Weird remedies don’t work for Acne

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Problem: Acne is one of the hardest thing to manage.

When acne arises you will do everything just to clear it off. Even the most weird remedy that you can think becomes a great idea and somehow there was a time that you would like to try it .

The most embarrassing part of your life becomes tragic when you want to get rid off your acne.

I just want to share some remedies to cure acne but none of them really worked.

Honey and sugar on your face

This remedy sounds familiar plus it also sounds effective. You might have heard this to some of your friends.

Honestly, I've tried it as well. It has an effect which can make your skin smooth but it will not really cure your acne. But yes it can make your skin soft.

Lemon juice and sugar mixed

This looks another familiar remedy. Just like the lemon it can only make your skin soft and smooth but will never be a cure for acne.

In fact the danger is your face is it might attract the ants when you fall asleep with lemon and sugar left on your face. Would you want that?

Apple Cider Vinegar with Olive Oil

I never tried using this remedy but one of my friends use this formula to avoid possible acne.

It sounds effective and interesting, but I'd rather just them for my salad.

Orange Peel

This one is great. I've done this not only with orange but with every citrus fruit that I eat. Dalandan, Orange, Suha, etc.

I can say that it gives you a refreshing feeling but your face becomes messy. Plus you might forget to clean your saliva in the peel so you can accidentally have it your face.

It was never a cure for acne.

Baking soda, toothpaste, aloe vera gel

I was never a believer that these remedies were a cure for any forms of acne. But I do use toothpaste, aside from brushing I use it when I've got burns not because I've got an acne.


Some people crushes tomatoes and put in in their face to avoid acne. Me? I eat it raw. There was never a difference.

Weird remedies will never really work for your Acne. That’s why people should rely on clinically-proven treatments.

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