, please log on their website:

For more details about RunRio and upcoming run / activities, please view their website:


Dianne Salonga (@curlydianne) said...

Great feedback Carlo! Godbless. See you next run :)

Ms_Mars said...

congrats on your debut half mary, CarL and for this cool RU2 review. someone's 1st 21K shld always be memorable. and running outside of ur comfort zone time is not a piece of cake either. completing your race at 3.5hrs is a personal victory! Kudos!

thank you for the special mention here. flattering! actually si red AngryBird lobo ko ang maraming fans - he's the celebrity,haha!

goodluck in ur next 21K but dont miss out on going back and forth to 10K, 5K and even 16Kiers...nakaka-miss ang shorter distances.


carlo said...

It was a great experience Ms. Mars. Hope to meet more friends in running

james said...

hi! first time ko din mag 21k this july sa milo. been running for quite a while now pero ngayon pa lang ako nagseryoso ng ganito. soon, we will share the same sentiments re running our first half marathon. wish me luck bro!

carlo said...

That's good to hear. I also love Milo

Joeyboy said...

Congrats on your first half marathon! ;) More miles to conquer, cheers! :)

carlo said...

Thanks Joeyboy! Hope to run with you


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