The right approach for weight management

Last Saturday was Working Mom's event for Mommies and Babies held at the Rockwell Tent.

Everything there were interesting - beautiful moms, cute babies and belly dancers. Awesome!

I came across in a booth that says "Have your Body Fat Analyzed today!". Out of curiosity about what it does So I had my body fat analyzed.

So I had a Fat Analysis and I learned a lot of health things:

My BMI which is 20.8 is normal, very nice. BMI stands for body mass index which is a formula which relates Body Weight to height. This enables people to determine whether they are at a weight which is healthy for them.

What Your BMI Calculation Means

Under 18.5* Underweight
18.5* - 25 Healthy Weight I fall here. woot
25 - 30 Overweight
30 - 40 Obese
Over 40 Severely obese

Nowadays Obesity is the most common health problem so it is really important to have a Fat Analysis and know how's your health?

Another thing! My percentage body fat is 14.1%, and that falls under fitness category. Wow, very Amazing!

My Viceral Fat Level is 5, Viceral fat is the fat that sorrounds the vital organs on the trunk/stomach area of the body. I fall under normal. Yeah!

My Basal Metabolic rate is 1451 kcal/day and muscle rate 35.6 %.

BMR is the amount of energy expended while at rest. Higher BMR may indicate better energy expanditure (fat burning) in some individuals.

For weight reduction it is recommended to reduce 500 to 1000 kcal/day from daily intake of calories but not less than 800 kcal/day.

My Body Age is 24, 5 years younger than my age. Unbelievable!

The right approach for your weight management = the right products + the right nutrition + the right education.

Tip: Eat Plenty of Vegetables Everyday

For more info contact Mark (0917-8428635) or Maddie (0917-8573438)

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