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According to surveys, a common call center agent suffer from facing sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and family discord.

Aside from that Heart diseases, high blood pressures, strokes and diabetes are also the many illnesses that call center agents face in their career.

Due to lack of sleep, many illness effects to the human body and sooner or later, "It will catch up to those who inadvertently abuse their bodies" according to some doctors we interviewed for this purpose.

There are number of people affected which are hard to come since there is no serious effort yet to look deeply into this looming problem

However, on the national health insurance system, government officials and experts agree that it is a growing problem. But there are no further concerns yet.

This job is also considered having a poor lifestyle because it forces you to smoke and drink.

You smoke to keep you awake, You drink coffee to avoid sleepiness.

It is true that this job is a monotonous lifestyle. And the main source of stress.

“There are times when the stress is so overwhelming that the agents will fail to cope up with it leading to various problems such us being irritable and restless.” according to Dr. Jose De Vera, pyschiatrist.

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