Di ka ba nanghihina puro gulay ka lang?

Most people asks me 'Hindi ka ba nanghihina puro gulay lang ang kinakain mo?'

So I have thought of challenging myself if I run a hundred kilometers and just eat kamote and biscuits.

Last March 15, I have proven that I can survive a 100 km run even if I eat vegetables alone.

The first-ever 100-km. international marathon was held on March 15-16, 2014 in Alaminos city. 

It has been a huge success for marathon enthusiasts all over the country.

Participated by more than 50 runners coming from Manila, Kenya, Malaysia and near countries, 25 strongly finished the long road in a total of not more than 18 hours. Majority were elite ultra-runners. I heard that some Kenyans did not finish the race due to vomiting at their almost 60 km stage.

For majority of the elite, they consider this event as the battle of the champions.

Yours truly joined the race and luckily finished the course with a time of 17:30. 

It was my first ultra marathon.

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