The Passion of Pursuing a Healthy Life

Mega daughter KC Concepcion would place at the top of the pack if we rundown the sexiest and most beautiful young women of today and that's for sure.

So what makes her a real icon of beauty and wellness? Well, we’re about to find out.

KC loves keeping fit and sexy

For her, pursuing a healthy life is a passion. She believes it’s what inspires confidence and a positive disposition. Though it sure is a lot of work, she commits herself to it. But being in the spotlight, juggling tight schedules day by day makes staying in shape all the more challenging. That is why it’s important to make the right choices. More than anything else, we must be mindful of what we take in to our bodies.

KC keeps it real

She goes for what she enjoys the most. She goes for what feels natural all the time. Like her green tea beverage of choice- Real Leaf! “It’s a pretty stressful, physically demanding world out there. And I’m just like everybody else wanting to look and feel their best all the time that is why I chose a drink that helps me restore balance, recharge and refuel myself to keep up and keep going. Going all-natural, all-real with Real Leaf is the way to go,” says KC.

The real choice

Expertly brewed and made only of the highest standards, Real Leaf packs the wholesome benefits of refreshing real tea deliciously blended with the natural goodness of real honey in one great-tasting bottle. Plus it’s made even more luscious by infusing fruit flavors such as lychee, lemon and apple. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination that helps revive both mind and body– perfect for people who would never settle for less than what they deserve.

Of course it’s never different when it comes to the fitness regimen and routines she follows. To make it a truly reviving experience she enjoys every time, she chose to take dance classes to keep in shape. While in Paris, she also practiced Agni Yoga, a form of yoga that focuses on stretching and developing flexibility to strengthen the muscles. She also used to follow a specially prescribed circuit-training workout. “Every morning, even if my call time for the day is at 8 a.m., I'm at the gym. [My trainer] never lets me start the day without working out,” KC says.

How about you?

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