Hiding Eye Bags From Dianne Sison

There can never be shameful if you get to stay with such a lovely and sexy gamer Dianne Sison that having a hagard face with a couple of eyebags.

"Remove your shades" she said.

"I don't want because I don't have sleep yet" I answered at the same time get stimulated by her. I admit she was so hot and I got a crush on her.

You get stimulated and you don't have sleep yet? Man, That's OMG!

Alright! the shades will hide but that would be less "pogi points" if she asks for you to remove.

So the next time this situation happens to me even to another sexy girl I will:

  • Freeze two spoons and hold them on your bags for about 2 minutes. It should take away a lot of the puffiness.

  • Take my pointer finger and lightly tap at the bags. Also move it in small circles as if you were massaging this area.

  • Some of the fluid drain and they're less puffy and dark. But if I am using makeup, I should think of getting a yellow/green concealer stick. They neutralize that dark color.

  • Brush on a light pink eye shadow color under my powder. The light will reflect off the dark circles and draw the attention upwards.

  • Above all I will not going to drink before bed.

How about you? how do you hide your eyebags?

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