Healing Benefits of Hydromassage

Water is life, in fact the proper use of water gives you a longer life.

Have you ever heard on How Hydro massage benefited a lot of people's health?

Hydro massage or Hydro therapy is a type of massage based on the therapeutic use of warm water. I myself had experienced the Healing Benefits of Hydro massage when I finally had the chance to go to ACE WATER SPA. If you are looking for the place to relieve your stress, this is the best place to go.

I went there Sunday afternoon, coming from a 14 hours of straight sleep since Saturday night. I feel stressed because of oversleeping, So I was looking for a place where I can swim - ACE WATER SPA.
ACE WATER SPA is composed of 25 different massage, 9 big pool, 1 lapping pool and 1 herbal pool.

It was Amazing! I was like in water world when I saw the huge pool from the top coming form the entrance. I started going to the lapping pool to warm up. The lapping pool was cold and it's approximately 20 meters , 4 feet deep. Not bad for an exercise. I felt tired enough.

When done I went to the hot pool where the 25 different massage was located. I was there the whole time before I went to the herbal pool.

The massage is composed of 3 different types. Just like a typical spa, it has Soft, Moderate and Hard.

Among the Soft Massage, I like the Hydro-Acupuncture Bed, It produces the effects of acupuncture that allows a person to enjoy the pricking sensation through the use of high pressure warm water with air coming from the tiny holes within the bed surface. This is a good start for a massage, it feels good to the whole body and to your entire skin.

The other soft massages are Bubble Bed, Bubble Massage and Bubble Pool. You should also try all of those.

For the Moderate Massage, it is composed of the following: Rainfall Acupuncture, Eight Nozzle Shower, Hydro-Buoyancy Massage, Buttocks Massage, Jet Chair and Jet Chair with Foot Massage. I recommend that you try Jet Chair and Jet Chair with Foot Massage, it reaches the inner organs a typical masseur can't do. When I go back here I will definitely have these again.

For the Hard Massage, The best I had was the Head & Shoulder Massage wherein the water coming from the equipment strongly hits the upper portion of the body. And it really gave me a great feeling after. It relives all my body pain and fatigue, I feel so light, It was awesome!

Hard Massage is composed of: Head & Shoulder Massage, Water Falls, Multi-point Massage, Chest Jet Massage, Waist Jet Massage, Upper Body Jet Massage and High Pressure Massage.

According to the book Hot Water & Healthy Living by J. B. Smith, Ed.D, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the parasympathetic branch of our body's system increases hormones that cause the body to relax after stress has passed. There is evidence that shows that warm water immersion seems to reduce the hormones that have been associated with stress.

Hydro massage in ACE WATER SPA guarantees you to loose weight.

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