Take care of our environment, Live Positively!

Last week we went to Sapinit watershed to join  Coca Cola Foundation and Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation for a tree planting activity.

With the help of Sapinit Settlers Association, a community living in this area, we were able to plant huge number of trees in the area.

In this area they are being thought that they should work one with the nature in order to reach the economincs and ecological benefits not only a forest can provide.

A lot of them just recently transferred here over the years. And they are trying to find ways to make this area sustainable.

There's not too much livelihood here but with the program they're being thought what a mother tree is, what wildlings are.

Part of the activity we have some people gathering wildlings. They find a little shrub from a mother tree that falls into the ground which grows from 3-4 inches.
When they're too densely populated there's no enough nutrients to sustain all from tree.
So you really have to take it from the tree and connect the wild lings and  bring to the nursery.

Nurture them there and Plant them in a separate location when ready to be transplanted.

It is a multi year grant project with a budget of $84,000  from the funding team Coca Cola Atlanta.

The government will support the people living in the area. They train them not to cut the trees. If so in a sustainable manner.

The project also provides livelihood, they make a living by selling seedlings. Some of them are fruit bearing trees so they can sell the fruits.

Then all of that contributes in providing people livelihood so that they dont cut the trees.

Our Tree Planting Activity does not end here, this is our commitment forever.

Take care of our environment! Live Positively!


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