Is Facebook bad for the Health? OMG!

According to News,The use of Facebook and other Social Networks is bad for the health.

According to experts, spending too much time online could lead to social isolation.

It also causes loneliness and negative outlook. The serious health concerns caused by these faactors are heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Well, I think it is just a matter of reducing the use. Too much of everything is bad. Therefore too much staying online is of course bad.

So too much of doing Facebook is bad, therefore just limit your use of Facebook and other social Networking sites.

Thank God I worked for a company that prohibits the use of Social Networking Sites. How about you?


dan said...

You are right! Too much of anything is bad. Also, misuse of anything makes it bad. It is how, where, and when we use it that makes Facebook helpful or otherwise.

carlo said...

Just Control The Use

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