What's Vegetarian in Orchard Road

Orchard Road is an Asian cuisine located at the 2F of SM Megamall. The menu is composed of different dishes from different countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India and more. The best option if you're a vegetarian? Try their Samosa, 2 pieces for 75 Php.

They also have Braised Kailan with Oyster Sauce. It's a sauteed broccoli leaves best partnered with garlic rice.
Obviously it has Oyster Sauce therefore it's not for the Vegans and Lacto Vegetarians. Price : 145 Php

But you will surely love Bandung, a refreshing drink made from rose petal extracts. It's color pink and it tastes natural sweet. Price : 75 Php / glass.


Warning : Slow Service, Patience is a Virtue.

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